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Crazy Sirisena Says 2018 Constitutional Coup Was To Show He’s Got A Backbone

An irked Sirisena today lashed out against Cardinal Malcom Ranjith‘s speech yesterday at the Katuwapitiya church reconsecration ceremony, in an appalling display of his increasingly unstable mental state. Justifying his actions in October 2018, Sirisena said the Constitutional Coup was a show of the ‘strength of his backbone’.


Speaking at an event in Maharagama this afternoon, Sirisena said it is because he has a strong backbone he was able to remove the sitting Prime Minister from Premiership and appoint the former President instead.

It was made all too apparent that Sirisena waa terribly hurt about the Cardinal’s comments yesterday about present government leaders lacking a backbone.

“I heard the Cardinal has said present leaders don’t have a backbone…He has also told the government to go home. Of course we will go home! We didn’t come to stay here forever!,” he told the crowd angrily.

Sirisena also implied the Cardinal was biased towards politicos from elite or aristocratic families.

“The call to go home or comments about the backbone would not have happened if it was an individual from an elite or aristocratic family who was in this position,” he added.

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