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Easter Attacks PSC: BBS Claims ACJU Using Al-Taqqiya To Mislead Parliament

Ultra nationalist group Bodu Bala Sena in a special statement claims All Ceylon Jammiyathul Ulama (ACJU) used Al-Taqqiya to mislead the Parliament yesterday during testimony before the Parliamentary Select Committee probing Easter attacks.


Taqqiya is a precautionary measure in Islam to dissimulate or deny Islamic religious belief and practise if faced with persecution.

Referring to a statement made by ACJU President Rizwe Mufti before the PSC yesterday, BBS alleges Mufti said it was activities led by BBS that led to innocent Muslim youth joining ISIS extremism.

“We look at such statements with sympathy and kindness because it is the Ulamas who aided the dissemination of Wahhabism in this country,” BBS says.

They point to the fact that while BBS was established in 2012, Chief Moulavi of Kattankudy mosque stated before the PSC that terrorist Zaharan was a proponent of radical and religious extremism even before 2012.

BBS in their statement goes on to challenge Ulamas to come to a public debate regarding the allegations and claims they are making. BBS also urges the ACJU to stop spreading ‘hateful lies’ unless they wish for the ‘naked truth about Ulamas and Al-Taqqiya to be made public’.

However, Mufti in his statement before the PSC yesterday refers to anti-Muslim violence as a factor that contributed to Muslim youth looking to identify with terrorist outfits such as the ISIS.

He notes that ISIS sympathy in Sri lanka grew only following anti-Muslim campaigns and specifically refers to the anti-Halal claims.

Mufti also noted that even Muslim intellectuals were under threat by Zaharan. He had handed in two videos to former Defense Secretary Hemasiri Fernando on January 3, 2019 which contains preachings by Zaharan where he says he is against Muslim intellectuals as they are not supporting his cause.

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