13 August, 2022


Duminda, Sajin, Mervin, Sarana; A False Token Gesture

By Helasingha Bandara

The denial of nominations to Duminda Silva, Sajin Vass, Mervin Silva and Sarana Gunawardene is a false token gesture. The assurance of nominations for all other rogue elements means that Mahinda Rajapaksa does not intend to make his reentry into the parliament as a reformed man but with the intention to continue with his corrupt governance with the same circle of colleagues of ill-repute.

DumindaMervin Silva

Mervin had already refrained from supporting Rajapaksha at the previous Presidential election and had gone to the extent of complaining against the Rajapakshas on various misdeeds including murder. It is only ludicrous to believe that the UPFA has excluded him for him being a corrupt Politian. He had removed himself.

Sarana Gunawardene

UPFA has indeed removed only Sarana but kept Gunawardene with the inclusion of his wife in the nomination list. Is it not farcical? Four removals in reality have become two now.

Duminda Silva

Duminda has been involved in a daylight murder whether he has been proven guilty or not. Besides he may not have been left with any brain matter as he claimed that his brain was smashed to smithereens at the gun fight. However, despite his protests Duminda’s name has been removed and he is quiet about it now. With the experience of the manner in which MR strike shady deals, the citizens are well aware that Duminda would be an ambassador somewhere if they form a government.


Having assaulted a High Commissioner in public he could get away with it thanks to Rajapaksa yahapalanaya. Although he has been denied the opportunity to become a monitoring MP, there are many lucrative posts awaiting his return if UPFA would be able to form a new government.

Taking that into consideration ,it appears that out of a huge list of corrupt politicians that includes Johnston Fernando, Sajin Vass Gunawardena, Duminda Silva, Mervin Silva, Sarana Gunawardena, Nimal Lanza, Lakshman Wasantha Perera, Mahindananda Aluthgamage, Rohitha Abeygunawardhana, S M Chandrasena, Basil Rajapaksa, Rohitah Bogollagama and Wimal Weerawansa etc , who have been investigated for various crimes, only two have been denied nomination. Even Premalal Jayarathna who is in remand custody for allegedly murdering a Sirisena supporter at the recent presidential election is in the UPFA nomination list. Tissa Attanayake who was accused of perjury and Tiran Alles of extreme ill-repute also have been included in the UPFA national list. The token denial of nominations to Duminda and Sajin has thus become an eye wash.

Who has decided the nomination list?

Was it Maithri, Premajayanth, Yapa or Rajapaksa? The obvious answer is the Big Foot. MR has admitted that he was aware of the people who were involved in corrupt deals but he did not take appropriate action to prosecute them, This is an admission of his complicity in plundering poor peoples’ wealth and putting their lives into misery. The inclusion of all his rogue acolytes in the UPFA nomination list is the clear indication that he has no intension to introduce just rule to this country. His claim that he has learnt lessons not to repeat the same mistakes is just another lie from his arsenal of lies and deceptions. Here he has selected the same cronies to face the new election and form a new government. Can anyone expect this country and its people to be served fairly and squarely by a gang of criminals and its infamous leader who claim to have been reformed miraculously in just six months?

No Proof

Investigations into corrupt deals and to prosecute people take time. It has become even more difficult with the traditional snail pace of the Sri Lankan criminal justice system and the existence of MR supporters in every sphere in the government machinery. It is over ambitious to expect to rectify decades old inefficiencies in 100 days.

Besides should we need proof when it is obvious. Take Johnston’s TV interview with Ranjan Ramanayaka. People need no proof that Johnston is an uncultured thug who had no idea how to behave on a public platform that would be seen by millions of viewers. The amount of money that he spent on behalf of his son’s political campaign need not any proof as people have received most of it although they did not vote for him. Such money has not been earned through just means. People need no proof.

