28 October, 2021


“Don’t Ask Me: Ask Gota” – Fonseka Tells CID About Keith Noyahr Abduction

Former Army Commander Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka who was questioned by CID today over the abduction of Keith Noyahr said all attacks on media and white van abductions in Colombo were handled by a special group operated under Maj. Gen. (rtd) Kapila Hendawitharana and former Defence Ministry Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa.


Fonseka, in his four hour statement to the CID today, had said, at the time Noyahr was abducted his sole focus was on military operations in conflict areas, and intelligence operations and surveillance in other parts of the country were conducted under the direct supervision of Rajapaksa.

Such activities, Fonseka had said, had no direct connection with developments in the war zone.

The former Army Commander had said him and Rajapaksa handled two different aspects of the defence machinery at the time, and their boundaries were clearly demarcated.

While denying any knowledge of Noyahr’s abduction or other attacks on media, Fonseka had said the only two people who knew about them were Hendawitharana and Rajapaksa.Hendawitharana, a former military intelligence chief, was a key cog in the country’s defence machinery under the Rajapaksa administration.

Noyahr was abducted just weeks after he wrote a fiercely critical article on Sarath Fonseka’s conduct as the Army Commander. Tortured by the abductors overnight, Noyahr was later brought to Dehiwala, following a high-level intervention by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. However, when CID asked about his involvement in the matter recently, Rajapaksa said he could not remember any such development.

Meanwhile, making a speech in Parliament on the matter in 2009, former MP Joseph Michael Perera revealed the attacks on media, including the one on Noyahr, had been carried out by a group operating directly under Sarath Fonseka.

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  • 26

    I thought he commanded the entire army throughout Sri Lanka.
    Now it seems bits and pieces for his convenience.
    What a country.

  • 12

    HEre former Army Commander doe snot behave like an Army commander. when it comes to war, even though he was in singapore hospital, he was the commander. when it comes to other things he says ask Gota. He is out of touch with he himself. He contradicts himself.

  • 7

    In related news Gota wants more security. LOL

    “Prof. Peiris said that they were concerned about the safety and security of both President Sirisena and Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. Pointing out that Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, himself, had sought additional security on the grounds that he was likely to be targeted on his way to court, Prof. Peiris questioned how Field Marshal Fonseka could rule out improved security to Gotabhaya Rajapaksa when PM Wickremesinghe assured Parliament otherwise.”

    Remember the people that were targeted on their way to work? These people were no accused criminals they did not have to visit the courts. Lasantha, Rajavir, Maheswaran were all on their way to work.

  • 12

    Fonny! You were thick as thieves those days with chaps who were booted out. Your character is that of a viper, hot tempered and quick attack on your enemy without much thinking. The journalist Noyahr wrote about you and in no time he was kidnapped. The action is consistent with your general behavior. Now, for the first time, you are pointing a finger at the fellow “Ambalangodian”, KH (Kapila Hendawitharana) on this attack. It is an open secret that Sri Lanka was a military state before Jan 8, 2015. (Unfortunately it was converted to a Police State after that and not a state of rule of law). Hence every military big wig had his own goon squad and that includes YOU! Fonny! while KH may have had his own squad. Fonny! You can’t escape the fact that you are a prime suspect and that is why many in opposition those days (now in government cohabiting with you) accused you of the deed.

  • 6

    Forget differences for the sake of the country.

    People know all of you’re culprits. When a perfect alternative is found, masses will leave you.

  • 6

    the million dollar question(or billion rupee question)is why just after writing that article criticising fonseka was keith Noyahar abducted.Is gota so fond of fonseka to do it because he got angry that a buddy of his,a former ananda schoolmate has been so vilely criticised in the media.

    Shall we ask what keith noyahar thinks?After all give some respect to the victim’s opinions too.

  • 14

    All is becoming clear that Gotabaya had the mastermind if anyone woudl have been abducted or subjected to extrajuidicial killings.

    SF is right saying that he could not see what is going on there in Colombo and suburbs from his perfromance a well disiplined person but being bound to the country, he never left the country for greener pastures as was the case with GOTLER right ?
    So, who on the earth would ever agree with anyone that make every effort to hand all the brutal incidents on him. Instead, we got to know even after the war is no longer there, there was one Wanatha mulle Sunil – a middle age man was abducted by a white vanner but got free, after few ours. The incident revealed a lot about the hidden brutal barbaric fantasies of Rajapkshe sibling. Not just that 23 prisoners were murdered as no other political leader did in developing south asian regirion. No that many fleed the country for safer destinations in other eras as is the case in the high days of Rajakshe:
    Rathupaswala protesters begged for clean water which is the cheapest food stuff were hurt by army bullets by having killed few youths and injuring oligo numbers as I remember right.
    And and people s agony was at its height towards the end of 2014. Not many would agree with them.
    Alone their thugish nature practised on fact finding missions paid to Hambantota HARBOUR.. were brutally assaulted by their underground men. Those men are still scot free but nothing seem to have been exercised on them. should be changed if people to be taught a lession.
    All was the case with direct involvment of Gotabaya Rajakshes… Gotabaya would DRINK the blood of SRILANKENS for all three times as a real blood sucker would do. So, authorities should slowly come to a final decision that the bugger did all these deliberately.

