17 June, 2024


Controversy Still Surrounds Ravi K’s BIL’s SriLankan Airlines London Job

The controversy surrounding Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake‘s lined up SriLankan Airlines Sales Manager (UK) job for his brother in law Gihan Malalasekara has taken another twist according to another applicant who contacted Colombo Telegraph.

Two BILS  Ravi K and  Gihan MalalasekaraThe applicant who requested to remain anonymous said that he had initially received an email from Anne Seneviratne the Talent Resourcing Manager of the island’s national carrier on the 23rd of October 2015, informing him to avail himself for an interview on the 30th October 2015.The email also went on to say that he would be informed on the 26th of October 2015 of the time and venue for his interview.

Much to his surprise he never received the promised intimation by the Talent Resourcing Manager of the airline on the 26th October 2015.

However what he did receive on the 27th October 2015 was an email instead stating that due to “unanticipated developments” the interviews had been stalled.

The controversy of the filling up of this post has been going on for the last ten months. Initially the airline which had advertised this post in February 2015 went on to re-advertised the same job in their Staff Vacancy Notice setting a closing date for applications as the 2nd of October 2015. The airline it is alleged went on to change the criteria to tailor make this post available for Minister Karunanayake’s brother in law Gihan Malalasekara.

SriLankan AirlinesA clause was inserted the second time around stating “This is a local appointment and the applicant should be free to live and work in the UK without a need for a work or any other permit”. This clause knocked off all other potential candidates who were more qualified than Gihan Malalasekara.

Rosie Malalasekara the wife of Gihan, earlier also used the social media platform to vouch as to why her hubby should be given the post. She posted her comments stating that her spouse was a good father who had raised his two children very well. She emphasized that one child went on to become a doctor and the other a lawyer. This was besides her highlighting his prowess as a sportsman during his school days.

The sister-in-law of the Minister of Finance also cried out that ever since Ravi Karunanayake came into politics her husband had been victimized.

However Colombo Telegraph unearthed information that it was the other way around as opposed to Rosie Malalasekara’s claims and the Finance Minister’s BIL has been a beneficiary more than a victim.

Contrary to the claims of Rosie Malalasekara that her husband Gihan has been professionally victimized over the years due their family’s relationship to Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake, Colombo Telegraph can confirm that there is conclusive evidence to refute her claims and go on to prove that due to nepotism he has been a benefactor as opposed to being a victim.

Rosie Malalasekara was correct when she claims that her husband has twenty years’ experience working for the national carrier. However what she failed to mention is that her husband has had the extraordinary luxury of resigning and rejoining the national carrier on three occasions.

This is a privilege extended merely to her husband by the airline with the third time being a posting during the UNP reign in the 2004 financial year of the airline with Minister Karunanayake in power.

Having joined initially as Cabin Crew in 1984 Gihan Malalasekara quit the airline in 1990.

He re-joined the airline in London in the mid 90’s and worked several years as a Cargo Executive.

Malalsekara’s Linkedin profile then highlights the fact that he resigned from the airline a second time around and joined his Finance Minister BIL Ravi Karunanayake’s company Global Transport Logistics in Sri Lanka for a period of three years (AUG 2001 – Aug 2004).

With experience in the cargo field gained in Sri Lanka thanks to his brother in law Minister Karunanayake, every attempt to secure Malalsekara a job as Sri Lankan Airlines as Cargo Manager UK in 2003 under the UNP regime proved futile. The senior managers of the airline who interviewed Malalasekara did not find him suitable for the post.

However his efforts to re-join the national carrier a third time proved a success under Karunanayake’s reign in the UNP government.

According to Rosie Malalasekara’s post her hubby Gihan re-joined Sri Lankan Airlines for a record third time as a Airport Duty Officer, moving on to doing Ticketing Sales Support and as a Sales Executive working currently with the national carrier’s frequent flyer programme Fly Smiles since 2011.

Instead of appointing a suitable candidate from the short listed names in February 2015, the airline decided to extend the existing Sales Manager Indunil Wijekoon’s stay in London prior to relocating him to Colombo subsequently.

