27 May, 2022


Don’t Abolish The Presidency, Just Change It Stupid!

By Sujata Gamage –

Dr. Sujata Gamage

Dr. Sujata Gamage

Mr. Maithripala Sirisena’s appearance as the common candidate opposing the incumbent president has thrown the Sri Lankan political scene into whirl.

Unfortunately, all we hear from the opposition is that they are going to abolish the presidency, but, exactly how are they going to do? As articulated recently, will the common candidate have the support of the two third of the MPs in the parliament for a constitutional change? Even if he did, is he going to step down in 100 days and hand over the reigns to Ranil or whoever?  If a stepping down took place, that would be bizarre. We vote for somebody and somebody else sneaks in?

Whatever discussions that have been going on, it is time for the opposition coalition to come together and talk some sense. Change the agenda through an open discussion. If I had a chance, my topic for discussion would be not keep the presidency and change the constitution to make the president more accountable?

MaitreMy wish list is short;

1. All elections including the presidential election will be held on a set day each year, mandated in the constitution. Presidential election every six year, parliament, provincial councils and local government every four to five years on the same day. The president cannot call elections at his whim.

2. Nobody can campaign while holding office. They have to handover reigns during political campaigns. For example, we should have had an acting president from yesterday when the president decided to run..

3. President is mandated to appoint the all the required commissions and councils within a stipulated period. If the parliament cannot make up its mind, he/she can appoint his own.

Anybody listening?

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    Lost the interest in reading the content once I read the title… Media freedom doesn’t equal to senseless reporting!

  • 4

    What is this? Journalism for children? Yes, let’s let one man appoint the heads of all commissions that are supposed to keep him and the government in check.

    Have you even heard of accountability, [Edited out]

  • 11

    When a stupid call others stupid, everything get very complicated… This phenomena very common in SL…

  • 1

    This sudden election was to confuse the opposition.

    That is what the governing camp exactly expected.

    Over the weeks certain issues will be cleared.

  • 0

    Good point raised by the writer.

    Opposition saying they will abolish the executive presidency and bringing in new constitution. How are they gonna do it?
    Maithree become president abolish presidency, ranil become PM and everything will be good. I mean is our opposition that ignorant.

    There is no question we need to get rid of MR and rajapakse clan, at the same time we need to be sensible.

    1. We cannot bring a new constitution now. make amendments to the current constitution. Bring the 19th Amendment, reduce the president’s unnecessary powers and keep the current constitution.

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    I agree. Do not throw the baby with the bath water into which the baby has urinated and defecated! Wash the baby well with soap and water, dry he/her well, apply body lotion and talcum powder, and there after dress in fresh clothes. Re-design the executive presidency within a well designed , balanced and visionary constitution. Ensure also that persons of calibre, culture and wisdom are elected to poltical office. They should be throughly investigated before being sworn into office. Let us have fewer politicians, but substantially of a better quality. Politicians should be philosophers also to some degree.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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    Readers need to know who this author is who now is trying openly to suck up to Mahinda Rajapaksa. The author’s dad was an ex UNP MP who terrorized the Agalawatta area and her uncle(dad’s brother) was another ex UNP MP who terrorized the Kekirawa area. Now, she is licking the bones thrown away by the Rajapaksas for unknown reasons.

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