6 July, 2022


Dr Shafi – Victim Of Professional Jealousy & Racism Of Medical Professionals

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Dr Mohamed Shafi of Kurunegala Teaching Hospital who was taken to custody in the wake of the Easter Sunday massacre and was detained for 47 days for questioning before he was released says “he was a victim of professional jealousy and shameful racism among medical professionals”.

Speaking to me about his sufferings he said “the first five days in the custody were extremely difficult. He was confused and did not know what was going on, but later the condition began to improve as the CID started to realize the charges against him were false and there was no evidence against him “.

“The main purpose of this conspiracy is to destroy me and demonize my community as the shameful media did as planned in advance, as part of the conspiracy against Muslim community”, said Dr Shafi.

According to him the country needs to know the truth and the true face of evil forces destroying communal harmony for personal benefits. Therefore, he plans to organize a press conference shortly to expose all those involved and the damage caused to him, his family and the community as a whole. He considers “all those involved in this conspiracy as threat to communal harmony and need to be exposed in the larger interest of the country”.

Born into a middle-class family which firmly believes in education and serve people, Dr Shafi, passed out from Jayewardenepura University in 2003 and joined Kurunegala Teaching Hospital in 2004. In keeping with his family and religious values he chose medicine with the intention of serving people.

Dr. Shafi

His elder sister and brother in law are doctors. His brother is doing management accountant. He married a junior in the medical profession, Imara Nazeer, who worked in the same hospital.

Hand in hand he was involved in social service to help the education of poor in and around the area. This included Rs 100,000 scholarships and most benefitted were relatives of his Sinhalese employees.

As part of this he joined Athugalpura Science Development Academy project and produced more than 30 medical students per annum. As patron of many social service organization he used to advise and help them a great deal.

He did everything with his income. He loved his profession as a noble one and in his work at gynecological and obstetrics department he tried help as many poor people as possible.

All these activities won the hearts and minds of especially Sinhalese who loved him as he helped all alike without racial, religious or any other prejudice.

This caused jealousy among his colleagues in the medical profession. This was the reason why some doctors conspired against him. In this regard he vehemently accused and condemned the role of Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) which he described as a racist mafia spearheaded the campaign against him.

According to him the GMOA reported to have spent around Rs 750,000 to cover up and protect a non-Muslim doctor who was involved in the incident of giving an injection following which a child died. However, GMOA never came forward to help him only because he was a Muslim. Instead GMOA openly played a prominent role in the campaign to destroy his image with lies and deception.

He accused Professor Channa Jayasumana, Director Wirabandra, Deputy Director Chandana Kaendangamuwa, GMOA Kurunegala branch secretary, of openly working against him. They even held a media conference and asked people to complain against him.

He accused GMOA of even pressuring doctors not to support him in any way. One lady doctor was almost threatened by GMOA not to support him.

False allegations against him were a very well-planned conspiracy to harm him. In this regard he also accused Parliamentarians Wimal Weerawansa and Udaya Gammanpila of playing a lead role in this conspiracy only because he was a Muslims and liked by all alike.

As part of this conspiracy even before he was arrested plotters started spreading the rumor that he was about to be arrested. As stated, two policemen came and took him for questioning though there was no complain at all from anyone.

He was kept under police custody and wanted to send him to Kegalle prison. When he asked why, he was told that he was under detention order for three months. However, there was no specific allegation.

They told him not to ask any question and also didn’t allow anyone to visit him. On May 25th he was brought to CID fourth floor Gang Robbery Branch in Colombo where he was subjected to intensive investigation.

It was very tough at the beginning and the CID insisted on me telling the truth assuring that they would protect me if someone tries to create problem. All allegations were later disproved.

He said CID officials were good and once they begin to realize that all allegations against him were false they were lenient. He spent 47 days in custody and slept on a rubber mat without a pillow. He could not sleep without pillow. So filled a water bottle and kept it as pillow to sleep .He found the situation extremely difficult besides mental torture.

The situation was unbearable and he could not believe that he was passing through this ordeal for no fault of him. In fact even nurses were very angry and upset about his plight. Seventy Sinhalese nurses gave strong evidence in sport of him to CID.

All allegations, including allegation of possessing wealth, proved lies and he was confident that truth will triumph. While he was in custody his wife passed through her worst period in life as she could not even go on shopping. Everyone looked at her with suspicion.

Meanwhile he paid tribute to Senior DIG Director Shane Abeyratne and ASP Tesserae for being impartial and doing an excellent job.  

