26 September, 2022


Country Like No Other

By Nishthar Idroos

Nishthar Idroos

In this contemporary period of time in history never seen a people trampled, oppressed as the Sri Lankans. Perpetrators of this awful oppression are none other than their own leaders. Few see this persisting tyranny. The most unbearable is the economic oppression. Its subtle and not readily comprehensible, nonetheless impact is crushing. It’s like boulders falling on an unsuspecting people. Ordinary folk rendered impecunious for no fault of their own. Almost overnight there is an attack on their purchasing power. An overnight robbery.

The innocent masses do not know whom to blame except to make passing remarks. They do not understand Keynesian Economics nor do they understand the harsh impact of inflation, or quantitative easing. For sure they do not understand sophisticated ways of stealing whether it’s the bond scam or MiG scam. They do understand one thing, the hundred rupee that enabled them to purchase three loaves of bread just a couple years ago will only make them get just one, barely.

Does Punchi Singho really understand the impact of white elephants by way of ports, airports, convention centers and cricket stadia built on credit extended by the mischievous Chinese in the district of Hambantota? Does he understand that he and all his progeny will pay for this for a good time to come? It’s already happening.

Regardless of race, religion, region or caste Sri Lankans are unsuspectingly manipulated and controlled. Ridiculed and deceived especially during elections. Certainly humiliated and immorally so by none other than their very own politicians who come in their numbers just before an election and let loose powerful cannonballs – lies and damn lies that sells  well amongst a gullible audience.

I can hear the power hungry scoundrels cackling through every orifice of their foul anatomies contemplating loud which lie to let loose when. They are sheepish and servile for the moment. Once elected they will break all records in amassing lucre and in double quick time voters won’t be able to even recognize them due to their newly adopted adipose structure. Also they will start to kill, rape, intimidate etc. This is entrenched reality in Sri Lankan politics in the local government. A country like no other. This writer is placing facts and certainly not dabbling in some sort of hyperbole.

It was Samuel Johnson who made that very famous pronouncement that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel – how true!  In Sri Lankan politics it is the last resort of scoundrels. Educational qualifications and backgrounds of many members of our national legislature bear ample testimony. Their behavior in the national legislature is just additional information.  Local governments are studiously bound to follow the trend.

When it comes to the Sinhala Buddhists masses I have a sympathetic soft corner, simply because they withstood the brunt and sacrificed the most. Whether it was the relentless terror of the LTTE, the unforgettable yet deadly Tsunami of 1994, the recurring dengue outbreaks, the mysterious kidney disease in the central districts, unending economic burdens that threaten to annihilate them and last and certainly not least the chronic poverty that persists like a ravenous blight devouring a toll and crying for more. The Sinhala Buddhists have indeed paid dearly.

Additionally when the war came to an end in mid-2009 it was joyous occasion because prosperity and dignity now could be restored to all Sri Lankans especially to the Sinhala Buddhists. It was not to be so. What actually happened is even darker than the LTTE revolt. Sinhala Buddhist leaders preempting their own people from enjoying the true dividend of peace. They initiated their own agenda and the motherland is in a worse predicament than the LTTE days.

The above is not to say that other minorities did not have issues or problems. They too had many but in my opinion a people who  for a long time being victims of  manipulation and deception deserved as stronger attention.

Many things have gone wrong in this beautiful paradise. Look at Sri Lanka Cricket. Its coach is being paid obscene amounts for record losses of the national team suffered under his stewardship. Sri Lanka had lost a home ODI series against Zimbabwe 2-3 before suffering a whitewash at the hands of India, losing three Tests, five ODIs and a one-off T20 International.

It’s again that kind of season once again in Sri Lanka. Season during which paper merchants make a killing and the general masses are cheated in the name of democracy. Glistening poster paper with faces of every potential scoundrel litter the street. Public walls becomes a virtual menagerie. Lithographed posters that eventually become fodder for Appuhamy’s Billie’s.

It’s made to understand that 33 political parties and 12 independent groups have deposited bonds for the upcoming local government elections. Most of them seen coming to handover their nominations wearing milky white clothes. This is the first and greatest deception our politicians enact. Though outwardly white hearts and minds are not so. They’re busy engaged in the calculus. How to earn the fast buck.

