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Conundrum: Caliphate & Killing Spree!  

By Mohamed SR. Nisthar

Mohamed SR. Nisthar

The brief is not a sermon, but an informal pathological analysis of some sick people of the Muslim society and its Ullema (Scholars /intellectuals). The Easter tragedy on 21st April 2019 reached the all inhabited parts of the planet earth very quickly and made mentally healthy humans sad. The sad news has also reached the astronauts in the space station, who work very hard to do some good things for the same humans. I’m pretty sure if any one of these space scientists (Ullema) is a believer, he would have said “thank God”, these guys cannot reach us. Before I take you further to the Caliphate and Ullema saga, I would like to confess first.

I’m a practising Muslim: believing in one God, uttering the word of that belief and put that utterance into action in day to day life: the keeping of five obligatory daily worships with extra worships to gain more rewards (mental satisfaction); observing the fast in the month of Ramadan, with extr-a fast whenever I feel the need for a mental boost ( that is the reason my younger sister calls me fasting champion of the family from childhood); paying compulsory alms tax during the month of Ramadan ( our lunar based Islamic calendar goes 11 days ahead of the Solar based calendar every year) and voluntary charity whenever possible ,( with an extra voluntary small monthly contribution to local mosque for them to make their ends meet) and pilgrimage to Mecca on Hajj . So this is 25% of Islam, the rituals. Then what is the remaining 75% of Islam, establishing the “Caliphate”?, an interesting question emerges

The remaining 75% of Islam is what you all do, the other religious people, atheists, agonistics, humanists and the list goes on and on. So do I. I’m more than satisfied that I’m a committed Muslim.

Very recently I watched a university gathering of Muslim students (male/female) in the UK. The session was arranged for two speeches, Q&A by UK Ullema. The topic, guess what? “Caliphate”. The respected Aalim (scholar) Akram Nadvi along with his fellow Aalim Mufti Abu Layth were to address the questions.

At one point Mr. Akram Nadvi told the student “alright, we’ll do a quick case study/reality check here and we’ll hypothetically give Justin Trudeau’s Canada or Theresa May’s UK to the party who want to establish a worldwide Caliphate for a month to see how they would perform”. And in the end both the Ullema shook their heads. I don’t want to paraphrase what was said by those Ullema, but I’ll explain it in my own way for you to understand.

Say London was handed over to a group of Caliphate lovers (jihadists)

First day they enter the city chanting the Arabic words “Allahu Akkbar” (God is great- at least all religious people know that God is great, otherwise there is no point in praising. But praising in Arabic I cannot get my head around. Because I strongly believe that the God’s language is not Arabic, but science and my Jewish cousin Einstein understood that languages very well and nicely interpreted it as “ every action has its positive or negative reaction” through nature’s relativity and or gravity set up in one of the human languages. All the human languages Sumerian, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Pali, Aramaic, Arabic, Sinhalese, Tamil and current leading world langue English is a medium of the language of the nature with developed alphabets and phonetics.)

First day was fine because that the jihadists were busy taking an inventory of London. Details of Mosques, Churches, Synagogues, Gurduwaras, Temples, Kovils , Cinemas, Restaurants, Night clubs, Recreational clubs etc. Second day morning all inhabitants of London were in confusion as they happened to hear call for the early morning prayer through loudspeakers. But they did not bother themselves about it. They were preparing for their daily routine life. The problem started, when the jihadists started killing all the men who did not attend the Fajir (early morning) prayer.

Women and children were frightened. But one brave young woman stood up and told the Amir (ruler/leader) of the Caliphate, you killed my husband for no reasons and by that you made my children and me destitute, my dear husband was the only breadwinner in the family.

Your husband did not come to Mosque and pray the way I pray. So the law is breached, thus the punishment is death, the Amir said. We’re not Muslims therefore we cannot be expected in the Mosque for worship, the woman replied. Then you all are Kuffars (infidels), subject to be killed, the Amir said.

