3 February, 2023


Customs Workers Unhappy With Ravi K’s New Act: Country Loses 1 Billion In A Day

The country is reported to have lost at least Rs. 1 billion yesterday as a result of a trade union action taken by the workers attached to the Sri Lanka Customs who went on sick leave bringing the operations at Orugodawatta and other inspection points to a standstill.

Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake

Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake

According to sources, even though the trade unions representing the customs workers had made repeated requests for a meeting with Minister of Finance, Ravi Karunanayake, they had not been given a time citing that the minister was ‘busy’. This had irked the workers more who were already antagonized over the government’s plan to bring in a new Customs Act.

“As a mark of protest they went on sick leave. Most of the workers except for the high ranking officials at the customs did not take part in the strike,” sources said.

According to them, the Sri Lanka Customs record a daily income close to Rs. 2 billion, however due to the trade union action, this revenue had plummeted. “We estimate that there was a loss of at least Rs. 1 billion,” the sources said. Despite the trade union action, certain services such as the services provided at the airport passenger terminals, and also services in relation to shipment cargo were not affected.

“We are not happy with the Finance Minister’s decision to bring in a new Customs Act. Instead of a new act, he can amend the existing act, when we request for an appointment to meet him and discuss this matter, we are always told he is busy,” they said.

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    “According to sources, even though the trade unions representing the customs workers had made repeated requests for a meeting with Minister of Finance, Ravi Karunanayake, they had not been given a time citing that the minister was ‘busy’.”

    this is another irresponsible minister who should be removed from such an important portfolio.I think both rajitha and ravi think because they are the only professionals in the parliament they cannot be replaced easily.In my humble opinion there is no need for a doctor or a chartered accountant to hold the top posts in health and finance respectively.What is needed is a good administrator and he will have health professionals and finance professionals under him who will give him the necessary information to run the ministry,but most importantly he will be a professional administrator,who will always have time o listen to the people who want to discuss matters with him.

    Companies in srilanka should before they appoint a CEO send him to a management course in singapore,It will be fully worth the money spent.

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      Why you ppl always want to fire this new Gov ministers ? r u ppl agents of old regime? or scared of this Gov, that they will hunt your black money – creating sum kind of issues and simply wanted to pressure the Gov to go down.. or accuse Ministers with one evil intention.. keeping quiet for 10 years backing the cheats and looters! now trying to act smart. or comment against FinMin like a big economist.

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        are you paying the billion a day we are losing just because the FM felt he was too important to meet the customs trade unions?My criticism of current government is nothing compared to the comments on the previous regime.

        The downfall of the previous regime was because they refused to listen to criticism and lashed out even with violence.The downfall of the present regime could be people like you internet defenders of them who want to believe that everything is rosy and hickory dock.I who move with the masses know it isn’t,you who sit by the computer think it is.

        the last thing i want is the resurgence of the hambantota thugs rajapakshes,but it is happening slowly but surely.

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        The crooked customs officials are blocking the new law.

        I am yet to see any revenue leakages in the proposed law and hence suspect that the officers are blocking it since their powers are being curtailed.

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      In Ranil’s govt, it looks senior ministers can roam free. Viagra overdose minister, kiriella, Galleon Ravi, there is alist of whom always do something special for them.

      Ranil is silent, probably because he doe snot wang to give more people to Sajith’s group.

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    You cant just create problems using old regime people to harass Gov ministers to demean the FinMin of a country. they are elected Ministers they know whom to talk and whom to avoid.

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      the point i make is what is the harm of talking to them.Then you can tell the people i talked to them,they wanted this and that,i felt it was unreasonable and refused to concede etc and explain to the people who you say elected him.

      or is it that he has forgotten that the people elected him and h has to be transparent and explain to the people why they are losing a billion a day.

      all politicians forget after some time who elected them.

      you call a trade union wanting to discuss something with a minister as harassment.You don’t know the a,b,c of mangement it seems.good managemnet is all about good communication channels left open for disusiion to sort out knotty problems which can become bigger and bigger if not sorted out.

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    Agreed that RK is a bstrd! However, there is only a holdup of revenue rather than a loss! I believe the argument is wrong!

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    Give a standing sack to all those who sabotage and replace them with The Idling Army personnel with a good pay package.

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    truth finder -Agreed that RK is a bstrd! .. what makes you sure ,that you are not a bstrd yourself?

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    FCID should be instructed to investigate the investments by all the Customs officers and their family members. Legal action should be taken against all those guilty of amassing wealth which cannot be explained by their legal earnings.

    This den of corruption is more than 50% overstaffed to handle electronic processing of documents. Hence, every opportunity should be taken to move the most corrupt officers out of the customs department.

    The Finance Minister & the Prime Minister should be congratulated for their bold action in cleaning this den of thieves.

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