19 May, 2022


Conversations With Sarath N Silva

By Malinda Seneviratne –

Malinda Seneviratne

Malinda Seneviratne

Meanwhile in a parallel universe

These are moving-around days.  There’s talk of people crossing party lines. There are people plotting regime-change. There are people getting ready to counter such moves.  People are talking to people.  We have the Constitution Abolishers. We have the Constitution Amenders.  Then there are people trying to cobble together parties and other political groups as well as prominent personalities in a grand coalition that would support a ‘Common Candidate from the Opposition’.  These same people are also busy trying to find a ‘Common Candidate’.

These are talking days. Some people are smelling blood. Others smell something else, but thinking it has to be blood, are salivating.  Still others are not taking chances and are focusing on closing ranks. They are keeping partners under check even as they try to woo key members of the other side. Others are watching.  Some are listening.

Sarath N. Silva and Mohan Pieris (1)Even the biggest talkers must have a breather.During a break in a long discussion that had already taken half a day, a man called Sarath N Silva found himself in a parallel universe called ‘Humility’. He was not alone. Those present had been discussing the Constitution, its inherent ills, its significant positives and the virtues of amending or abrogating the same.  But in this calmer and less loquacious place, no one wanted to ‘continue the conversation over a cup of tea or coffee’ as one of the key organizers had suggested. They spoke of other things.

‘Why did you do it, Sir?’ a green-eyed MP from the Opposition asked the ex Chief Justice.

Before the man could respond, a man red-eyed from sleep-lack on account of thinking too much about a blunder made in 2005 blurted out, ‘he always played politics!’

‘Yes, first with the lady and then with the gent!’ murmured the head of an NGO currently under a massive cloud due to allegations of fraud.

‘Come, come, let us not quarrel here…we have to focus on the objective and we have to put aside our differences. We can’t afford to dwell on the past. We must look to the future.’ That was a bikkhu who some thought might be The Answer but others felt could only be a weaker SF.

‘But we are on a break right now,’ the green-eyed one protested.

‘I’ve already said that I was in error.  What more do you want?’

‘In error?  Are you serious?  You’ve not only ensured that the Opposition gets weaker by the day but made sure that whoever wins can turn a wafer-thin majority into a two-thirds majority!’

‘Oh that?  I thought you were talking about Helping Hambantota!’ the ex-judge said.

‘That’s history.  I am talking about people crossing over and how the ruling you gave facilitated it.’

‘Yes, yes.  So what was your question again?’

‘Why did you do it?’

‘Well, our rathu sahodaraya, was correct.  Deep down I am a political animal.  Like anyone else.’

‘Oh no.  Don’t flatter yourself.  There have been many CJs who remained untouched by the dirty and crass of politics.’

‘Good for them.  I am a connoisseur of this thing called “The Art of the Possible”. I did my bit. Indeed that’s what I am doing now too. People objected when I determined when Chandrika’s term ends. People objected to the Helping Hambantota decision. People even objected to my ruling on MPs crossing over. Look around you. Most, if not all of these objectors, have either benefited from my decisions or else have become fond of obtaining my advice. You people should know that there are no permanent enemies of friends. It’s the same for political positions.’

‘But we expect more from someone like you, Sir!’

‘I didn’t flatter myself, so why are you trying to make out that I ought to behave in a way that is flatter-worthy?’ Silva raised the obvious question.

‘It’s this. We are confused. We don’t know who is who. He or she who is with the Government today may be with us tomorrow, but it’s more likely that the person who we call comrade and with who we plot and plan to oust the regime will be on their side the day after. We just can’t trust anyone. It’s ok being in the opposition.  If we have to wait for six years, we will.  But there has to be some basic kind of predictability. You’ve done away with that!’

‘Son, let me tell you a secret. People think and I let them think that for all my expertise on constitutions and separation of power, and indeed my self-proclaimed deep study of the scriptures, I remain a creature fascinated by the political.’

‘Go on..’

‘It’s a cover!’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I did all that and do all that I do now because I am at the core a very lonely person leading a humorless life. I did all that and do all that I do now because I need some entertainment!  Your agitation amuses me.  As for your confusion, what do you think I am laughing off as I roll on the floor when I get home?’