Judging from his experience he conclude that there is future for this country as average Sinhalese wanted to live in peace and with the racists who are dividing communities to the detriment of all and destroying the country. They were causing all the unrest in the country.

While accusing GMOA of being totally corrupt, he said that it is time steps are taken to restore the dignity of the noble medical profession.

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Latest comments

  • 18

    Did you hear what Ali Sabri – the PC in GOTA’S camp said : “This accusation against Dr. Safi was a “Fabrication” engineered by the “Pohottuwa” camp. In this instance, I tend to believe PC Ali Sabri; because he is a very close “Associate” of the Presidential nominee of “Pohottuwa”. This “INFORMATION” would have been unearthed by this Lawyer after establishing such close association and even going to the extent of addressing his community members in support of “Gota’s” candidacy. See where the others who would have “masterminded” this story are hibernating. All among them are “Rev” Ratna, Wimal Weerawanse; Gammanpila hibernating in SLPP – the “Pohottu” party. And where was the “Chief” of the suicide squad, “Saharan”? He was attached to the “Intelligence Outfit” maintained by Gotbaya Rajapakse and was a “PAID ASSOCIATE” of “GOTA”. What more to unearth, than these naked “TRUTHS.”

    • 6


      You should join the CID, the DMI or some other intelligence apparatus. You seem to be a genius who has uncovered some stuff other folks can only dream of. LOL.

      Your time here at ColomboTelegraph is wasted.

      • 2

        @Rtd. Lt. Since you are retired, your senses may have diminished to the lowest level. As such, even the farts from Phottuwa Leaders would be felt like fragrance to you. Keep enjoying the farts and filth of pohottuwa like a true slave.

        Maco Polo

    • 8


      Go with the facts and the truths.

      Tell every Muslim to vote for either Sajith or Anura . Gota coming to power will only reward those racists who were behind the Dr. Shafi accusation infamy.

      Ask the Muslims to ignite the Vichy Quisling Ali Sabri, if they have any common sense and intelligence.

  • 3

    Latheef Farook

    This a fabrication to whitewash & to regain the lost dignity of a doctor named Shafi & the Muslim community as a whole.

    It was some women (about 1000) came forward to complain on the DOUBT that they had become barren as the result of Dr. Shafis being their doctor during their stay in the hospital for deliveries.

    Latheef Farook, do you mean to say that anybody is able to create such a strong doubt about a doctor with an evil intention in the minds of women.

    Why should a doctor become a doubtful person in that capacity?

    What people still believe is that there can’t be smoke without fire.

    The Easter Sunday attack has proven beyond any doubt that there’re destructive extremist elements among the Sri Lankan Muslim community & the exceptional thing is that the suicide attacker was an educated person.

    Non-Muslims care for Muslims, they love them but are not ready to tolerate their religion inspired anti-social behavior in the motherland.

    • 4

      Real Vahalek,

      “What people still believe is that there can’t be smoke without fire”

      When people like you are ready to believe “fire without oxygen”, that is easy for you

    • 0

      Idiot, Easter Sunday attacked was carried out Zionist and their stooge USA to implicate Muslims who does not bend to suck like you all do. Their aim is to cripple and destroy Muslim world. You are just insects for them so they do not care about you.

  • 6

    Of course SB terrorist and Rajapaksa followers need all kind of conspiracy theories, hidden messages, deep state agendas and other laughable explanations to disagree with science but go with a self created rumor to screw a innocent man and his family. How many times we have heard this shit in past. Rajapaksas do not give a damn about their own people leave alone Palestinians. Rajapaksas who burned mosques, arranged riots ,screwed people like Shaffi ,encouraged Ganasara to go after Muslims, burned shops but are” true supporters of Palestine.????? (god save the Palestine)What Ramanee wrote today is what Rajapaksas are about. Sitting on the information and allowing Easter to take place is what SB Terrorism is about. Lankans could find about thousands of abortions but poor Lankans could not stop the Easter after being warned several times. Guys ” fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me”.

  • 5

    i am deeply shocked to hear how an innocent person and his family was subjected to such a cruel ordeal without even an iota of evidence against him especially considering the service he has been rendering to the community. the mass hysteria that was caused by the media,political buddhist monks and racist politicians . and other extremists is now conveniently forgotten .however those who perpetrated this fiasco cannot be allowed to go scot free. they should be dealt with. otherwise this country will not be fit for honest ,simple citizens to live in.

