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Draconian Dictatorship Denies Visits To Political Prisoners On Thaipongal Day!

By Surendra Ajit Rupasinghe

Why has the State denied loved one’s to visit Tamil political prisoners on Thaipongal Day? The “ We Are Sri Lankans” organization has alerted us about the prevailing situation. Up to the last minute, prison authorities had stated that permission would be given for this purpose, even though it falls on a Sunday. Why then, deny this privilege at the last moment? After all, it is such a humane wish to visit your loved one’s in prison on such a special religious day.

It is time to come out of the cage, to overcome fear of tyranny and unite to struggle for Freedom and Democracy for the sake of our Motherland and for all born and yet to be born generations of Sri Lankans.

Why this calculated callousness? Would the same have been meted out to any other community? Why does the Rajapakse regime insist on pouring salt on the gaping wounds inflicted upon the Tamil people? If this is the pristine Theravada Buddhist  Dharma said to be guarded by the regime, then it is time to organize a revolt against the whole established political-religious order that is violating the letter and spirit of the Dharma enshrined in Metta, Muditha, Karuna, and expressed in the superlative theme “let All Beings Be Free of Sorrow”. Some reason has to account for this willful and passionate cruelty and inhumanity, particularly when the conscience of the world itself is calling for reconciliation.

We feel that this calculated and deliberate cruelty  flows from the political line of the Regime. This line is based on the overriding survival need of the regime to exercise all-round ideological-political hegemony over society,  particularly over the Tamil nation. The military occupation and the political subjugation of the Tamil nation is the sword through which the regime can hold to its narrowing political base among the hard-line Sinhala-Buddhist core, as the ideological-political basis to exercise its hegemonic Capitalist class dictatorship. Any sign of weakness, any show of compassion will begin to crack this hegemonic stranglehold. This is why the Secretary of Defense declares that the armed forces shall not be removed from the North and East, but in fact are to be further reinforced. This is why activists such as Lalith Weeraraj and Kugan Murugandan, representing the “We Are Sri Lankans” organization, who dared to build bridges of solidarity between the South and the North, who were committed to take up the agony and indignity caused to the Tamil people and  expose the true nature of the military occupation have been  abducted and detained.

In this context, the demand that Lalith and Kugan, and all those abducted, disappeared and detained by the State  be released takes on immediate urgency and significance. It is in this context that the program of the “ Organizations United Against Abductions and Enforced Disappearances” initiated  by the “Peoples Struggle Movement, to visit Jaffna on the 17th Januray 2012 and distribute leaflets incorporating all the above issues and calling for an end to military occupation and dictatorship  takes on decisive political  significance.  It is time to come out of the cage, to overcome fear of tyranny and unite to struggle for Freedom and Democracy for the sake of our Motherland and for all born and yet to be born  generations of Sri Lankans.

*Writer is the Secretary of the Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist)

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