10 August, 2022


Despite Blatant Lies By The Regime; Why People Still Choose To Elect Them?

By Vishwamithra1984 –

“The true test of civilization is not the census, nor the size of cities, nor the crops – no, but the kind of man the country turns out.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, philosopher and poet

Exaggerations of the truth are quite common in any human endeavor. When exaggerations are driven into fully-blown falsehoods, they tend to master the individual or society that willingly accepts the fallacy of falsehood as truth. It is a criminal act and when the casualty and society accept the criminal act in any way, shape or form, society’s will to survive diminishes and when it reaches a critical mass, it explodes, claiming everyone around as victims of the willing. By virtue of his or her silence and omnipotence, the victim becomes a helpless accomplice of the crime thereby facilitating the commission of falsehood and lies and even rape, larceny and murder. The vicious circle of human folly continues to turn, capturing every willing and unwilling observer into this web of sin. Society, as a result becomes a prisoner of itself, consuming its vital resources to nurture and nourish itself. The most tragic aspect of this process is that it is only the historians of a later day who would see the beginning, the midpoint and the end of the whole story.

The responsibility and duty of the Opposition is to educate and inform the voting public with vigor and strength. People don’t like to see softness in their leaders. That is why they elected JR Jayewardene with such a huge majority. They saw in him strength and vitality. Especially when confronted by a vigorous leader like the present President, empty rhetoric do not vibe.

The responsibility and duty of the Opposition is to educate and inform the voting public with vigor and strength. People don’t like to see softness in their leaders. That is why they elected JR Jayewardene with such a huge majority. They saw in him strength and vitality. Especially when confronted by a vigorous leader like the present President, empty rhetoric do not vibe.

What’s taking shape in Sri Lanka today is precariously close to the phenomenon described above. The ruling cabal is so deeply stuck in its own graveyard of falsehoods and the depth of it is unfathomable. Shrouded by a sinister veil of high-sounding slogans and shallow rhetoric, the regime and its unfeeling agents are disseminating totally bogus data on the economy, inflation, growth rate, employment (or unemployment) and per capita income etc. A government simply cannot fool the people about the economy. The economy of any country is not something extraterrestrial; one cannot separate the economy from its people. Every living person is subject to and part and parcel of the economy within which he or she exists and operates. Every breadwinner of every family would know whether the cost of living, which is intricately entwined with inflation, has gone up or down over the last twelve months. The prices of bread, dhal, rice, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy products, eggs and infant milk food cannot be divorced from the index of cost of living. Who on earth and living in Sri Lanka could say that the prices of these items have remained stable or gone down over the last one year?

However, there is another way in which one can maintain the Government’s assertion that the cost of living has not gone up or that the inflation rate has come down. That is by eliminating those essential items from the calculation which is used to measure cost of living or inflation. In the same way, unemployment rate could be understated by taking out those who leave unsatisfying jobs and enter the job market again. This is precisely what is being pontificated by those who have built a reputation around themselves as “master manipulators” of statistics and figures. The average villager is blissfully unaware of these statistics and accounting methods. He is totally oblivious to the Central Bank Reports and annual reports of the corporate sector. But his children and spouse feel hunger pangs and desire for new clothes; he also knows when the prices of green chilies and infant milk food go up. He might not have time for nor empathy with a schoolteacher who was humiliated by a local politico and he might not be interested in the university students protesting against some abstract demands, for his children are still too young to enter the university.  But he is very much aware of the social and economic environment that he lives in.

It must yet be reiterated that a government simply cannot afford to be checkmated on this front. The front of politics is where half-truths and lies are the stock in trade, where the traders are mostly frauds and customers are idiots. The real tragedy manifests itself when the customers believe the outright lies and exaggerations of the traders and buy a lemon instead of a Rolls Royce that was originally promised. It is not one single customer or an individual that is fooled like this time after time. The entire community of customers or people is taken for a set of suckers and jokers who willingly capitulate to the merciless profession of falsehood-trading.