Unconfirmed reports reaching Colombo Telegraph from within the airline reveals that Manoj Gunawardena the highest paid employee of the airline is going back to London and will look after the national carrier’s operation in the United Kingdom. The current Country Manager in UK, Jeremy Sourtsz is slotted to step down to fill the now controversial Sales Manager (UK) role. This decision which has been debated at length by the airline’s Board of Directors, has even gone on to create a rift and split between them, concluded our source.

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    Mangalan’s LeN, the leading educator of Colombo Elite and the Anglicans in Good Governance and Democracy says it is going to be cool soon, with all the Independent Commissions in place now..

    It was soooo interesting that , I went through each and every name who has got a gig in these Super dooper commissions.

    And here is one which attracted my attention most..

    Independent Finance Commission is headed by one Dr Arjun Mahendran..

    Is he a Srilankan Citizen?

    Is he the same Arjun who gave his SIL extra 2.85 % for the latter’s tranche of Yahapalana Inaugural LKR Bonds?.

    Is he the same Arjun who heads our CB ?.

    And the SL the President wanted him removed early this year ?.

    Wonder which Commission or Commissions do look after our Telco ,Insurance Corp and Srilankan Airlines?

    • 7

      KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

      “Independent Finance Commission is headed by one Dr Arjun Mahendran.. Is he a Srilankan Citizen?”

      Our former Defense Secretary was Gota. Is he a citizen of this island?

      MR was president for 10 years. Were his ancestors Sinhalese a few generation ago?

      Udhaya Ganapathipillai is an MP. Is he a Sri Lankan?

      You claim to be a dalit from the South. What about your forefathers before 1600 A.D.

      • 9

        Dear Native,

        Mahendran can be a Desi from Madras,, Kangaroo from Aussieland, a Scarborough Man , Singaporean, Malaysian or even from Zululand,

        Rajapaksa, & Sumananasekara can only come from Srilanka…Right

        • 2

          Sorry, Native & Sumane,
          No, both of you are wrong according to ‘Paramathha Dhamma’ which is translated as ‘The Universal Truth’. Wait for ‘Maithrre Buddh’ and he will tell you both.

        • 1

          KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

          “Rajapaksa, & Sumananasekara can only come from Srilanka…Right”

          Rajapaksa’s ancestors were Christians from Malacca strait or probably Sakai of the Orang Asli people. Sakai do not like being called “Sakai”. You know why.

          If you spend some time you too could trace your ancestors back to a particular village in Tamilnadu.

          Let me have your DNA details I will let you know where exactly your ancestral village is, Erivirar Pattnam. Were your ancestors in the service of Anjuvanam merchant guild?

    • 1

      Sinhala people who take pride that their language skills are not upto scratch need help. So do Accountants whose basic Arithmetic skills are questionable however high they may have reached in their trade. When BASL claims that the local lawyers and the Judges are substandard and need foreign help, who are we to question their judgement. The government too has come to the same conclusion. Sadly, therein lies your answer..

  • 1

    “Talent Resourcing Manager” has so far done a FANTASTIC and a WONDERFUL “JOB” of filling and over-staffing the Airline with all those TALENTED persons who even catered to the “CARNAL” desires and needs of the BIG FOOT. All that he had done using his skills as the “Talent Resource Manager” were revealed in the Waliamuna report. For all the very “CREDITABLE” and “ABOVE EXPECTATIONS” performances, why not this “Talent Resource Manager” be appointed to the post of Chairman of the National Carrier.

  • 1

    Yet another case of ‘re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic’.

    Every now and then the revolving doors of the Headquarters spin furiously to eject the outgoing bunch who have grown fat on their exploits, only to be replaced by another bunch looking for their main chance to squeeze something for themselves.

    What a shame, a good business screwed to death by an ever-changing bunch of amateurs. If the present directors had any integrity they will make their excuses and make way for true professionals from the industry.

    Sadly SriLankan is going down….but not before its losses go even higher.

    Is this the last suck of the tit, before foreign management is called in to wield the cane, and restore discipline?….and even profitability.