    • 1

      It happens in the land of charmed sweets, gullies, and claims that the minority will take over the country (although statistically impossible).

      • 0


        “Although statistically impossible”

        There might be attempts to make it possible through terrorism, the statistically impossible things.

        The subject matter here is also related to that; a social group that is said to be attempting to surpass the population of the main social group of a country by increasing their population. (Hope it’s a doubt only)

        As such a process may take a long time, there might be an extreme sub-human agenda to reduce the population growth of the main social group by making them barren.

        That’s the simple logic here.

        Aren’t terrorists extreme sub-humans?

        Why has our beloved Muslim community become subject to such an inhuman allegation?

        It’s not the fault of Sinhalese or Tamils. It’s purely their fault.

  • 8

    There is nothing to be surprised. All the guys involved in this conspiracy are a bunch of low lives with degraded origin. Where is that ball dostharaya Jayasumana a pathological racist. All the rascals should be dealt with. But in a sad country like SL will that happen. The foundation of our country is based on racism, ignorance, modakama, gullibility and jealousy. So what else can one expect. No government, no morality, no religion no decency or integrity. The mess will go unabated. They bite the hand that feed them. All along the factories etc were burnt and the real sufferers were majority. That is their intelligence. The same guys who burnt will come next day begging for milk to feed babas. Zero brain. What a pleasure they have for destroying, burning, looting and vandalising.

  • 2

    RR, is questioning , “Do you mean to say anybody could create such doubts about a doctor with evil intentions”, ?????Answer is please read the sentence you wrote one more time. It is not anybody it is Rajapaksas . Is there any one above them. ???? (there is no need for anyone else)
    They got their SB terrorist and Ganasara to do the job. GET IT. Such doubts ??? Dude there was sterilization pills, sweets, Black July/tigers and whole lot of other shit prior to this. Were you sucking your thumb during that time. Didnt Rajapaksa get terrorist Ganasara to burn shops, mosques and ware house.. Didnt they kill a innocent Muslim during riots. A poor man,s life is not considered worth for you ???? Such doubts about a doctor ????? It is not a doctor , if you didnt know Shaffi is a Muslim Doctor, not just any doctor. GET IT. Evil intentions ???or NO how can SB terrorist be evil minded. Only minority are evil minded. If SB terrorist kill it is Dharma or Buddhas teachings/direction , if it was just a SB it is considered murder. Please refrain from voting because you do NOT have the mental competence for abstract thinking. And then you go by the name Real Revolutionist ???? I wonder what will a Not real or non Revolutionist will sound like ???? What kind of revolution are you leading Bro ???? take the rest with you to to stupidity ???

  • 5

    Another reason why muslims are thriving in many nations is due to the cancer called feminism. Feminism has reduced the population growth of non-muslims world wide and created an arrogant defiant bunch of ‘infidel’ women whos goal seems to be to defy their own men and destroy the family nucleus of their own communities. Divorce rates going up, abortions going up, broken families, dysfunctional children who grow up to become dysfunctional adults etc. These same females ironically go running to defend muslims. Nowhere is this ridiculous contradiction seen more clearly than in the west. Where white ‘liberated’ females vehemently defend muslims and help them colonise the west. The muslims of course will not allow feminism to rot their own communities but love seeing it in non-muslim communities.
    In this light its easy to see how muslim doctors will be too happy to perform abortions on non-muslim women in Sri Lanka. So at the very least we know shafi has been legally helping to reduce the non-muslim population in SL.
    The muslim population in SL is also said to be one of the fastest growing in the world! This is not a mere coincidence but being done deliberately by muslims like a weapon of war to take over the country.

  • 0


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    Rtd.Lt.Reginald Shamal Perera: Thank you. It is some consolation for this country that you are “RETIRED Lt” rather than being in active duty. That is assuming you were in the “Armed Forces” than from the “Salvation Army”. Have a nice “Rtd” life.

    • 0


      I served with distinction until I had a minor disciplinary infraction and was honourably discharged from the Army.

      I don’t want to talk about that incident and I trust you will not ask me.

      • 0

        “I served with distinction…….”

        Are you also one of those who received training in Military camps in Israel?

  • 1

    Douglas he was in the famous Dudley’s Land Army and long retired after stealing paddy and now senile and dementic.

  • 0

    Ha…ha… Shemale had a podi issue of raping a couple of political detainees and taking kappang from abducted members families. Besides he killed a few civilians for not lying. So let us excuse him for these minor offenses.

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