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Delayed Recalling Of Rajapaksa DPL Henchmen Begins

Some 30 Rajapaksa henchmen and close associates appointed as diplomats during the previous regime have been recalled with immediate effect.

Ambassador to Russia Udaynada, Ex- President and Ex-FM

Among those who have been recalled are non-career diplomats who have been appointed to the service without fulfilling the required criteria as well as those who have been serving in a single station for a prolonged period.

Among those who have been recalled is the Sri Lankan Ambassador to Russia who has been serving in the station for close to eight years now.

One of the pledges made by the President during the campaigning period was to free the diplomatic service of political influences.

The process was due to begin just a few days after the election of the new President. However, it was delayed due to the arrival of the Pope and the External Affairs Minister’s visit to India.

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