Some of Wimal Weerawansa’s shady deals were exposed by Sunday Leader yesterday. Everyone already knew that he had no inherited wealth to build a 70 million mansion and to accumulate more wealth. People see it and know that this mansion was built with the black money, no other proof is necessary

Nimal Lanza’s involvement in the narcotics trade needs no proof because it was reported that the Big Foot himself was flown into his house to rescue him from being arrested by the police.

Infamous Rohitha Bogollagama spent million on his foreign trips to include his family and entertain them around the world. His defeat in the Colombo district at the last elections was sufficient proof,

During the MR regime the poor suffered severely because the state coffers were emptied by the politicians. Politics had turned to be the most lucrative income earning exercise without doing any hard work to educate oneself. MR has developed a political culture in which he has given perks or opportunities to steal to a large number of people with the intention of retaining political power. He has shown no sign of departing from that norm.

People of the country do not need party politics but they certainly need to safeguard the measures taken within the last six months to restore democracy, law and order and to eliminate corruption. In this regards it is a must that MR and the gang be defeated.

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  • 29

    Good one Hela. The rot starts at the top in the SLFP which is a party of corrupt morons today.
    Both Susil Premajayanth and Yapa, who are SLFP office bearers are Corrupt and implicated in corrupt energy, oil and coal deals and shipments. Susil was Minister during all the corruption in the Petrolium and energy Ministry.

    Let us not forget this and this story must be exposed by CT one hopes. The corruption of Susil Premajayantha and Yapa has been covered up because they are high official in SLFP but they must be investigated by the Financial Crimes Investigation Office.

    • 27

      I don’t think SLFP was a party of corrupt before Mahinda. Mahinda made this party as not only as a party of corrupt but a party of white van murderers and drug leaders. He spent billions of public money to buy politicisns, his brother Basil was allowed to make 15% commision for each project, BBS was allowed to create hatred against Muslims, Gotapaya was allowed to arms deal, white van abductions and murders. He is bad and he made SLFP bad and if he allowed again he will make the nation bad to worse. People should get together and give him a complete blow in this election.

      • 1


        Respectfully, I disagree. I think every party is corrupt (true for EVERY country, EVERY party). For me, it’s how they conduct their corrupt activities that eventually becomes the issue. Some politicians do it elegantly so that few disturbances are created., others like our own politicians are clumsy and oafish.

        During the previous administration, conspicuous consumption and corruption was a rampant, In-Your-Face exercise where the People had their noses rubbed in it daily., I guess it’s the price of putting up of common yokels and criminals as candidates up for election..

        Before that, corruption was a little more subtle. During Mahaweli, I am sure you recall the rumors of massive kickbacks, ranches, farms and Australian Vineyards ? Filling in parts of Lake Gregory to create Rose Gardens in Nuwara Eliya ? Later on, Palaces in the UK…

        During the Sirima era, before the State Land Grabs, questions were asked about how some well-connected people managed to dispose of their lands before the State got hold of it for the Public Good..

        …… and so on till todays Yahapalanaya., Central Bank., Billion-Rupee scandals…, and Parliamentary Privilege being used to quash any uncomfortable questions. Rumors abound about Presidential siblings making hay while the sun shines and no questions asked.

        I think we are getting clumsier as time goes on.

        Perhaps our Press is still not used to the idea of Press Freedom and the responsibilities of the 5th Estate OR it is still afraid of the administration and would rather dance around a scandal and put out titillating bits of gossip in favour of running true exposes, naming names.

        As for FCID, it is RW’s plaything and he decides who gets investigated (and more tellingly, who does not). Thus far, it’s mandate has been to go after ONLY low-level people who have no powerful political patronage and who can be expected to not kick too much.

    • 21

      “The corruption of Susil Premajayantha and Yapa has been covered up because they are high official in SLFP but they must be investigated by the Financial Crimes Investigation Office. “

      Yapa Geezer had been summoned for questioning by the FCID , this crook was very clever in concealing the whole drama ;hence, both Susil and Yapa blokes need to be exposed .

