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Disgraceful, Shameful, Deplorable Though Acceptable To Gamaralas

By Suranimala Umagiliya

It is clear as daylight that Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family members nor Maithripala Sirisena should ever be elected to political office again.

NEVER EVER. What was dished out for the wide world to witness was proof enough. Any nation that has an iota of shame should hound these thugs out of office NOW. Party politics nor partisan feelings towards race or religion should not influence the decision that has to be made by the people of Sri Lanka, if they are to be respected as a civic conscious nation.

The behaviour of these thugs masquerading as peoples representatives brought shame upon a nation that was doing it’s best to repair an image which was dented through several bouts of civic unrest only to be put down by military force. The point to be made is not about the armed forces being able to eliminate the core and the peripheral elements that created unrest but that Sri Lankans who wear their Buddhism proudly displayed for all and sundry to witness could also descend to a level of violence that is unimaginable according to Buddhist scriptures. Sri Lankans have kneaded and massaged Buddhism to suit themselves. The practice is no longer what Buddha preached. Honestly not.

Browse through the widely watched footage of the parliamentary proceedings of the last two sittings. Do watch also what the learned Professor G.L Peiris said in 2015 and what he stands for now. Can he ever be tolerated in parliament? If a learned man such as G.L. Peiris can descend to such low levels, be a chameleon, simply to be in power, have we not descended to such depths to let him continue to be a public representative?

Several members supporting Mahinda Rajapaksa were seen disrupting proceedings by resorting to thuggery. One such thug sat on the Speakers chair whilst two others were seen to be yanking the microphones from the Speakers table. Another poured some liquid on the Speaker’s seat. Some threw chilli powder and the Minister of Christian Affairs and Trade threw a Bible. The damage caused by these acts of vandalism has to be paid for by the people who sent them to parliament. Where is the sense of outrage by the people? One UNP member wielded a dinner knife, probably smuggled in from the canteen. Is this the example to follow or are we barbarians by nature? Why are the people not agitating to get rid of them? Mahanayakes and the Cardinal have kept mum. Shame, shame.

The Speaker was escorted to the chambers by a posse of policemen. Prasanna Ranaweera, Member of parliament supporting Mahinda Rajapaksa slapped a policeman in plain sight of Mahinda. Some threw chilli powder into the eyes of the policemen. The pseudo thugs would not dare touch a policeman outside of parliament lest they be taught a good lesson.All the while Mahinda sat looking on. Why not? They were resorting to thuggery to keep him in office.

If this is but a preview, one would shudder to think of Mahinda back in power. He would arrive with a vengeance, roll up the electoral map, change the Constitution, put Maithripala in jail and groom his pet son Namal to take over.

The less said of Maithripala Sirisena the better. No need to waste powder on him. As stated above, we are collectively a foolish bunch of people. Political parties thrust rogues and loud mouths upon us and we elect them. In time they become bigger rogues and criminals and we return them with a larger majority. Good Buddhists/Christians, are we? Can we not simply mark a cross on a ballot paper using common sense?

Sri Lanka has become ungovernable. It has reached these deplorable levels over a period of time. Mahinda Rajapaksa has fast forwarded it. Mahinda’s rise is propelled by a section of the media not for the love of him but for the hatred towards Ranil. They are collectively guilty of bringing Sri Lanka to her knees.

Not even Buddha can save it now.

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