A brave Muslim woman got up and challenged the Amir. Oh! Amir, you are making a blunder here . Caliphate is not Friday or Sunday religious school or abattoir. It was a type of governing entity of a society for maintaining social justice, based upon economic fairness and law and order to oversee them. You killed my friend’s husband illegally and made them not able to feed themselves.

So, you’re wilfully supporting an infidel and it’s treason, both of you should face the death penalty. The brave Muslim woman didn’t stop. Amir! you have no right to take innocent lives. No matter if you are an Amir, King, President or Gangster. My God confirms that no one is given authority over anyone’s life. Life has sanctity. I don’t see any difference between my friend’s soul, my soul and your soul. But one thing is certain here that your soul is rotten compared to ours. She was silenced and taken to the jail room.

The small boy of the Muslim woman rose and said, Amir! you are going to kill my mother’s friend because she said you killed my friend’s father and they have nothing left and my mother because she spoke the truth. If you kill them I cannot look after my small sister. I’m only 13 and have not sat for my GCSEs now. I don’t know how to find money to buy provisions for my sister, my friend and me.

You do not need to study and do exams; purpose of life is to prepare for the next life. Your next life will be very good in the Heaven if you obey the order of the Caliphate. Your next life will be in Hell if you disobey. Amir!, I learnt in the holy Qur-an that learning is obligatory for men and women. And my Prophet says if the knowledge is in the eyes of a lion go for it. Even the knowledge is in faraway China make a first step towards China.

Young man you don’t understand what was meant by “learning”, it means how to pray, where to make Hijra ( migration/ seeking protection), how to prepare for jihad (holy war) , how to establish Khilaafa (Caliphate) and how quickly to get admitted to Heaven, where 72 virgins await you. Do a small job and get ready for this earthly life. I can’t do any job. I’m small and feeble., The boy was adamant.

So, are you suggesting stealing, young man? The Amir asked. Stealing is a crime punishable by chopping off your hands. The Amir confirmed.

Hearing the orders of the Amir a young girl rose with full of energy. Amir! You are going to kill my mother’s friend on what charge? Possible intention of prostitution to find money, because she lost her husband for his transgression, and punishment is death by stoning, Amir yelled. Your Muslim mother supporting her infidel friend has committed treason, we’ll slit her throat in public on Friday as a deterrent to other treacherous people.

My mother’s friend is not an infidel she is regular church goer. We both believe in the great Prophet, Isa (Jesus). And death by stoning was a practice of very ancient time of human history. The great Prophet of Christianity and Islam, Jesus(Isa) abrogated this practice by telling his followers that the one who has not sinned should cast the first stone. You may be right girl, that was Jesus. But we have Sharia law and we have to abide by. Amir! Sharia is not a Criminal law, Sharia is set of a code of conduct. Hudooth (Penal code) is the law to punish, proportionately to the crime committed.

I’ve never learnt that Prophet Muhammad stoned anyone or allowed anyone to perform such a heinous act. Amir! let me describe an incident the Prophet dealt with. A woman came to him and confessed that she committed fornication and wanted to have the punishment imposed on her for her wrong doing voluntarily. The Prophet asked her “are you certain you committed the sin” yes Prophet and punish me. The Prophet asked her to come back after three months. When she returned after three months Prophet asked if she was pregnant. She replied confirmatively. The Prophet said come back after the delivery. She was back after the delivery. The Prophet said, you have a child now to be looked after. Breast feed your child for a full two years and come back. The story continued, without stoning or any form of capital or any other punishment imposed upon her. The girl believed that her illustration may have some effects on the Amir.

How old are you girl?, the Amir asked. She said one more month to reach 10 years and asked are you going to kill me Amir. No, no. no, you are going to be my new wife once you reach ten, the Amir said. Oh! God. I’m still a girl. Marrying me at this age is paedophilic. Our Prophet Muhammad has set a precedent for underage marriage, the Amir continued. Take Aisha, the great mother of the Umma (community), she was 10 when married to our Prophet. No Amir! she was 18/19 according to my Miss, who teaches us religious studies in the government school. My Miss is not even a Muslim, she is a strong believer of Christianity, the girl added. Your teacher is a deviant, the Amir said.

