8 August, 2022


Continuous Chaos In Parliament Underscores Need For International Input In War Crimes Investigations: Wigneswaran

Former Chief Minister of the Northern Province, Justice C.V. Wigneswaran said the continuous chaos in the legislature of Sri Lanka underscores the need for international input into the war crimes investigations.

Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran

“The World community will now be able to gauge if this is how peers and equals in Parliament are treated by our Parliamentarians most of whom belong to the majority community, how their soldiers would have treated the minority communities under their complete authority and power. The World community should now realise why we insist on International input into the war crimes’ inquiry,” Wigneswaran said responding to a media query.

He also added, “No Sri Lankan Government will grant anything to Tamils and the responsibility to solve the ethnic conflict lies with the International Community. The International Community should now act with greater responsibility knowing the type of people they are dealing with to place a proper war crimes’ investigation mechanism before the forthcoming UNHRC sessions in Geneva regardless of who is in power in Sri Lanka. Current constitutional crisis should not in any way be given consideration for giving more time to Sri Lanka to implement the consensus resolution. The world community should take appropriate steps instead to help the victims of Sri Lankan military brutality. As for your question, my response is ‘I am not surprised’.”

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    The man who prescribed meddling by the International Community (western imperialists) on behalf of Tamils (mainly Jaffna Tamils) now prescribes that medicine for the whole country.
    Where has foreign meddling solved any problem?
    Colonial loyalties die hard, they go on for generations.

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      “Where has foreign meddling solved any problem?”

      Vietnamese got rid of your favourite communist Pol Pot from Cambodia, and his patron China.

      Hindia, China, USA, the west, ……………. got rid of VP hence Prof. Channa Masala Jayasumana told UNHRC he had found solution to “Tamil Problem” at Mullivaaikkal.

      “The man who prescribed meddling by the International Community (western imperialists) on behalf of Tamils (mainly Jaffna Tamils) now prescribes that medicine for the whole country.”

      This is not the first time he has prescribed medicine for the whole country. He advised experts to review and rewrite history of the whole country:

      “”Northern Province Chief Minister, C V Wigneswaran has called for Sri Lanka’s history to be rewritten, by a panel of Sri Lankan and foreign experts, to depict the country’s past, impartially and honestly. He said that this would halt the distortion of history, that was provoking communal feelings.
      NPC Chief Wigneswaran Wants Sri Lanka’s History Rewritten”

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    Why aren’t the patriots of SL, of take in Karuna,KP and Pillaiyan to the CID and get the details of war crimes committed by them. This can be start of war crimes inquiry. We needed this for the sake of TRUTH & RECONCILIATION.
    We do also need the TRUTH about so many other things—-
    *** Murders of Leader newspaper EDITOR; Ruggerite; MPs; Journalists
    *** MISAPPROPRIATION of Tsunami Funds
    *** Commissions obtained during Hambantota Port and international airport building[MRIA] ; Major Expressways

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    Except keep on repeating this Mantra ‘War Crimes, War Crimes, War Crimes’, please tell us what you have done for the living. To my knowledge, Sri Lankan Army has done more things to improve the living condition of war victims and rehabilitated LTTE cadres than you.

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      The SL Army had also murdered more than 70,000 civilians and murdered many people who had surrendered. They had also murdered more than 70,000 Sinhalese in the 1970s. What kind of Sinhalese are such duds that they can tolerate the murder of thousands of their own kind?

      • 0

        Murdering 70,000 Sinhala civilians by the army is unpardonable.

        When the para kotiyas were firing shells at the army, using the tamil civilians as a human shield, army could have and should have killed more and more of the civilians without breaking any international law. Sinhalese certainly are duds for not doing so.

        None of our former kings finished off this menace.

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          ravi Perera the Sinhala speaking Demela

          Welcome back.
          Have you replaced somass with your new and improved lies?

          “None of our former kings finished off this menace.”

          somass too wants a final solution.
          I have already given him one.
          We will carve out 10 square kilometre land in deep, deep, deep south, just for the purpose of ghetto, rename it as Mutant Sinhla/Buddhists fascist homeland, relocate all of you including you and your fellow racists Dayan, Udhaya, Windbag, Weerawansa, ………………… into your newly created homeland, seal it ……………..

          You will be allowed to take all your ill gotten wealth including the ones that you looted from innocent civilians in the past 60 years during every riot starting from 1958 , ……

          I wish you well.

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    Tamils love words like war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity. During the war the favourite word was ceasefire, especially when the LTTE was cornered. Please get it into your heads that soldiers killing enemy soldiers in war is not a war crime. Nor is it a war crime to kill human shields – harsh and sad as it might be, especially to the Tamils who are hoping to celebrate SriLanka getting convicted for genocide. There is no just and impartial court in the world which will convict our army for the most appalling crimes the Tamils claim were committed. Some of these crimes Tamils have fabricated include killing thousands civilians and burning them and then dissolving the remains in acid!!! How sick is the Tamil hatred towards the Sinhalese?
    The whole world knows that the LTTE was keeping the civilians with them by force, not allowing them to get to safety. When the LTTE was firing from within the civilians our army could have fired at the civilians without breaking any international laws. As many civilians have testified our soldiers didn’t fire because civilians would get hurt/killed. The very fact that nearly 300,000 civilians came out of the ever decreasing No-Fire Zone, proves that our army did not fire even when they SHOULD and COULD have fired and they didn’t use heavy weapons. The spontaneous reactions of the civilians running towards the army for safety, which was televised globally proves that the civilians knew that they will be safe with the army. I think Wigneshwaran and the Tamil-asylum-diaspora can best hope for getting individual rogue elements in the army who might have murdered civilians, convicted, but to get a genocide conviction as you are hoping will never happen, as there are no grounds for it.

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    The happenings in Sri Lanka are comical and putrid to the core. Specially, the Homo erectus elected as parliamentarians.

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    Wigneshwaran, without wasting anymore time, why don’t you make a list of the 40,000 or 80,000 or 300,000 genocided Tamils and then start the investigations? A crime has to be specified before investigators can investigate. You are not even attempting to make a list of the socalled .genocided Tamils because you know that the numbers you claim are grossly exaggerated and there won’t be a charge of genocide to be investigated once a complete list with the names of dead/killed Tamils with the date and circumstances under which they died is made.

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