  • 2

    Dr Ranil appointed his Field Marshall Ponseka as the Minister of Justice & Police.
    My3 Sira stopped Ponseka.
    Just imagine if Ponny became the Minister Police.
    Ponny would have bumped off both Sira & Gota without having to hire Nalaka Silva to give the contract to Madushka.
    You guys know what I mean .. Don’t you….

    • 7

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “Dr Ranil appointed his Field Marshall Ponseka as the Minister of Justice & Police.
      My3 Sira stopped Ponseka.”

      Are you hallucinating?
      Sirisena stopped the appointment of the lonely Field Marshall because your war hero Fonseka would have caught him by his b***s dragged him to Kalyani river nad dumped him there.

      The public racist Fonseka wowed on the eve of 2010 presidential elections if he won he would drag the clan and cronies all the way to Galle Face Green. Don’t ask me what he was going to do to Mahinda’s clan, his cronies and his b***s carriers. You should count yourself lucky.

      He was your hero just before he crossed sword with Dr Go.
      By the way where is Dr Go’s shark?

      • 0

        Dear Native,

        You don’t have a Dua,l I guess.
        But ,Didn’t you mates vote for Ponseka in 2010.. And nearly rolled the Old King. as Mally calls him..

        Ponny is no Silly . He raked in big time although he couldn’t Win.
        Now he is raking in even more thanks to Dr Ranil.

        Ponny licked Sira first to get the Gig, Then he got too smart. Now he thinks he is smarter….
        I like to see our War Heroes getting hold of the B****** after the next Election..

        • 3

          KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

          “You don’t have a Dua,l I guess.”

          I am a Sri Lankan citizen (whatever that maybe).

          “Now he thinks he is smarter….”

          Those who believe they are smarter and act with ego and stupidity should realise that is the end of their glorious days. Just after the end of the war just before he committed himself contesting Presidential elections in 2010 weren’t you praising this public racist and a confused war criminal in DBS Jeyaraj’s website?

    • 2

      No we really don’t know what you mean but will take your word for it. You have been walking behind Gota for long and kissed enough a**es you should have picked some pointers of bumping people off.

      • 2


        If I am not mistaken, KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera is the man who carries Mahinda’s b***s from the front, unlike the queen’s footman or footboy.
        However, he will switch his loyalty if Dr Go (without his shark) offered him the same job with same perks. He has been shifting his bum and loyalty towards Dr Go since Dr Go indicated his desire to run this island with iron fist for the rest of his life, liken to Hitler by Mahasangha.

        I wish KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera well.

  • 0

    Political is not easy to learn and understand by man who know about GUN Point ….politics
    So many Idolizes lumpens an Island there are in many session of political process in Parliament and outside playing politics of Lumpen interest.
    That dangerous trend of contempeory politics has been recruited by UNP leadership in party rank and file as well as Party highest leadership.

  • 1

    We had a war and the war had war crimes that require investigation due to
    complains ! Now , Mahinda won the election in 2010 on war victory trumpet !
    Fonseka failed in his bid to win on the same ground ! Fonseka miserably failed
    to convince people that it was he who led the war to victory . In a real world ,
    it is the head of state who decides to go to war and stop it if needed. It was
    childish and foolish to stand as a candidate against the head of state on the same
    claim and it was ludicrous for a party like U N P to stand behind such a claim .
    And U S A for some reason , refused visa to S F recently but Gota is free to travel
    without any issue ! It may even be possible that Gota and S F both try to save each
    other by passing the ball to the enemy’s court and making investigations a torment !
    The politics that has played with the people for generations would keep on forging
    new escape routes with changing times . Is it for nothing that a govt is armed and its
    people are not ?

  • 0

    Anuruddha Ratwatte, a Volunteer Force “General” was awarded ‘Five Star’ status by CBK and, even rode a horse to view the troops, like British Generals of old vintage.

    Sarath Fonseka got his “Five Stars” after three years of imprisonment – sentenced by the very same army he commanded, for corruption.

    No ‘Five Star’ general status was given to any such persons in any country.

    Sarath Fonseka presided over torture & murder by the intelligence arm of the army he commanded, including killings of journalists who wrote the truth, among others.
    Now he is trying to foist blame on others.

  • 0

    Former Army Commander Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka who was questioned by CID today over the abduction of Keith Noyahr said all attacks on media and white van abductions in Colombo. He is supposed to have told the CID, “Don’t Ask Me: Ask Gota”. What he really meant was, “What did Gota tell you?”

    • 1

      K.Pillai, You didn’t read back your comment before you updated it, did you. Slow down. You are letting yourself down badly!

      • 0

        Thappu: I should have said “………abductions were in Colombo”
        The last sentence was type with my tongue in my cheek.

  • 1

    can you guys jot down the wars that were fought and presently fought without war crimes, please?

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