Political corruption is entrenched and institutionalized in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka ranked at 95 in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2016, dropping down the rank by 12 slots when compared to 2015. The report released by Transparency International, the global movement against corruption.

The World Bank findings suggest much of the world’s direct aid to developing and poorer nations ends up stolen and stashed in safe havens. It estimates as much as a staggering $40 billion in recent years have taken this route. Sri Lanka doubtless has to be a celebrated member of this much envied club. Our politicians have earned the dubious sobriquet “inimitable illusionists” They’ve enacted and accomplished many “mission impossible” adventures of vanishing crispy fiat money in double quick time. Armored cars had been used  and full security extended to transport the loot.

There will always be scoundrels in political life. But there is also a novel and ominous concept of a statesman emerging. The probability and times we live in augurs well for scoundrels only.

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    Mr. Nishthar Idroos: You are very correct. In Sri lanka Tamils are sabotaged by Tamil politicians. Tamil politicians are the hindrance to Tamils’ growth. Itis the Same with Muslims politicians. Sinhala politicians sabotage and have destroyed the whole country. sinhala people need to get this into their brain. REMEMBER Politicians are the LAW MAKERS and they the LaW WORKS DIFFERENTLY FOR THEM. Then is there a solution. IF rebellion by youths become insurrection or terrorism. After that it is as usual. I have heard, In one african country, either the country’s leader or the politicians were taken in front of a firing Quad in order to stop the plundering of the country.

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    Nisthar, As Sri Lankan I know that it is much better than LTTE was here, It is really questionable mindset you have to write “even darker than LTTE revolt”

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      Even darker than LTTE revolt is the betrayal of his voters by Bond Scam Ranil. In another of CT Articles Ranil the thief is complaining about theiving by his mate MR and that the people’s govt would have to pay over the next 25 years to make up for the crooks profits. So Ranil the rogue spent 3-years planning and executing his heist instead of looking for the crooks in the previous regime and punishing them, for which he and the President was elected. Now he has the bloody nerve to point fingers to get himself out of his predicament. It will not work, but for the country appointing this waste of space as the PM MUST be the darkest event in the country’s history, yes darker than the LTTE revolt.

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    Thank you Mr. Idroos – Thank you!
    The political culture of corruption has been entrenched in Lanka in the name of Economic “Development ” and “Aid for Trade” projects with help of Fake International Development Experts

    The man of the street in Lanka never sees and does not know that these fake international economic experts from IMF, World Bank, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) etc. exist! Fake development experts tell people like RW how to steal from CB and tax the poor – to enrich the Global 1 percent!

    For, example ADB, owned and operated by Japan supposed to be biggest aid donor to Corrupt politicians in Lanka, gives funds to build Super expensive Highways in order to sell Japanese Cars and SUVs to Parliament of Corrupt Clowns, while good Public transport (trains and buses) which is environmentally friendly for real development are ignored. Today we have Fake Development and Fake international Development experts advising corrupt politicians of FTAs

    This is the sad truth: In a world of Fake news we have fake development and fake development experts and advisers who promote corruption and economic inequality so that 1 percent of the global rich own over 50 percent of world’s resources according to OXFAM report on Global Economic inequality and conflict.

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    You said almost all Mr. Idroos, about the pitiful plight of our Country!

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    Think about it. Politicians who govern us are a different species to most of us. It appears different rules apply to them and they need to have certain innate qualities to survive as a Politician. This applies to Politician all over the world. There are just a few of them who are there to ‘serve’ the People and do something ‘good’ for the Country. Most are there to serve their own desires and interests.

    As simple examples, it is rare for a Politician to accept a mistake, an error or some wrong doing on their part. They need to be ‘thick skinned’ and have the capacity to ‘stomach’ ridicule and criticism..

    So what is happening in SL is not peculiar to SL alone . Perhaps the degree to which such malaise has impacted SL, currently and in the recent past may be something SL has not experienced before and reaching certain extremities in comparison to other Nations? What may be the reasons for this? Do we have the right system of governance and the right people to pull us out of this situation? What are the answers?

    We humans have divergent views and beliefs. Therefore the answers may bi different depending who one speaks to. As we are a Democracy, the view of the majority will have to prevail. Such views are expressed at the ballot box. So it is important to elect a representative/party one thinks will serve one best.