  • 22

    Helasingha Bandara

    Duminda, Sajin, Mervin, Sarana; A False Token Gesture

    “The denial of nominations to Duminda Silva, Sajin Vass, Mervin Silva and Sarana Gunawardene is a false token gesture. The assurance of nominations for all other rogue elements means that Mahinda Rajapaksa does not intend to make his reentry into the parliament as a reformed man but with the intention to continue with his corrupt governance with the same circle of colleagues of ill-repute.”

    Once a Crook, always a Crook.

    True for thieves and criminals.

    At the Kalutara District, All 3 UPFA Candidates with Degrees, are not there.

    Only Crooks, Robbers and Criminals are there.

    MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa Amana MaRa

  • 19

    The President of the people, by the people, of the people spoke clearly today. MR and his vain glorious team will not even poll 3 million votes now.

  • 17

    Well said Gentleman,

    A false token gesture even a toddler can understand; blatantly well programmed for another round of plundering of public funds with vengeance in mind as well!
    Hora cats’ taste buds never become numbed for good taste!!

  • 19

    People deserve what they get. It is the stupid people in the South who elect these rogues repeatedly.They read their stories in the news paper and still vote for them.
    In contrast the Jaffna man is so selective and critical in choosing his candidate. Let me remind you they rejected SJV Chelvanayagam when he first started his Tamil Federal party. They laughed at Sundaralingam when he spoke about Eelam. Now they are refusing nominations to ex-Tiger caders.Why cannot southerners learn from their Northern brothers.

  • 12


    At the same time I offer my heartiest congratulations to Helasingha Bandara, I offer to you my heart felt compliments for publishing this Article.

    This is the type of original, perceptive, honest, useful reading material CT readers need in order to decide to whom to vote for at the forthcoming elections.

    I have used harsh words in comments to Rajiva Wijesinghe’s articles. That is because those words were fully deserved. Please appreciate that it has been a herculean task to refrain from using amu kunuharupa for this Mara CK.SKR. You also edited out in full my comment on today’s Darshanie Ratnawalli Article, suggesting that without wasting time writing distortions, she should use her time amusing herself with a boy friend.

    Please bear this in mind when you go for your curser to “edit out” the two test comments I have provided in the para above!

    • 3

      CT, you passed the test. Congrats!

  • 5

    In Godfather the movie, Vito Coreleone says this “Tattaglia is a pimp”.. MR and CBK and a lot of people were afraid of Mervyn for that reason too. He is alleged to have known all MR’s secrets and that is why MR kept him.

    As for Sirisena, how is it that a Grama Sevaka with no formal educational training can AFFORD TO SEND HIS thuggish son to London to very expensive schools? Who is paying the bill? USA? CBK?

    President Sirisena please explain to us how you got the money to send off your son Daham to London.

    Also Sirisena how about that Restaurant in Polonnaruwa and the big hotel in your son in laws name? You know the one we all eat at ? great lunch buffet Araliya i think is the name.


    And why is DAHAM IN LONDON like Namal Rajapakse was? How much does it cost per year to educate him in Sterling pounds.

    Where are the NGOs, Jehans, Pivithuru hetak, Yahapalanayas about this?

    Who is paying Daham’s education bill?

    Can you declare your assets President Sirisena?

    or are we to go “wink wink” podi horakum kamak naha, apey hora honda hora…?

  • 11

    “FALSE TOKEN GESTURE” – ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. But please go through the Nomination List carefully. You will find a large number of those “Roughs”; “Criminals” are in the list. There is one man who is already in “Jail” for “Murder” whose signature was obtained from the prison cell. Then what about that “Toy Pistol Mayor”; “The Carrom Board” ex Sports Minister; the “Grocery Bundle” ex Minister of Trade; the “Rs.140 Million Debtor” of SLTB, the Secretary of ULF, who hired the buses to transport people to attend the meetings of MR during the Presidential Election; the “Cobra Bitten” ex Minister’s daughter in place of him; the “Night Racing Driver” who removed the Kettarama Sports ground light bulbs and did not return as yet and many more. The list is too long and do not wish to name them here; but will be PRESENTED to the PEOPLE during the course of the election campaign.