Oh Amir! you are disgracing our Prophet in ignorance. The Makkans (inhabitants of the city of Mecca) of the period, rose against Muhammad only on the basis of his monotheistic stance as far as God is concerned and still called him Al Ameen (trustworthy). They offered him everything to convince him give up his new mission of one God concept. The offering starts with pretty wealthy women, power, ruler ship, wealth of the whole Arabia and an opportunity to govern them all until his death or by handing over his power to whomever he likes. The Prophet rejected them all saying, if you place the Sun on one hand and the Moon on the other, I’m committed to one God, who created all of us. Arabia is inflicted with social injustice, you ignorant people kill each other, your blood thirst goes from one generation to next, you treat your women folk beyond imagination, you steal what is not yours, you behave totally arrogantly. Amir! I don’t see my Prophet being accused of paedophilia by his sworn enemies. The Prophet’s first wife was a 45 years old widow, except Aisha, all the wives were widows. My Christian religious teacher substantiated her stance with plenty of evidence that the Prophet was a moral compass for human society. He was not eccentric nor was he paedophilic. He was a human with all good qualities, unfortunately religious and lay peoples want to embarrass him for no reason.

The girl continues, Amir! Marriage is a contract between two individuals who have capacity to conclude a mutually beneficial contract. My body age, my biological age and my mental age need to be aligned for me to have capacity to a contract . I’m still a girl and if I am forced to marry you and if you made me have a baby in a year’s time, then the baby is going to be a Haraami (illegitimate), because it is going to be born through marital rape. The girl emotionally told the Amir. Ha,ha,ha! Young girl, you speak beyond your age, it is a good sign of your maturity. You’re a perfect match to be a wife of the Amir of the Caliphate, Maasha Allah ( if it is the God’s will). Amir! please allow me to tell you an important thing before you emotionally and mentally kill me.

A criminal act is committed not against a state, but it is between an individual and another individual or individuals. Therefore it is private law. The state’s duty is to investigate once complained and ready to deliver judgement once the case is duly heard. The victim or kin (of the deceased) on behalf of the victim have three choices as is their (human) right. 1. Absolute pardoning , 2. Accepting blood money and pardoning and 3. Asking for proportionate redress (eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth and life for a life). Unfortunately highlighting the fascinating moral, ethical and legal teachings of Islam , was too heavy for the jihadist to understand

All the killings were carried out and the Amir was satisfied. London has been made to reflect the ruins of present day liberated ISIS area of Idlib in Syria, except for Mosques which, exceed in numbers of inhabitants of the capital of Caliphate. The Amir declared that the Capital of Caliphate is established and he will now heading spread the Caliphate into mainland Europe.

The assistant told the Amir that they have to cross the English channel to reach Europe. There is a helicopter and he is able to navigate it, “shall I bring it here“ Amir, asked the assistant. Amir said, helicopters and flights are invention of Jews and Christians, thus it is Haraam (prohibited). The assistant was totally confused and said, Oh Ami! Since flights were put in commercial usage trillions and trillions of pilgrims were taken across the world to Mecca for Hajj by those flights and brought safely back to their country by non Muslims pilots. Those Hajj were invalid, Amir said and continued ; my dear assistant listen to me carefully and make no mistake. For the last 1400 years people from China , remote parts of Siberia, the bottom of Africa all travelled to Mecca by horses, camels, donkeys and even on foot spending months and months with resolute piety to perform Hajj.

The assistant is fed up with crazy Amir and got courage to tell him something. Oh! Amir, you are a Kafir (ingratitude) as per our Holy Qur-an and jumped into the English channel at Dover to swim through to the French coast of Calais. There is more than 99.9% possibility for him to swim through ,if nothing unexpected happens. And the mischievous Amir, who is waiting for a swimming camel, out of the blue, to cross the channel is highly unlikely to ever cross.

With this backdrop the part two of this analysis will put the ACJU (All Ceylon Board of Scholars), So-called Muslim Parties and other stakeholders on a surgical table.

To be continued… 

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