  • 0

    Sell this blood sucking company off. Then again….. who wants to buy it? Oh!, I know, MR, K.Sirisena, MY3, GR, BR, DR, Ajith Cabba, NR, Dullas, Ranathunges, Old man Wickramasinghe, Ravi K (now that he is the FM)….Harin, Dilan,…. can be the new board of the establishment, ‘Pacha Lanka Airlines’.

  • 0

    Scrap this airline riddled with corruption, nepotism and wastage and thus makes many live below the poverty line.
    Maintaining it is immoral in the national context.
    It has become a symbol of national idiocy, not prestige.

    Charter aircraft are available worldwide. Use them for important journeys.
    All others to use commercial airlines touching Colombo.

  • 4

    Dear Ravi,

    I consider you an educated man who has lost all respect within Colombo’s social and business circles. You might say you don’t care because you serve the masses and they elected you. Your actions don’t affect them. The concessions you give them is by taxing us so that you stay in parliament.

    Your overall actions in the SLIC matter and this one re: Sri Lankan is that you are compromising yourself and the ethics you are called to uphold as a public servant. This is favouritism, maupilation and nepotism all rolled in one. You accused the Rajapakse’s of nepotism and rightly so but where are your standards. They are no different from those of Rajapakses. I want the UNP to rule for 2-3 terms at the least but the way you guys are compromising yourselves including MS & RW ( re Arujuna M affair) the UNP is clearly focussed on a single term ONLY.

    Get your act together and earn some self respect.

    • 0

      You are being unfair on the minister.

      Both Sajin vas Gunawardene and the man in question have handled cargo though for different companies. The former was elevated to supervise ministers of the government. The latter is seeking a lower position, and I have reason to believe that he is at least as well educated as the former but far more civilised.

      • 2

        Ram: Good governance to my understanding is zero nepotism – period. As to whether the guy has qualifications or not – it should have been done in an open manner with zero interference by the Minister.

        This Minister is on a make money spree – Port Container Scan, Liquor bottle stickers …… I guess been in the wilderness for too long.

  • 1

    Mr.Gihan Malalasekera is truely a gentleman, highly efficient in his job.He knows how to do a proper business.I am very proud to say that Sri Lankan Airlines need a professional like Gihan.My best wishes are with him & his family.

    • 10


      You are missing the point by a hundred miles. Nobody is questioning his capabilities here. It is how Ravi K is orchestrating his hire.

      The question you should ask yourself is. If MR was still in power do you think this Gihan would have made even the shortlist by merit or even with favouritism? Unlikely right? So what makes you think he qualifies for the job now without the help of Ravi K. Still unlike noh??

  • 3

    Don, did Rosie Malalasekara hire you to write a comment? Sin men. Aney pow bung Rosie comments and then deletes. Now you are doing a fab job for her it seems. There are far more suited employees in the airline for this job. Better suited horses for this course. Gihan perhaps thinks this is his grand mother’s airline to waltz in and out as and when he feels like it. Only someone like Ravi Karunanayake will help orchestrate something like this for his fellow Royal College mate and BIL. This airline is under a cursed spell because of our mighty fine politicians.

  • 1

    [edited out]

  • 0

    Scrap this big big white elephant called Sri Lankan Airlines and Sri Lankans will be that little bit financially better off.

    The Airline’s primary business is to give jobs for utterly inept and corrupt to boot relatives and friends of all shapes colours and creeds of politicians in Sri Lanka.

    The Airline must be sold off, the sooner the better. We will never ever make any profit running this mockery of a business.

  • 0

    Well said Douglas. Talent resourcing manager of course is satisfying the needs of the head of hr for his carnal needs as well. Anne’s best friend’s daughter, also head of hrs neighbor is a executive overnight in the hr department by just serving as an intern for few months! Amazing? There is this qualification matrix prepared by talent resourcing manager where employees of certain categories have the ability to go up the ladder by gaining the required qualifications. However the the There is this manager in hr who became a manage over night even without a simple degree! (Green)
    So they have all these standards procedure etc. but when they want to deviate and promote their needed ones… Everything is a fake scenario!
    Good governance??

    Head of hr the womanizer should be sent out and clean the whole company. He is a the biggest culprit the womanizer… He can’t stand a piece of cheeththaya….

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