29 May, 2022


Court Refuses To Be Guided By Smear Campaign Against Mangala

The Panadura Magistrate today declined to hear evidence against UNP MP Mangala Samaraweera based on media reports and said the Court would only be guided by the Police B report regarding the theft at the Parliamentarian’s residence last month.

Mangala samaraweera colombotelegraphThe case of petty theft that has elicited significant media attention due to the sexual allegations and aspersions being cast on Samaraweera and the suspect that broke into his home came up before Panadura Magistrate’s Court.

President’s Counsel Hemantha Warnakulasuriya with a team of six lawyers appeared on behalf of the suspect Shiran Priyankara, accused of stealing a laptop and several bottles of whiskey from the home of the Parliamentarian in December. Reports are that Warnakulasuriya is being retained on behalf of the suspect by Sirasa director Nimal Cooke.

Lawyers for Samaraweera submitted to court that the Government was carrying out a smear campaign against the opposition MP long after the suspect made a confession to the police and was remanded on 2 January. “We submitted to court that at that point, the suspect was so short of money that he was unable to retain a lawyer. But then when the case was taken up again on 13 January, he had a top Government lawyer retained and his wife had submitted an affidavit with sexual allegations,” a lawyer for samaraweera said.

The lawyers for Samaraweera told court that the suspects lawyers were attempting to bring charges against the MP under Section 365A of the Penal Code for political mileage.

Panadura Magistrate Ruchira Weliwatte said court was only concerned with the theft at Samaraweera’s residence and added that any other complaints can be filed in different cases. The Magistrate said the Court was not interested in the allegations being made in the media.

The case will be taken up again on February 24 and lawyers for Samaraweera told court that Warnakulasuriya and others are unlikely to show up in court for the rest of the case since the magistrate had refused to indulge the sexual allegations.

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  • 8

    When God wishes to destroy men.he first makes them go mad..! The legal luminaries appearing for the petty thief and a simple case of theft and the mileage the detractors take to blind and disgrace the Honoured Court of Law is very shameful.
    Where the law and justice will end up is anyone,s guess… i simpl hope sanity prevails.. and the general public and the voters’ specially those who blindly supporting corrupt and disgraceful politicians will wake up and clean the stables at every given opportunity.
    Lest,we the citizens’ will be the next target.

  • 0

    The defendant pleaded that this was a BUM RAP,

  • 3

    Though I hate Mangala’s guts I have to say this:
    Lawyers setup by Sirasa to appear for the suspect should now be sued by Mangala for malicious prosecution.

  • 1

    Hemantha is a f…ng disgrace- another stooge who will be sent to Singapore for services rendered to the ruling family. the Singapore authorities are already aware of the pimping that goes on in the wonder of Asia.

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    Mangala is the one who can topple this government. He is the one who toppled Ranil and he is the one who got Mahinda elected as president. If not for him, Mahinda would be starving in Medamulana. So, now Mangala has to be destroyed for the Rajapakshe family to be in power for ever.

    Who care whether Mangala likes boys or girls. Its his choice. Has anyone questioned how many actresses are used by the ruling family? why this sudden interest in Mangala’s sexual preference. It is the maharajah group who is behind this. Nimal cook is the biggest CROOK

  • 1

    Q – How can a man who is virtually down and out afford an expensive lawyer to appear for him?
    A – Didn’t you know, this is the ‘Miracle of Asia’ – man, anything is possible

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