    “NO PROOF”: What nonsense. There are so many of those complaints on which EVIDENTIAL PROOF have been submitted; but as said the “lethargy” shown by the investigative machinery has blocked some of those. Say for instance; What is the proof needed to prove the purchase of “SIL REDY” (Devotees Clothes) from the SLRT whose Chairman was the ex Secretary to the ex President. Only the “Purchase Order” and the “Payment Voucher” for Rs.160 million together with a question and answer from the Chairman would be sufficient. Send a “Letter of Demand” to Secretary of UPLF asking payment of Rs. 140 million for the buses hired stipulating a date to pay within a month failing which legal action would be taken. Report to Police that the “BULB” of Kettarama Sports grounds were taken by Namal Rajapakse – MP and did not return yet. Each one of those bulbs cost Rs. 80,000.00. It is high handed action using official powers. Also we see the Prime Minster promising at “Campbell Park” that he would legalize the FCID once he comes to power. What does that indicate? Is he the main culprit of providing a “safety net” for the “BIG TIMERS” who swindled millions and billions of Public Wealth? So there were plenty of those on which the authorities failed to institute action and as a result, the exposure that was expected did not come in time and legal action too was weakened.

    That is why we look forward to INSTALL a “TRUE YAHAPALANAYA” but not to give life to the “FAKE YAHAPALANAYA” brought in on 8th January 2015.

  • 11


    “That is why we look forward to INSTALL a “TRUE YAHAPALANAYA” but not to give life to the “FAKE YAHAPALANAYA” brought in on 8th January 2015.”

    Its up to the voters to decide. If people are unwise they elect their mirror image. If people are corrupt they elect the most corrupt.

    And after the election let them face the consequences.

    It used to be 8 measures of free rice made in moon. Now the silly season started with YAHAPALANAYA.

    Lets wait, sit up and face what is given to us.

  • 3

    When you look at how the UPFA and SLFP nominations were handled it beggars belief as to what these morons were thinking. However, when you realize the mentality of at least a large chunk of the more rural voter you begin to understand why such actions are justified. There are enough motteyas who will vote for these scoundrels regardless of what they have done. Therefore even a murderer has a vote base in stupid Sri Lanka. Some Sri Lankan voters it can be said are so stupid that they will vote for the one who murdered their own family members. Knowing this the utter dregs who run these two parties carry on in this mind boggling charade even overriding the elected president who is their own party leader. Gone are the days of Old when the SLFP was a clean party run by madam Bandaranaike.

  • 0

    Native Vedda: “Lets wait, sit up and face what is given to us”. NO…NO… Sorry I do not agree with that. This is exactly what happened to this Nation and the Country for so many decades. There are enough historical facts that we have to study and reflect upon to assess our failures and virtual degradation we have fallen as of today. We did not work hard to get at the least the “minimum” of our requirements to live a decent life. Just think what happened to our social, economic and political situations. All those matters were “surreptitiously” usurped from our domains, after “blind folding” us with all those “PROMISES” made during elections. You know those PROMISES were very well “garnished” with those “SLOGANS” and offered to us lavishly. What did we do? We did exactly what you said: “Let us wait,sit up and face what is given to us”. You also know what we got and had to face.

    The same things have been started once again. If you are in Sri Lanka, please come and see the election “posters” and “cut outs” that have come up. Still the people are told: “Let us pay our GRATITUDE to the THE REDEEMER”. Do we have to put up with this crap and “sit up and wait to face what is given to us”? All the people (including you) know what we got during the last four to five years. That period is not that far to forget. At least 6.2 million people did not “sit and wait” although 5 million paid their “GRATITUDE” while suffering immensely. The people must remember how they paid their “GRATITUDE” in 2010 and also what they got after that. Let us tell that 5.2 million the TRUTH and ask them to take CONTROL of matters into their hands on 17 August 2015. Please do not “sit and wait”. Thank you.

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