26 May, 2022


Daham’s Clique Night Club Attack Swept Under The Carpet

Two weeks since the Clique Night club came under attack from a group led by the son of President Maithripala Sirisena, Daham; it now appears that the incident has been swept under the carpet with police taking no action against any of the culprits.daham-sirisena

Despite clear CCTV footage showing officers from the Presidential Security Division (PSD) threatening the security guards at the night club, after they refused Daham Sirisena and his friends’ entry to the club on October 8, the police have so far not even recorded a statement from Daham Sirisena since the incident.

Soon after his arrival from Thailand, Sirisena sent out a customary order instructing the law enforcement authorities to carry out a full scale investigation into the attack, however two weeks since the incident, the Maradana police which was investigating the incident has not taken any action to bring the culprits to book.

Despite several telephone calls from the Colombo Telegraph to Superintendent of Police (SP) Ruwan Gunasekera, he did not answer his mobile.

The attack was allegedly orchestrated by Sirisena’s son, after he and his group were infuriated that they were denied entry into the club. After threatening the security and leaving, the angry mob returned with poles and launched an attack on the guards and also damaged property of the club. They also attacked a security guard with a flower pot who was later admitted to the Accident Service. However several hours later, the security guard said that he was unable to identify anyone, despite the area where the attack took place being well lit.

Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media Karunarathne Paranawithana told a news conference on October 12 that Sirisena had instructed the authorities to launch a full scale investigation into the night club attack, in which his son was accused of being involved. However, despite the reported order, Sirisena had broken the law himself after he ordered the police to show him all of the CCTV footage of the attack.

Soon after the incident, the management of the nightclub issued gag orders on all staff, and they used the venue manager to make a statement claiming that no VVIP’s son was present at the time of the attack.

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Latest comments

  • 29

    President is missing out on huge public relations coup by not putting this disturbed boy before the courts.

  • 17

    All these comments from readers of CT is merely to let off steam which is understandable.
    But what is the purpose ?
    A dog’s tail can never be straightened,
    The President nor his advisers would ever read the comments by the frustrated readers, and will they do anything about coming forward to to initiate a radical change of the entire system of governance.
    The rot will go on as long as people are prepared to do nothing but criticise and mock at others who make an effort.

  • 12

    Someone remind me again, why was Rajapakse voted out ?

    Was it because it is said “He Stole Billions” ??

    I am Relieved that the “Billions” were found and the guilty, prosecuted.

    Was it because the Rajapakse (and Ministerial) offspring went on regular half-wit, lawless rampages against the common and not-so-common Man ?

    I am So Glad that sort of thing does not happen any more !!

    Was it because there was “Shady Deals” with foreign players ?

    Are we not fortunate that that Australia Kickback story was also resolved ?

    Rejoice O’ye who voted for these Men of Sterling Character ! I hope the government is everything you had hoped it would be !

  • 8

    New King has not done anything different than a war criminal would. If he is not saving the New Prince, how he is going to keep the election promise of “No Leader, No Commander, No Soldier will be prosecuted”?

  • 8

    Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.

  • 5

    Dad becoming the President is not a gurentee for the indisciplined son to be disciplined. Such a situation might make a more disciplined Dad to become a non disciplined politician and ruin his name and future more likely to occur.

  • 4

    Why is it that the late 90’s onwards the minister’s sons are practicing hooliganism.
    Well it is from this era that uneducated and low class people started to get elected to the most important places in the country.
    These are people who never enjoyed luxury before.
    Now that these uneducated and ones who have been in the lower economy and social class have managed to come and enjoy high living standards, they do not know how to enjoy and behave like true high society men and women.
    The genes and blood in them cannot be changes though the money in the hand has changed.
    This is the basic cause. (Urata muthupota bandath yannay mada hoyagena).

    So these people want to make hay whilst the sun shines ( i’m sure they would not even know the meaning of this phrase).
    Prior to 90’s people lost money doing politics. But after 90’s people do politics to get money.
    This is the simple answer to your question. Hope you have publish this.

  • 9

    This is all a Rajapakse conspiracy. This British educated intellectual son of the President is a good Sinhala Govigama Buddhist. He did no such thing. His father saved a lot of money and made good investments to be able to send his son and one daughter to Maha Rajinigey rata with some help from CBK.

    Aney Saadhu Saadhu PSD did this on their own. Daham was at a Daham paasala meditating on the meaning of life when this incident occurred. It was done by Rajapakses and his cronies.


    • 2

      nice one!

  • 2

    This incident cannot be ignored under this sammuthiwadi yahapalana government , and has to respect the country’s law and order by doing a proper investigation and to show all other citizens in the country as a example . that will be the real way of doing clean and clear politics , then nobody can do any mud slinging , shouting in front of media and slogans like barking dogs . that means the ruling government bodies are clean straightforward and the vision and things are clear . then all the citizens will be in good faith and respect for treating everybody in same manner .

  • 2

    Siris na very sad, This is not what we expected from Yahapalanaya

  • 1

    The whole hue & cry about CID,FCID, CIABOC working on a political agenda was all about diverting attention on the night club fracas by ADaham!

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 0

    This guy masquerading as President’s son is a sociopathic thug that uses other people to do his thuggery behaviour. This is not the first time he has brought shame to Sri Lanka in attempting to portray self as a person with influence, using his father’s position. I wish that the father has the courage to put his prodigal son in the right place, avoid public humiliation.

  • 0

    The First Lady must be sneezing from the day of this incident.

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