‘Break over!’ the bikkhus said.

‘Ehey haamuduruwane,’ the others said in unison. Sarath N Silva was grinning.  The others were not.

*Malinda Seneviratne is the Chief Editor of ‘The Nation’ and his articles can be found at www.malindawords.blogspot.com 

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Latest comments

  • 7

    Why does this author write anything in this journal. I cannot make any sense of this guy. He writes for the sake of writing.

    • 4

      That is because, razeek, you guys are brainwashed to comprehend only Rajapaksa basing by CT..

  • 3

    “…..‘Why did you do it, Sir?’ a green-eyed MP from the Opposition asked the ex Chief Justice.

    Before the man could respond, a man red-eyed from sleep-lack on account of thinking too much about a blunder made in 2005 blurted out, ‘he always played politics!’

    ‘Yes, first with the lady and then with the gent!’ murmured the head of an NGO currently under a massive cloud due to allegations of fraud……”

    ……and write this using a Free Laptop from my Boss.


  • 2

    Don’t tell us Buffoon Silva is only King’s friend. He is your uncle too. Don’t hide that!


  • 2

    Malinda’s latest incarnation…Sarath Silva’s shrink. No talk if Malinda has one. We all know he needs a few.

    What seems not too common in our urge to find a Common Candidate for Prez is good ole Common sense.

  • 3

    Honourable Mahinda Seneviratne ,

    Forget about Sarath N Silva for the time being.decisionmore focus and attention to the plight of Ven Sobita Thera who advocates for just society.
    Based on Kheema ‘s comments on CT quoting Lanka Web news,
    The Venerable Sobita has been coerced and arm twisted with a time limit. if the decision is not in favour of the regime, Sobita Thera will be discredited it seems.
    Why can not with his executive powers MaRa can not fullfil Sobita Thera’ requests without calling for elections as there is 2 more years left ? Why is the hurry for elections?
    If MaRa and his regime are the only Patriots why waste SL resources in an unwanted election.?
    Why impose an election on the SL citizens ?

    If MaRa is a just person he can implement all in the 2010 manifesto and some in the forth coming manifesto plus abolishing the executive powers before the end of June 1915.
    Then as per MAHINDA ‘ S recent speech in Kandy district the people need not have to chant ” Sambandan Saranam Gachami ” as patriot Mahinda fears, instead the people can stick to “Budham Saranam Gachami ” or even opt for “Mahinda Saranam Gachami “.

    • 0

      You should continue with what Rajitha had mentioned a couple months ago

  • 3

    This is truly pathetic.. You need to go back to journalism school MS!

  • 3

    Sinhala Modayas deserve the journalists and politicians that they get!

    After reading Malinda’s columns Today, Sinhala Modadys think that democracy is merely an election circus for family rule by the Jarapassa royals – i.e. feudalism of Mahinda Jarapassas and brothers, sons, in-laws rule is regarded by Sinhala Modadya as NORMAL DEMOCRACY! Rather than the corruption due to lack of VOTER EDUCATION.

    A Common Sense pamphlet to educate the SInhala Modayas on the meaning and practice of Good Governance is necessary from the joint opposition.. The majority of Sinhala population is used to being duped by Sinhala politicians and journalists like this guy Malinda (who has a huge chip on his shoulder as a university drop out).

    SInhala politicians like Mahinda and Gota Jarapassa DIVIDE, DISTRACT and RULE Sinhalayas by racist rhetoric with groups like Balu Sena..
    Sinhalas are politically MODA (STUPID) because of the failure of the Opposition under the UNP dictator Ranil Wickramsinghe to educate them on the meaning of good governance, democracy and NO corruption. Miracle of Modayas is all upside down!

