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Doctor Admits Having Sex With Prostitutes While Health Minister Rajitha Was Undergoing Bypass

While the entire nation is paralyzed with grief and loss in the aftermath of the Easter Sunday bombings and Anti-Muslim violence, the Medical Administrators and the officials of the Ministry of Health are expressing their consternation over a leaked telephone conversation revealing that a stooge of the Minister of Health Rajitha Senaratne admitting to having sex with a prostitute in Singapore. The ex-acolyte of the Minister flew to Singapore to ‘mark present’ when the Minister underwent a bypass surgery for heart disease.

Minister Senaratne

In this leaked conversation, Dr Susitha Senaratne refers to Ujith Anuradha, a local provincial council politician and the trip he took with him to Singapore when Rajitha Senarante travelled to Singapore for his bypass surgery.

“Sujatha (Minister’s wife) was organizing a Bodhi puja for the Minister. But he (Ujith Anuradha) and I slept with a prostitute and had some fun (“badwuak gahala aathal ekak gaththa”).

Susitha Senaratne

Further Susitha Senarante in this conversation with a ministry official (whose name Colombo Telegraph has withheld), is pumping information about the security threats to the Minister and his whereabouts. He is also pumping for information about the Minister’s political position and the allegiance to the UNP. He also finds fault with the security personnel of the Minister for tightening security calling an officer called Mahesh a stooge (gotta) of Dr Sujatha Senaratne. He sporadically refers to Dr Upul Gunasekera , the Public Relations Officer of the Minister as a “low caste dog (sakkili balla)”.

In this leaked conversation Susitha Senaratne states “I am managing the minister remotely. If I am seen near the Minister, that women – Sujatha (Senaratne ) will get to know. Minister has also told me to communicate via text. He has told Ujith Anuradha that he will soon fix me somewhere and do justice by me”.

Listen to the audio evidence of the conversation below which was recorded three days before :

AUDIO- Susitha Senaratne's recording

Dr Susitha Senaratne and his wife Dr Ancy Senaratne formerly acolytes of Rajitha Senaratne have been implicated in a financial fraud of over 17 million rupees where Senaratne deposited millions to his wife’s personal account via a fraudulent project in the Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital (SJGH). This fraud is currently under investigation by the Special Presidential Commission on Corruption as well as the FCID. Susitha Senaratne was illegally ‘appointed’ as Director SJGH by Rajitha Senaratne in 2015 and he illegally occupied his quasi position for nearly four years. Following the allegations of massive fraud by Susitha Senaratne, Rajitha Senaratne instructed Secretary Ministry of Health to transfer Susitha Senaratne back to Lady Ridgeway Hospital as a medical officer. Susitha Senaratne has reported to duty, but not reporting to work, it is reliably reported.

A source from Lady Ridgeway Hospital commenting to Colombo Telegraph stated “having sex with a prostitute is a clear violation of the E Code, and the ethics of our profession. Susitha Senaratne is admitting to this act in no uncertain terms. Ever since his disgraceful dismissal, Susitha Senaratne has been sniffing around the Minister and he Ministry trying to sneak back into the minister’s fold. He is calling up Medical Administrators and Minister’s aids to spy on the whereabouts of the minister to arrange to ‘bump in’ to the Minister. This is actually a security threat to the Minister and to other officials. He is a security threat and a moral threat to the Ministry”.

“Lady Ridgeway Hospital is a place where children come for treatment accompanied mainly by their mothers. Susitha Senaratne is a medical officer in the Radiology Department where children especially adolescent girls take their clothes off for scans and X Rays. As a doctor he will be touching patients. Female guardians of the children will also have encounters with Susitha Senaratne. Patients who are girls, female guardians of all children are vulnerable to sexual abuse by this doctor who sleeps with a prostitute and boasts about it. He is a threat to patients, mothers and even female workers at the LRH,” another Doctor who has listened to the recorded conversation told Colombo Telegraph.

Our source further stated, “Susitha Senaratne is running from pillar to post in the Ministry of Sports and other lucrative Ministries and Departments to find another place to loot public money. It is extremely spineless of the administrators of LRH to not report this medical officer’s absence. The minister created this scammer. Therefore the minister should also take action against his violations”.

A Medical Administrator commenting to Colombo Telegraph on the condition of anonymity for obvious reasons stated ”what are the lame useless administrators of LRH doing? We are eagerly waiting to see what actions will be taken against this rogue Susitha Senaratne who has violated several E Code regulations, ethics of the medical profession as evident by this leaked conversation. Isn’t it funny that this corrupt, unethical person was Rajitha Senaratne’s appointee to the Sri Lanka Medical Council in 2015?”

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