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Demockery Banished!

By R.A. Ratwatte

R.A. Ratwatte

Today I am proud to be a Sri Lankan. I say Sri Lankan and not Sinhala, because if as certain elements claim the ousting of the miss rule of our Country is due to the minorities, it is they who should get the credit.

Credit for having the foresight and the plain intelligence to “THINK FOR THEMSELVES” and see what was obvious to everyone. Our motherland was been raped and pillaged and the masses were silent.

Like a dumb heard of bovines they were being led by the corrupt mass media and other nefarious sources of miss information. The “war” victory was been flogged to death, even when we refused to show respect for our enemies who were vanquished (a fact noted with pride in our 2000 + year documented history) the people remained silent.

When a man with questionable mental stability ranted and raved on BBC television and behaved in extremely unreasonable fashion, no one said anything! He may have made decision and backed the forces to win the war but to behave as he did (and the silent majority condoned it) against civilians, after the victory….was ridiculous.

Bulldozing LTTE grave yards and monuments was WRONG, and I am not afraid to say this. The same way that we mourn our dead they too should be allowed to mourn their dead.

We were headed on a slippery slope to suffer the same fate as Libya, Egypt and maybe even Afghanistan.

The PEOPLE stood up, lead by outstanding citizens both prominent and unknown, the people spoke! A completely boodles transition of power took place and DEMOCKERY was replaced by true democracy.

I urge those claiming that the minority made this difference to shut up! Do so before the full extent of your foolishness is portrayed for the world to see. The world is amazed that this tiny Country has shown so much restraint and conducted themselves with dignity and decorum. We have proved to the world that the restraint we showed in the face of ruthless attack after attack by the LTTE terrorists, when the murdered civilians by the hundreds, is real. It was not cowardice or fear… it was true intelligence and a genuine love for the future of our Country. The majority turned to the philosophy that guides our daily life, “violence begets Violence” is a fact of life.

Let’s continue this by getting involved in the governance of our Country. By always exercising our franchise by stopping rascals and rogues from ever assuming power again. So many past elections, I hear people say “I am not going to vote”, “what’s the use of voting”! I was dumbfounded! What else can you do but vote…surely I can rest my case now?

Today, I consider myself privileged to have been born in this wonderful Island; we have lots of work to do to raise our society to acceptable levels. The door is now open and the thinking of good people must prevail.

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