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      This is over simplification.
      This is a politically immature country trying to imitate it’s previous rulers political set up after independence; other “colonies ” do no better after obtaining independence and are in a similar predicament.Unfortunately the gullible voters get taken for a ride during elections.
      Perhaps it is time for a debate on a new system of governing; some sort of benign dictatorship or something else. It is a tall order.

  • 8

    All this is very true, Nisthar.

    May I add what Tolstoy said (in Russian, of course – My3 may know the original – you know the guy is well read!):

    “The gross fraud called patriotism and love of one’s country”.

    However, with coconuts at Rs 100/= each Rajapaksa’s SLPP may get many votes. Voters have to be addressed in Sinhalese. Remember, at the end of the day, Sinhalese is the most important language in this country. Of course, we must (if possible; I can’t I’m too old) learn Tamil as well.

    This English “Kaduwa” is a problem, not an asset.

    By the way, Nisthar, are you fighting to get MMDA amended. Most Muslim males seem to want it kept in tact. This is one of our problems. We MUST fight racism and corruption, but on other issues we must not sabotage attempts to bring about positive changes.

    Please see my comments on the first Sirisena sword article. You can add your bit there even today. What has Bertram to say?

    • 2

      Sinhala_man ,

      For some Sinhalese, to be patriotic , we need LTTE in the North
      and then a Wilpattu ! I’m really sorry for you being about this old.
      Present generation is so desperate to speak everything in
      English and even the sewing machinist and the garage mechanic
      of your time want themselves to be called mommy and daddy by
      their children !! They all want Sinhala only to fight the Tamil and
      Tamils only want Tamil to fight Sinhala but they all want to live
      in English to belong to the English speaking affluent class . The
      race is so intensive. And about this MMDA issue , why worry , now
      look , married young Muslim men and women are not supposed to be
      away from each other for more than four months ! How many Muslim
      young married men and women are in the Mideast for years ? They
      all bend like Bekam , so don’t worry ! Islam never burdened Muslims
      to go to Mecca dozens of times ! Now look at the race , they’ve already
      beaten prophet Muhammad and his companions on pilgrimage to
      Mecca ! You really need to seek more knowledge about our honourable
      citizens my friend ! Good luck to you !

      • 2

        Dear whywhy,

        Thanks for the comment, although, without a context, and without our really knowing each other, it is difficult to interpret what you’ve said. What I note is that you wish things were not so difficult, and that people had good will towards each other, irrespective of their background.

        Let’s hope that more honest than dishonest guys get elected at these LOCAL polls. They will clearly send a message at National Level.

        We both make many comments on CT, but we may not be aware of the stand taken by each. Some keep commenting for the sake of saying SOMETHING. I try not to be like that. I can’t expect you to know what my other comments have been like – and it is vice versa.

        What seems to interest you is whatever I said about English. Well, I’ve spent all my life teaching this difficult language at various levels, and with differing degrees of satisfaction with what I’ve achieved.

        Yes, language is never a simple thing; so tied up with aspirations and status – and then, when it becomes clear that mastery is difficult, there is frustration and hostility towards those who’ve been fortunate to have absorbed it early in life.

        What I’ve tried to say is that to be sure of communicating with the majority of the voters, they have to be addressed (without condescension) in the Swabasha. None of these are simple issues. I’m also worried about the huge population increase on the planet as a whole. In this country the common perception is that we’ll get swamped by Muslims because their rate of increase is high.

        Educating girls is a way of empowering them, and thus controlling population. Every honest fearless statement has the potential to get misunderstood. I hope that you’ll be generous in interpreting my comment as being a friendly one. I get the feeling that you are a Muslim man, but I can’t be sure.

        • 1

          Sinhala_Man ,

          First of all thank you for the reply . Let me come to my point that
          I made in reply to yours . You said ” This English Kaduwa is a
          problem , not an asset .” I have agreed with you with an example
          of present situation in the country which look at English an asset.
          About Sinhalla and Tamil patriotism , I mean to say that they only
          want to fight in the name of their languages but do want to switch
          to English at home ! Hypocrisy , isn’t it ? As for the case of my MM
          DA comment , I was sarcastic about my own community and the
          way they adhere to their religion with utter disregard to it while
          claiming to be very serious about it . Yes , I’m a Muslim who want
          to be honest to one’s soul first .They will bend like Bekham means
          they are flexible . I believe Muslims must take a serious look at
          themselves and find ways to avoid misunderstandings among
          themselves as well as other communities in the name of religion.
          I do take your comments as a good one and friendly and I just
          added more colour to your comment in a different way but sorry
          if there was any confusion .

