18 August, 2022


COPE Report To Be Handed Over To Attorney General For Action

In the backdrop of intensifying pressure against him and his party, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has instructed Minister Lakshman Kiriella to hand over the COPE report on the Central Bank Treasury Bond scam to the Attorney General for action.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe

Kiriella, who is the Minister of Higher Education and Highwaya, is also the Leader of the House.

Meanwhile, Kirella has confirmed that he will be handing over the COPE report to the Attorney General today.

Opposition MPs have been calling for Wickremesinghe’s resignation following the damning report by the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE), which found Wickremesinghe’s associate, Arjuna Mahendran, who was the 13th Governor of Central Bank, directly responsible for the Treasury Bond scam which resulted in the country losing Rs. 1.6 billion. Opposition MPs say Wickremesinghe is also equally responsible for the scam, as he tried to cover up the incident committed by Mahendran.

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    Yes.. Ranil tried desperately to cover up the incident and also entendre the tenure of AM for another term..either he is plain stupid or a real hora

    Ranil must resign..that’s the right yahapalian thing to do!

    Where is that moron Ranjan Ramanayake.. done into some hole in hiding???

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      Dear Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe

      “Opposition MPs say Wickremesinghe is also equally responsible for the scam, as he tried to cover up the incident committed by Mahendran.”

      This is what happens when you appoint buddies, “Royalists”, who are not sufficiently qualified and do not have the ethics and honor, to such an important post.

      He got his son in law into the mix.

      He got you dragged into the mix.

      You did the error of protecting those errors, should have disclosed it upfront and corrected it then. It would have been closed.

      Now this has become a drag for everybody. This is what happens when the intelligence levels are low.

      The traitor Gon Sirisena Gamarala is doing the same by taking bribes from the Rajapaksasa, the stolen loot, and interfering with the independent commission and judicatory.

      This is what happens when the intelligence levels are low, and one is s traitor and a bribe taker. Why not impeach Gon Sirisena Gamarala.

      There is no need for you to protect Mahendran, “Royalist” or not. Thre is also no need for you to resign. However, there is need for the traitor, Gon Sirisena Gamarala, to resign or be impeached.

      It is about competency, ethics and full disclosure.

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        Royalists believe there are the leaders who can govern. But recent events and coverups show how they react to safeguard their mates. It appears to me that they don’t have good virtues. Ranil is not a baby he is the one who was responsible for running “sapugaskanda wadkaragaraya, although the he was cleared and case dismissed.

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      “Ranil ….either he is plain stupid or a real hora “

      Amarasiri does not think he is a plain hora like the Rajapaksas and his cronies.

      He is plain stupid, or he was misled by the cunning Arjuna Mahendran, and he believed the fellow “Royalist”, or subscribes to stupidity is a virtue.

      Let’s ask Ranil. Ranil are you plain stupid or a real hora?

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        Dear Amarasiri, for once I agree with you. He is okay for playing childish games in or out of jungees but not to run even a Marana Adhara Samitiya.

        My problem is that this juvenile is playing these adult games with our money.

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    Don’t worry folks, now Ranil will say Attorney General’s office s politicised, just like MY3 said FCID and BC is politicised.

    The fact of the matter is, both these morons have put self and party before the country and it’s people.

    Two sides of a coin. The alternative MARA is, both sides in one. Unfortunately, we are compelled to select the best from the evils.

    Welcome to the land of Serendipity.

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      “Don’t worry folks, now Ranil will say Attorney General’s office s politicised, just like MY3 said FCID and BC is politicised.”

      Ranil can ask the Traitor “President” Gon Sirisena Gamarala, to interfere, just the same way he interfered with the independent commissions and the judiciary.

      Welcome to the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, occupied by the Paras(-deshis).

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    Poor RW gets into trouble that he never expected. But my thinking is that this is a golden opportunity for him to put Yahapalana mechanisms into action and demonstrate that he is different to the previous leading man who defended his loyal crooks at all costs. Mahendran behind bars can easily balance out the PM’s dismal response at the outset.

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      Mara, Gota, Basil…Namal, Yoshita…Udayanga..Shiranthi and his pervert brother and the rest behind bars first

      • 3

        “Shiranthi and his pervert brother” should be read as, Shiranthi and her pervert brother who bankrupted the national carrier ‘Air Lanka’.