The Government is fully ready with its quota of lies and exaggerations; they are ready with their team well trained and practiced in the craft of delivering lies as sweet truths. No person or persons in the Opposition could seemingly match the regime’s team of liars. But if they, leaders of the Opposition, are willing to fight fire with fire- this does not mean that one has to fight lies with more lies, but  in other words, douse the fires that the Government’s lies would cause and calling them what they in actual fact are in the most ruthless fashion, with no holds barred and naming and shaming those who lie, whatever echelon the liars may descend from, with a mindset that is riveted to winning against all odds, a mindset that would take no prisoners and carry on until each and every voter is reached and talked to, then there might be a chance, a fighting chance. But the Opposition must be prepared to sacrifice, every now and then; they must be ready to be taken into custody and they must be ready not to be soft on the crime of deceit and dishonesty. No victory was won on a bed of roses or petals of orchids. As Nietzsche said: “A society when it is tender and soft takes sides with those who harm it”.

The responsibility and duty of the Opposition is to educate and inform the voting public with vigor and strength. People don’t like to see softness in their leaders. That is why they elected JR Jayewardene with such a huge majority. They saw in him strength and vitality. Especially when confronted by a vigorous leader like the present President, empty rhetoric do not vibe. The people must see in the alternative leader the same strength of vibrancy and vitality if not more of that of the incumbent.

He or she must have the guts to call a lie a lie; he must have the stomach to suffer humiliation and insult with dignity and calmness; he must have the will to endure tremendous hardships and hard work yet wake up each morning with freshness of the morning dew and steadiness of petals that hold that dew. It is an uphill task. But it must be undertaken for the sake of the country, for the sake her people and for the sake of their history.

Am I asking for an imaginary persona? I don’t think so. There are ones among our midst who could deliver the goods. If they are not available among the usual suspects, then stop looking among the usual suspects; look elsewhere and one would find not one but many. One must feel the urgency, that quality which makes the good, great; that quality which stands erect among many a storm, unfettered and unruffled. For the sense of urgency demands that any other option is not acceptable. These lies must be put to a stop and we simply cannot be stupid and cowardly any more.

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    Lilith Dissanayake is a Kandyan? As dumb as they come. He says when he was a young boy he wrote love letters. Now they send SMS’s and e mails. He and his shitty government is taking credit for Chinese copies made available cheaply. And inventions by Steve Jobs and Billl Gates and the lady in INDIA WHO found Hotmail?

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      Sinhalese society is built up on an age old lies: The vehicle for these lies is the Mahaavamsa.

      A race born to a lion and a woman is a cardinal lie.

      Buddha came to Sri Lanka and told that the island belongs to Sinhalese, another lie. Sinhala Buddhists though they have images of Buddha everywhere, they don’t follow his teachings, rather they follow a war-like ‘Buddha’ who chased away the original inhabitants, the Yakkas.

      There are many more lies and myths which are not true but accepted as gospel truth by the society. Honest Sinhala scholars can vouch for these lies.

      Why else do the Sinhalese society consider Tamils and Muslims as others just because their language and religion are different? Because they believe in these lies.

      A society built built on falsehoods will not mind more falsehoods in their lives. That’s what is happening now; more lies, more deceit and so the society becomes decadent.

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        “A race born to a lion and a woman is a cardinal lie”

        Thiru – Of course it is.

        Even the Mahavamsa does not say that. What it says is that Vijaya was the son of SinhaBahu – The Name SinhaBahu is made up of two words, Lion and Arms. Which means ‘One with a Lion’s Arms’ or ‘One who is as strong as a Lion’.

        SinhaBahu had the Strength to Exile his own Son and his Followers, who were Destroying the Peace in His Country.

        Can our ‘King’ do the same with His Kith and Kin, now that they have enough money stashed away Overseas?

        • 0

          Despite Blatant Lies By The Regime; Why People Still Choose To Elect Them?…….

          Because, the Gobbasenas (Rajapakse gang of thieves) will bring disaster sooner than later, in fast track motion. Soon, it will all be over. Mahinda’s open double games playing with each and everyone will soo be over. Playing with China & Russia and then having secret dealings with the sworn enemies of the Russians and Chinese, the ZIONISTAS (US,EU & AUSTRALIA) designed to destabilise RUSSIA.