  • 3

    Malinda Seneviratne, instead of cheap innuendos, please write about what needs to be done to educate the Sinhala people:

    Mahinda Rajapaksa has another 2 years left in power. Why does he want to have elections now? It is sheer GREED and AMBITION that makes Mahinda Rajapaksa hold elections now and waste 300 million rupees when people of Lanka are finding it hard to pay for the next meal. Mahinda wants another 6 years more because 2 years more is not enough so he and his family can to loot Lanka and impoverish us further. This should be made clear to the Sinhala people. The extent of corruption of the Rajapakse regime which is full of his brothers, sons, nephews, nieces, in laws and cronies and the Hambantota loans from China must be told to the people. Mahinda Rajapaksa has also systematically corrupted and destroyed Buddhism in Lanka. It is good that Sobitha Thero and Rathana are trying to rescue Sinhala Buddhism from the Rajapaksa military dictatorship and associated corrupt politicians of who have distorted and made a mockery of What the Buddha Taught. Today Sinhala Buddhism is a JOKE and has a bad reputation in the world. Sinhala Buddhists are known to attack minorities and the weak and vulnerable people. This is not a good thing for the Sinhala Buddhist Sangha which needs to be cleaned of political corruption. The Bodu Bala Sena epitomizes the corruption and politicization of the Sangha by politicians and particularly Mahinda and Gotabaya Rajapaksa who are trying to cover up their corruption and criminality by hiding behind a DISTORTED Buddhism.

  • 4

    All your articles only seem to criticize the opposition and indirectly praise the powers that be though you call yourself a journalist. Are you being contracted ???

    • 4

      Do you have a similar view Samantha W. on the remaining 99% of the CT journos who are critical of the government: that they are being bribed by the opposition political parties, remnants of tigers, NGOs and other unpatriotic individuals and institutions?

  • 4

    Malinda Seneviratne –

    RE: Conversations With Sarath N Silva

    Did you hearm “Rajapaksa Is A Henahura (Harbinger Of Evil) And A Hora (Thief): Ex CJ Silva”


    I Say. “Ehey haamuduruwane,”

    Rajapaksa and his Shills and Whitewashers are Henahuras (Harbinger Of Evil) And A Hora (Thief) by extending Ex CJ CJ Silva

    *Malinda Seneviratne is the Chief Shill and Wahitewasher of Rajapaksa.

  • 2

    Milinda mate,

    You have been harsh on this always wanted to be CC but never got a chance,,

    May be he is like Fonny in the eyes of the UNP, But this dude is lot smarter.

    Anyway all these eminent people put their hands up , risking their reputations because they love the country so much..

    Quick glance at the list so far has Ranil, Sobitha, CBK, the most recent ex CJ, Sunethra , Maithree, Karu , Anura and this ex CJ ..

    Fonny the one with the most experience is in the outer..

    These are all patriots to the max.

    They know how hard their people have done after 30 years of good times..

    Specially the last five have been unbearable, No Jobs, No freedom to even Talk No security, Rampant Murder, Rape, Extortion, Kidnappings , Child Molesting . Drug Dealing .

    And you name it and their people got it in bucket loads even worse than Mexicans.

    So how can they turn a blind eye to the plight of their supporters who suffer so much day in day out…

    They only smell money, The money in the Diaspora and their Minders ..

    I mean they want to fix all their supporters ills with this money, because it is the real money unlike the Dong, sorry Yuan of the Chinese.

    They got a point too. Because the Yuan is not readily accepted by Western Banks in case these CCs and their supporters want to park some for a rainy day..

    By the way having a dig at that NGO is not called for,

    I mean spending on grog is totally cool in the West, Specially when you are on Business and carry a company credit card.

    These NGOS work 24/7 without any penalty rates and need some inducements..

    Don’t they.

    And they work for the West and are expected to act like them and keep their standards.

    That is why the West always pick the best from these CC followers.

    In Western countries,usually the pub tab is lot more that the meal bill.

    • 1

      One correction , please
      it is not most recent EX CJ , it should be the current CJ

  • 3

    But…. Some people never change. They find serenity at the foot smell of the Master and feast on the chewed bones. Good luck Mister Journalist (sic).

  • 1

    I am no fan of Sarath Silva because of his blatant questionable judgements during his tenure as CJ but he knows Constitutional Law and he might have a point. It is time we seriously looked into it without pooh poohing it as if coming from a naughty child.

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