        • 1

          Criminals don’t have to be, and usually not, punished in the order that they committed their criminal acts. Some crimes can be punished earlier than the others when evidence is readily available. Some becomes cold cases, only to be solved very late.

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    Why Kiriella ?

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    COPE Report and the Indemnity provided in the Monetary Law Act for the members of the Monetary Board and the officers of the Central Bank

    The report of the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) which was released on Friday, 28th October 2016, on the so called Bond Scam has concluded that there were reasonable grounds to believe that the former Governor, Mr. Arjuna Mahendran, had made an intervention or used pressure in the bond transaction that took place on February 27, 2015. It has further recommended that the exorbitant gain derived by the Perpetual Treasuries Limited should be recovered from the former Governor, Mr. Arjuna Mahendran and the Central Bank officers associated with the transaction.

    It is disappointing to observe that the erudite members of the COPE in this widely publicized report, which was under preparation for a considerable time, have not considered or commented on :-
    (1) The role of the Monetary Board and its obligations in the management of the Public Debt Department
    (2) Whether the provisions of Section 47 of the Monetary Law Act quoted below for easy reference which provides an indemnity for the Governor and the staff of the Central Bank has been given due consideration in the preparation of the report.

    (1) No member of the Monetary Board or officer or servant of the Central Bank shall be liable for any damage or loss suffered by the bank unless such damage or loss was caused by his misconduct or wilful default.
    Liability for false statements in Central Bank accounts, &c. Protection for acts done in good faith, &c
    (2) Every member of the Monetary Board and every officer or servant of the Central Bank shall be indemnified by the bank from all losses and expenses incurred by him in or about the discharge of his duties, other than such losses and expenses as the board may deem to have been occasioned by his misconduct or wilful default.

    Furthermore, as stated by the a Member of the COPE at a press conference, “insider dealing” as provided in the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka Act No. 36 of 1987 as amended by Act No. 26 OF 1991, Act No. 18 of 2003 and Act No. 47 of 2009 is not an offence under the Monetary Law Act, the Local Treasury Bills Ordinance, Registered Stocks and Securities Ordinance or any regulation made there under, which provide for the issue of Government Securities.
    Hence, the members of the COPE in their report should have considered the fact that there is a lacuna in the law in relation to taking punitive action, although it is imperative that the persons responsible for ripping off the public by the purported Bond Scam should be penalized and be made accountable forthwith.

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    Prime Minister,


    Why is it having dystocia (difficulty in the process of birth) in your office?

    You are being asked many question now and we need answers NOW.


    ACT alone or together before it’s too late.

    IT IS IN YOU THE PEOPLE REPOSITED THEIR FAITH IN JAN’2015 and voted for the current President.

    Do not ever forget this , when confronted with friend or foe.

    Do not become like Queen Mary Antoinette of France, who offered cake to the people who were demanding simple bread!

    We need unimpeachable GOOD GOVERNANCE FIRST, not c the fancy dreams you and your cabinet are increasingly feeding us. In the process you are knowingly or unknowingly cheating us.

    If you deal with the issues that are confronting the people honestly, bravely and resolutely, without consorting and compromising with the evils around us, you will stay. If not, from what I see unfolding, read and hear, you will fall like humpty dumty,soon. The forces arraigned against you are very formidable. Do not fatten them further. This is also your last hurrah!

    We, the people, would have been cheated once again of a golden opportunity!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 2

      It is not Antoinette mate,

      It is Mallika driving a Merc ,

      A Duty Free GLE in fact, while the Yahapalana suckers are transferring their hard earned earnings and future earnings to Mahendran’s Family Trust in Billions….

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    The allegation of COPE has express CB Bond Scam related issues is not polemic to be debatable one. The issue is so serious ,that is nationally sensitive of Economic life-line of People and the CB-Bond scandal having to act by very fast track.

    What would be it take Bond Scam construct a Sri Lankan financial market as integrated and unified as that which currently exist within a our nation say Sri lanka?

    What is the result of Bonds Scam after its movement? Economy?

    Did that Chairmen of COPE and UNP members has understood under these conditions national Economic policies level are superfluous and in any case could not be conducts.

    That what happening Sri Lankan now?