          • 1

            Dear whywhy,

            Thanks for the clarification.

            Even without it I knew that I was dealing with a good man.

            Let us unite to solve problems.

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    I am also sympathized with poor Buddhist Sinhalese masses by the so called patriotic western educated Sinhalese politicians and Buddhist religious leadership over the seven decades. There is nothing wrong in the Buddhism but using the Buddhism as a weapon to create violence, hiding the truth from ordinary people and pocketing billions in their pockets. Is it possible to protect Buddhism or Lord Buddha’s teachings by Sinhalese politicians who are stealing public funds? Is it possible to protect Buddhism by murdering your neighbor who is a Hindu or Christian or Islam? Who protected Buddhism during the 500 years of foreign rule? Only, peace, love and sharing can protect Lord Buddha’s teachings? Can these Buddhist Sinhalese masses realize this fact and teach a lesson to those murderous warmongering stealing politicians?

    • 0

      Agree totally.
      Unfortunately in underdeveloped and poor countries religion plays a major role in politics, eg.India &Pakistan(our neighbors).It is a TRUMP card. It is a SWORD.

  • 1

    Country like no other……………

    The jackal the pen keeper of the fowl pen absolved after chickens go missing.

  • 1

    Dear Nisthar

    Sri Lanka is not just Sinhala masses!……and Sinhala masses did not suffer under LTTE.

  • 1

    Dr Rohan Samarajeeva , had written in an article that ‘Democracy in Srilanka
    is merely a stage to act out the brutalities of feudal politics and Srilankans
    treat government as a paternalistic feudal monarchy.’ I just couldn’t agree
    more ! Those who are brought into politics by leaders , longing to make it
    the life for the rest of the family . So, it is a family enterprise ! It is vital that
    people start to feel wanting a change in the pattern . The British freed you
    but you still didn’t come out of the slave mind set ! Modern but slaves like
    the Saudis , with the exception of Buddhism for Islam . Another striking
    difference is , Saudis know they don’t elect their leaders but they are rich
    slaves we democrats love to work under ! It is money money and Kings
    Kings and at the end nothing nothing but begging begging !!!

  • 0

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  • 3

    Nishrar Idoor the LTTE menace only came because of the sate sponsored Sinhalese racist menace against the island’s Tamils , that was also supported by the vast majority of the island’s Sinhalese and opportunistic immigrant South Indian Tamil Dravidian origin Muslims like you , who are now masquerading as Moors/Arabs for political and economic benefits. You seem to be silent about this. If not for the generosity of the island’s Tamils , you fake Arab/Moor immigrant converts from South India , will not be existing in the island. When your ancestors were kicked out of South India and you fled to the island on wooden boats called Marrakallam in Tamil , they gave refuge to you and allowed to you to settle along the north west coast ( Puttalam/Mannar and other parts) that was then part of the Tamil Jaffna kingdom. When the Portuguese colonials started to kill in persecute the Muslims for not converting to Catholicism and for trade purposes , you first fled to the central parts of the island and the Sinhalese did not want you there in large numbers and started to persecute attack and kill you and again , at the request of King Senarath the Tamil Vannimai chiefs of the east took pity on you as fellow Tamils gave refuge and allowed you to settle in the east . They gave you land and even Hindu Tamil Mukkuva famles as brides to start families. However you ungrateful creatures from the word go , have joined with the Sinhalese racists to constantly backstab and undermine the island’s Tamils , deny your actual Dravidian Tamil origin and now try to steal the east from its legal owners the Tamils and the Tamilised Vedda of the east. They gave you refuge and you repay by stealing their lands and homes. Just look at you. Do you even remotely resemble an Arab or a Moor? You look typically like the Backward/Scheduled /Untouchable castes of Tamil Nadu that you really are descended from but will deny it and stubbornly claim to be Arab/Moor

    • 2

      Real Silva

      I think you have had one too many. May be when you are sober we can have a more meaningful dialogue.

  • 0

    Yesh yesh…..country like no other. If you no like Siri Lanka, go back to your Arabiya.

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