          Signalling the ZIONISTAS that he’s a sworn enemy of ISLAM by deploying Pigs by the name BBS/RAVANA/RAVAYA etc., to attack the Muslims and going to a PALESTINIAN camp to suggest that he’s still the “Friend” of Palestinians…(LOL).

          Russia is planning to bust the Israeli Zionst backed grand plan in a few months time. ZIONISTAS downed a Malaysian Airline by the UKRAINIAN Zionista to fix the blame on Russia are all future conflict dramas which is unfolding before our very eyes.

          Mahinda the Gobbasena might have thought that he is in the right coaliation to save his ass from War Crimes by openly supporting the Zionistas through his back-Lick Sinhala Only Mafiosis. Zionistas are heading for a disastrous WWIII by destroying remaining Arab lands and expanding the ZION and grabbing the OIL reserves. Its is then the Gobbastan leader Mahinda (backed by the yellow robed sick fellas) will realize to what kind of shit that they have got into.

          By that time, Colombo might be burning with Nuclear bombs sent by the Russian/Chinese coalition. Its God sent plan that his Mass Murderer Bro., Gobbasena Gotabhaya trying to do a JOZEF STALIN by sending off all the minorities from Colombo and then establish a pure Sinhala Only Gobba City as dreamed by the JHU (excema inested dogs) of the Sinhala Only Piggy project.

          Let the world know that in the history of mankind MAHINDA RAJAPAKSE is one of those stupid swines who has lent his hand in the destruction of the Humans in vast numbers through his own power hungry and then due to the fear of saving himself from the wrath of the ZIONISTAS for his past killings of humanity on the altar of HRC Tribunals.

          In whichever way, Gobbastan Mahinda is on the losing side.

          Just watch the video (I accidentally found very prophetic) for more info:

          Role Of Russia & China In Changing The World Order By Sheikh Imran Hosein

          Sheikh Imran Hosein 2014 Islam, Russia, Ukraine and Alliance with Rum Rome

          Putin talks NSA, Syria, Iran, drones in exclusive RT interview (FULL VIDEO)

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      Vishwamithra1984 –

      RE: Despite Blatant Lies By The Regime; Why People Still Choose To Elect Them?

      Lets see. The Sinhala “Buddhists” lie.

      1. The President lies.

      2. The Ministers, the Elected Representatives , and administrators Lie.

      3. The monks lie.

      4 The police lies.

      5. The Shills and the Shill editors lie.

      6. Mink Mahanama of Mahawansa Fame -Notariety Lies, and is followed by Sinhala “Buddhists”.

      7. So, the People, the Sinhala “Buddhists: are conditioned to accept lies.

      8. Lanka, The ;and of Native Veddah, is turned into the Land of lies. It is noe known as Boru-Deepaya, Pacha-Deepaya or lying Island. See what the Paras have done.

      The Above points, 1 to 8 is called Sinhala “Buddhist” Culture.

      Did Buddha teach to Lie?

      The Fourth Buddhist Precept
      The Practice of Truthfulness


      The Fourth Buddhist Precept is written in the Pali Canon as Musavada veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami, which usually is translated “I undertake the precept to refrain from incorrect speech.”

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    Vishwamithra1984 writes:

    “Exaggerations of the truth are quite common in any human endeavor. When exaggerations are driven into fully-blown falsehoods, they tend to master the individual or society that willingly accepts the fallacy of falsehood as truth.”

    The problem is when the leadership begin to believe in its own spin.

    For example Mahinda and Gota believe they alone defeated the all “powerful” LTTE.

    VP believed he had the ability to foresee 50 years ahead of any other human being. Also he believed he won the 4th largest army in the world and probably he would have demanded his commanders addressed him as Field Marshal, Five star general of the air force, First lord of the sea, ….. all at the same time, …

    “The responsibility and duty of the Opposition is to educate and inform the voting public with vigor and strength.”

    However they entertain well.

    “Despite Blatant Lies By The Regime; Why People Still Choose To Elect Them?”

    People vote for the liars precisely for their lies.

    However the politicians also need to promise how they would deal with minorities. More racism assures more votes. Mahinda is still popular not because everything in this island is hunky dory but because he killed, won, subjugated, … Tamils and has along with his brother promised to deliver an exclusive Sinhala/Buddhist countryone nation (ghetto)for the Sinhala/Buddhists.