    Hence it will leads to Rupee currency cannot fully integrated national financial and capital market. Nationwide monetary policy cannot ensure that speculative capital movement aimed at exploiting differences in INTEREST RATES OR CHANGE IN EXCHANGE RATES can exert a destabilizing social forces.

    1 Misused Public funds and out of that make billons of Profit business
    for particular company by the Primer of Chief Administrator of
    Govt. of Sri lanka. He is main man behind culprit of Bonds Scandal.

    2 Used his Political Authority, by Primer helping inside trading
    CB Bonds and provide National wealth get profit of Billions of
    the Singhopern of national by loot public funds and undermine
    National Economic and its development & growth since 2015 Feb..

    This is national Crime against our Citizens of Sri Lankan.

    That is highly sensitive Political issue of Power in hand of Ruling Parties alliance led by Primer-Minister of SL is that one of Chief Administration on been committed Crime against Nation Funds want for day to day running Government.

    His (Primer) accountability is paramount, other matter are irreverent to the Public by Members of COPE Committed, headed by JVP Parliamentarian of Dr Haundi Hetti is not Competent address key culprits of Bond scam.
    He is totally fail.

    Why? JVP is main partner of UNP ruling alliance ,that the JVP was key Party who work for the to that present Holy Alliance responsibility bring to Power 2015 January 9th MS, CBK and UNP-Ranil W..@@ and 2015 August 17th.

    I disagreed with that COPE Committee Chairmen that develop a procedure to monitor the process of CB Bonds Scandal NOT up to use the International standards, guidelines or recommendations; that unable to revealed real facts behind the Primer-minister special involvement of particular case that crime committed by his agent of ex-CB Governor of Singhopern citizen of Arjuan Mahadaran of Tamil origin has been looted public money belongs of all nationalities of Sri Lankan.

    Primer-Minister responsibility and accountability has been Not been visible in COPE report led by JVP Dr Hundun Hetti.

    This case need democratic justification and its governing rules on the basis of CB Bond Scam of Primer engagement by an examination and evaluation Bond inside trading of more information in conformity with the relevant provisions of this CB Bond scandal.

    But COPE Chairman and JVP political outlook ever-never permitted to allowed to do so?

    That is why UNP-Ranil W… of main culprit has directed to Attorney General Department seek his survival on legal clarification.

    This is an issue NOT that not legally eternity, it cannot absolved crime committed by UNP Primer naked financial crime AGAINST citizens OF our country.

    Nation need address until find truth of corruptions of Public fund by UNP leader of Ranil W…was involved by his power of state authority.

    The “rule of law” cannot go beyond that. Bring main Two culprits before court of law.

    I advice Primer should resign immediate effect to free of interfere of criminal offence needed to be address by Our courts of Judges.

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    It is a cooked up report prepared by politicians and not by professionals.

    Probaly, it will come out and says nothing happened every thing was correct.

    It will be like how they prosecuted theives from the previous govt.

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    Now….Now…. Please be careful in accepting this “GIMMIC”. This is a report (by the COPE) to the Legislative Assembly. Just think, Who should decided to forward that to the Attorney General?. Has this REPORTING accepted by the Members of the Parliament after placing in the Order Book and “Debating” the entirety of the “Observations” and “Recommendations”? This, in my opinion is a “Face Saving” measure and to defuse the uprising against the PM and his Team. Let it be first debated and adopted to refer it for further “Investigations” by appropriate authorities. In that process, I don’t think that AG is the “Appropriate Authority” to conduct an “Investigation”. It must be, FCID, Auditor General, CID or Bribery and Corruption Commission or an Independent Commission tasked with the explicit mandate to investigate and make final recommendations. Then those findings could be referred to AG for “Legal Action” based on the “Findings”. In any case there must laid down “Strict Time Lines” to complete such investigations and also “Priority” treatment by the AG in deciding legal action. If not this entire “Scam” will be held up in “CLOSETS” for ages under the influence of Politicos. So Dear, Readers, please don’t believe this statement by this Minister and get fooled anymore. Thank you.

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    Crisis in Ape Aanduwe , Crisis in THE wONDER OF Asia.
    President for 680 days? PM for 680 Days?
    Tralah la lah lah lah lah..lah laaaah…………………

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    “Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has instructed Minister Lakshman Kiriella to hand over the COPE report on the Central Bank Treasury Bond scam to the Attorney General for action.”

