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“D” Day – 23rd June

By Lal Keerthie Fernando

Lal Keerthie Fernando

A forum of discussions and freedom for research. Facts and sanity going together. Sinhalese nationalism being construed as racism while it remains in print form for others to read. Tamil nationalism too, being construed as racism. Nationalism and racism doesn’t seem to go hand in hand in SL. Many years ago, it was so. The debating forum in this web in this digital age has opened up not known stories for analysis and judgement of an ensuing muddle. We have never ever heard so much of the truth from all sides of troubled ethnic groups. Knowledge is power, it is being said; true, but information has more power in this day and age. This is what is about.

The war started almost in 1983, ended in 2009. All this time the nation and it’s people so much confined to fact finding missions; hate driven ideologies and military might, undermining the other side view – the minorities, the tamils. Going through it over the years, provides us reasons to accept, what a nation of ignorant people, we must have been, not knowing our own identities, permitting others from outside to abuse and manipulate for the betterment of the minorities; this is what others from outside imagined, not knowing so much at all, saying mea culpa now, in the corridors of power. They had the right too, in a way. But why fear of mistakes now? Free media or is it web terror of our truth? Ours was bad taste in such good culture. Yes. Reading through provocative argumentation presented much in research from both sides of the spectrum, once a theatre of war, is now far more pleasing reading. A criss-cross version of a civilised puzzle being brought to the fore and is bound to remain. Freedom at it`s best. It is not a question, who won the war but how the media in it`s most restrictive forms during the war was able to drum up the kind of nationalism, rather than hate that brought in victory for peace. If facts on divergence ethnic resemblance was brought to the fore, then, we would have never had that war – 1983. Only the man closer to shore knew the fallacy and difference between a Jaffna tamil and Batticoloa tamil. RAW, was fast enough to carve out a wedge, knew the difference well which we only know now, understood the problem, before CT came in. The division made, became the beginning of the end of the LTTE.

The free media wasn’t there then; the role of the internet none; writer and the reader in complete oblivion. What never took place in the past for readership and writing is there today; for furtherance of peace. Of course, there is the “odd man”, himself, insulting the saffron robe. These types are now a fact in Europe and elsewhere; not in saffron colour but in a riot of colours.

Their point of view is vicious enough to re-unite such vast minorities, Tamils and Sinhalese alike, becoming together, while others fear the union, in SL too. A common problem of ours is now theirs. The media and the politicians in SL remains – a light of eminence. We in SL had the types of what Europe is entertaining now, in the name of democracy; they, hiding behind a veil of democracy.

Democracy, permits dissent, the state intervening accordingly, drawing the line. That particular line of demarcation is now taken over by the media on the web. Therefore, we could continue to discuss; check and balances being put forward, overruling, politician and other agencies of extremism, to be null and void. War crime tribunals have much more facts here; read first – as the archives have been closed for eternity, elsewhere outside SL. When the truth is alone, weak is the rule of law.

The term democracy as Harold Laski explained: “Democracy is only for civilised people”. He wrote so in 1936. …And, 3 years later 1939, was the beginning of World War ll, racial tension and genocide. Europe went up in flames; Hitler too walked into power hiding behind a veil of democracy. The flames are still not being doused!!

23rd June, “D” day. Europe will have to decide. British vote of “YES”, making minorities safer and a “NO” – Europe back to 1939? The law alone does not remain a suitable answer in patching up differences. One cannot sue a person for what he or she is thinking. SL has taken one step forward in these episodes!

Moving accordingly, many investors in Europe remain on hold of their investments which has become an albi for a few in SL, to hope that everything has come to a dead end and nothing is moving. There is the positive side of a “Yes” for Britain to be in EU. Britian will move on, so will global investments. A – “NO”, is equally positive for SL as a “YES”: The Commonwealth countries, and their huge market is there for Britain for activation, vigorously. It does not matter “YES” or “NO”; SL now have better reasons to be patient. The anxiety of the minorities, Sinhalese, tamils and moslems running high over here, making the new entrants too, un – easy. Their plight only being delayed, to be solved, waiting for a secure path to be opened.

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