    Now together with saffron clad thugs, Gota is on his way to kill, win, subjugate the Muslims. Hoiya! Hoiya! rejoice! rejoice! …………..

    More often than not the Sinhala/Buddhists vote for the most racist leaders with anti minority policies and happy to hear how their leaders put down those who demanded equitable treatment.

    People should be taught to make informed choices.

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    One lie sets of a chain of lies. Multiple lies create a web of lies, which ultimately are difficult to untangle and with time become the accepted truth. Sri Lanka is in such an unfortunate trap. What is built on lies cannot withstand the test of time. It erodes the foundations of a nation. It makes a nation delusional and hypocritical.

    Sri Lanka is at a stage where hypocrisy has supplanted democracy. We are becoming a nation of pretenders, where Dhamma/Dharma has bolted through the backdoor.

    Sad and unfortunate, but true.

    The people know and sense there is something seriously wrong with our country, but are trapped in a sophisticated web of lies from which escape is difficult.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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    I beg to differ with the title, why people keep selecting a regime which keep telling blatant lies. I would rather say it “THEY GET ELECTED THEMSELVES”.I am sure everyone remembers how our Elections Commissioner came out of hiding after the Presidential Election and said about the famous “ATHATHIYA” story. He was virtually under house arrest arranged by GOTA the goat during the count and came out only to announce the winner, which was a bygone conclusion.

    All these provincial council elections are only an eye wash to placate the local audience and the international media to show that the people are behind this murderous regime. Just imagine, if that was the case during the Presidential election,now with the 18th AMENDMENT WITH POLICE,ELECTION COMMISSIONER,JUDICIARY ALL IN THE POCKET OF MURDEROUS MARA AND GOTA, what could you expect, a free and fair election. It is only a day dream.

    In my opinion, sending MARA and GOTA home by way of elections is a day dream, they will do all the tricks and pranks under the sun to win at any cost,as they can’t even think of a day without being in power for the amount of death and carnage and economic ills they have inflicted on the masses, that they will be treated even worse than Saddam,Marcos and Ghaddafi. That is the fact. It is only a popular uprising by the masses that can send these Murderous MARA REGIME back to their rightful places.

    • 3

      I agree with Ansar that it is very difficult to send MARA and GOTA through elections. They have got all the powers and they have got all the big men under their control. They have got the big neighbor (India) under their control. Some may ask if the elections are fraud, how come TNA won the elections in the North. It is simple that they don’t need North to come to power and it is the best way to prove the elections are genuine.

      • 0

        When opposition win with landslide then MaRa’s gilmart cannot cope with it and loose. If TNA wins 80% of vote even with MaRas gilmart TNA results show 70%.

        But in south if Opposition get 55% vote when MaRas gilmart adds up opposition goes down to 45% and Mara get 55% and wins.

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    The comments here alone is enough to say the least – Elections are to
    be things of the past.

    There is going to be Regime change of a different sort – MR has
    to be credited with a hidden plan. He has Army camps in 26 Districts
    and can “arrange” for a Coup when suitable, with CJ will be ruling that under the prevailing threat to Sovereignty by UN and IC the current National Leaders will continue until the Army releases its grip – like accepted in some other Countries. MR has had tuition from Burma in his May 2009 visit? Racial controls are in place like in Burma even with a CW Chairmanship. Thanks to Sharma.

    MRs friend ex CJ S.Silva has been probably told to release his interpretation of MR not doing the 3rd round – pre drama of the Coup scene in making? The single-issue candidates lying low for good reason.

    The active Army Officers posted under MEA have been given a luxurious rest and are kept to be summoned to manage the “Coup” in the next stage of “Governance”. They have Files connected to war-crimes. Sanctions are nothing to the Royal family. All Dayan/Rajiva types will be paid Consultant fees to keep silent and manage propaganda. Media will be under strict Army censorship. Supporting media will be financed by
    selected State advertisements so that they dont close down – all democratic!