    Ha ha ha, he he he, hu hu hooooo.

    As if the AG will act. The AG’s office is for inaction only.

  • 1

    Like Dilrukshi the Corruption Buster, who got busted recently, wonder whether this AG dude is also a personal and family friend of the Yahapalana Prime Minister?…

  • 1

    My beard will touch my knees when the Attorney General THINKS of doing something about the COPE report.

  • 0

    There is a superb Sinhala saying that describes it all. Nariyata Bokka Hodanna Dunna Wage (Like giving the intestines to the fox for washing)!

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    Mr. President and the Prime Minister,
    Copied to Robber Baron A. Mahendran and his gang members.
    Dear President,
    We the citizens of this beloved country are of the view that you are guilty in relation to the following connected to the Mahendran Bond scam;
    1. In your capacity as the appointing authority,appointing a foreign national to the all-important post of Governor Central Bank particularly when some cabinet members were protesting and the foreigner cannot take the oath of allegiance under the SL constitution thereby contravening the Constitution of the country.
    2.when PM was not carrying out your instructions to remove Mahendran your failure to exercise your authority and remove the culprit and as a result country losing billions of rupees and tarnishing the image of the country in an irreparable manner.
    (we are appreciative of the fact that you did not appoint the rogue for full 2nd term under the insistence of the PM. However by this time a grave damage was done by this culprit).
    3.Once kicked out of the Central Bank allowing the PM to appoint Mahendran to another high post at the PM’s office and continuing to pay him from the public funds and also disgracing the country and tarnishing the image of the country by taking this crook all over the world by the PM and exhibiting him in public.Is Mahendran so important/powerful that the President cannot ensure that he is out of the scene at least till the Bond Scam is properly dealt with or are you weak as a President? Will Yahapalaya endorse this? In the normal circumstances, a man who has done so much damage both monetary and reputation wise to the country should not he be removed from the scene forth with at least till the inquiries are over. If you are truly committed to Yahapalanaya as the Head of the country are you setting an example?.You have promised an impartial inquiry. Please note interdiction/suspension are part of independent inquiries particularly in all important matter of this nature. Therefore please act on the above and not only act but let your action be seen as effective and impartial to the people of this country.
    Mr. Prime Minister,
    Even with reluctance, one should say that your behaviour in relation to Bond issue is nauseating to tell the least.You are guilty of the following in the public eye;
    1.Getting the President to appoint a foreigner to this all important high post even going against some of your Cabinet colleagues.(you should be aware that this foreigner cannot take the oath of allegiance which is a constitutional requirement)
    2. Not following the correct procedure in channelling your instructions to change the mode of raising funds by the CB.You should have given instructions in your capacity as the minister responsible to the Monetary Board (MB) which has the sole authority to do such changes instead you apparently by your own admission told the CB governor to act on those instructions.If the Governor was correct he should have informed the MB and the Tender Board which are the sole authorities to act on such instructions and obtained ther approvals.Instead, what did the Mahendran do? He deliberately used the opportunity to work out devious ways to help his son in law to amass billions as has happened.You continue to shield this rogue.As the PM with who is your loyalty? With the people of this country (those who are struggling to make the ends meet in particular) or an imported rogue who has no feeling what so ever for this country or the people at all. These are people who got free education from this country, got scholarships to do the post graduate studies in England from the President fund when they really are not entitled to it and finally left the country for greener pastures.They descend when you come to power and disappear when you are out of power.If you have an abiding friendship with this rogue please deal with it privately. Do not use/waste public funds to maintain him/ knowingly or unknowingly assist him to rob billions of rupees of the country to safeguard your friendship. Please take a serious note of what has happened. Because of your acts of loyalty to safeguard a thief you are being disgraced. There is a saying in Sinhala. “Balloth Ekka Nidagaththoth Makko Ekka Nagitinnawenawa” If you sleep with dogs you will have to get up with (full of )ticks. This is what is happening to you. Open your eyes. Serve the country and the people not your dishonest friend who continue to embarrass you.
    Lastly please if you did not see or hear watch the BALAYA programme on the 4th of November on Hiru TV channel in which one party took part in the programme listed 14 allegations against you. We feel most of them are correct. The one represented your party refused to respond to them. You as the alleged person perhaps can explain matters to the country and the people. Over to you for honest and straight action.

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