    The Sinhala intellectuals in the Legal/Medical/Health sectors will just hang out, as now. Some taking wings reading this “insight” is one possibility. Anti MR TU Leaders will all be bought-over with hidden unlimited Chinese funds. Henchmen and cohorts will happily continue for a decade at least. All politicians making a noise (say Mangala?) will be taken-in under the PTA by the Dist.camps for long-term questioning. NP is already under Chandrasiri & Douglas – successful as a trial.

    If this fertile imagination is good – will it come into play? Lets wait and see. CT will go on even under ANY Dictator is my hope.

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    Is vishwamithra the Avathar of TG ?

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    “Exaggerations of the truth are quite common in any human endeavor.”
    Calling a spade “Spade” is what one says as telling truth. Trying to show JR as a statesman or great leader is also comes under telling truth?

    “That is why they elected JR Jayewardene with such a huge majority.” Ohh ..Really? Amazing!

    What is the message here? JR is the only one ever came with huge Majority? Or Sinhala Buddhists were not “Mahavamsa Modayas” when they elected JR, but they were when they elected Sirimavo and the King? Isn’t JR constitution is the only problem in this Guy’s mind? (The bad part of the 18 amendment has not brought anybody for the third term. Every damage done to the country, so far, is done only with JR’s constitution.)Then why this guy is trying to save JR? JR created a dictator constitution; he amended it 16 times. And he created Law and Order-less country with that. 1 Million Tamils left the country. That was considered as JR achievement. King adopted that and killed one millions Tamils. That is King’s achievement. What is the problem for Vishwamithra on that? Can Vishwamithra explain what happened in 1983 July and why a million peoples left the country and the Westerns countries started accept them as refugees in their own land? So far no Sinhalese has started to leave the country. So, why Vishwamithra showing JR as great and King as low? I think, what is behind this guy’s new preaching is nothing other than the usual dirty little politics. What is he trying to tell is “Tamils are gone, we don’t need the King anymore and we don’t want the Christian too. Let’s find out one ‘Sinhala Buddhist’ like JR”. What is he talking about courage? Why did he not explain what is wrong on Ranil when he supported dismissal of CJ Shirani, explaining as the Parliament has that power to do that, so the foreign countries should not try to block that dismissal? Did Vishwamithra write anything when Amirthalingam, the opposition party leader, was dismissed by JR? This man Vishwamithra is much more opportunistic politician than the King or his team. What Vishwamithra is trying do is because the people (“Mahavamsa Modaya”) are going to vote for the King and bring him back, so want to be ahead of the game and fool those “Mahavamsa Modayas” and turn to his side. Why the SLPFers don’t have courage like JR and call this propagandist liar a liar?

    An honest politician will tell that DS is not Nation’s father. He set up the anti-democratic action of disenfranchising the Tamils and destroyed the country by forcing to vote on wrong objects rather than for the essential like the peoples’ welfare and protections, education, jobs, land, Law and Order and so on. An honest politician will call JR a nasty dictator who sent 1 million to West to create an anti-Lanka force and brought in the worst constitution, to Lanka, in the earth’s history. This guy has too much courage to dismiss Ranil’s 17th Amendment and praising the JR’s dictator constitution. Every rogue writer like this guy is fooling the “Mahavamsa Modayas” to carry their yoke and blaming other one as the one doing it.

    I challenge Vishwamithra before he blame Ranil, if he have courage, tell the truth why Ranil did not oppose the dismissal of CJ? If he has courage, write why Ranil did not vote against the bill censuring International Inquiry? Then if he come back and blame Ranil, we appreciate his writing. I ask you Mr. Vishwamithra, if you have courage, tell the Sinhala Buddhist the truth that the Tamils are not terrorist, Tamils’ Northern Province has been the only province winning ‘low crime’ award from the time police department started to give it out until the 1970s. If you have courage, tell the Sinhala Buddhist that Tamils are not terrorists, they are asking only their freedom, because liars like you have been using the Sinhala Buddhist to oppress them for your own advantage. If you have courage, write a sentence in your article, “The King did not win the war. It is still going on. All what he did was genocide and war crimes, that is why the International Investigation has started”. If you have the courage to write the truth that no war has been won by the King, instead he is caught in the International Investigation, any fool will vote against him. Then coward like you need not to advertise Ranil’s cowardice. Be aware, when you point a finger on Ranil, three are falling on your direction.

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