28 September, 2022


Easter Sunday Massacre: Who Is Sabotaging The Nation’s Security?

By Vishwamithra

“The opinions that are held with passion are always those for which no good ground exists; indeed the passion is the measure of the holder’s lack of rational conviction. Opinions in politics and religion are almost always held passionately.” ~Bertrand Russell, Skeptical Essays

Three hundred plus dead, more than five hundred injured. The Easter Sunday Massacre claimed many lives, destroyed many families and disturbed many neighborhoods and communities. The fading memories of the 30-year scourge will haunt and visit upon Sri Lankan psyche for many more years to come. Yet an event of this magnitude cannot and should not be looked upon in isolation. The context, social, cultural and political, is even more significant than the event itself. What is the ultimate objective of the event? Who gains most and who loses most by the event? Is there, as always is, a political agenda behind the conception, planning and eventual execution of the event? How was the wherewithal necessary for all three phases of the event- conception, planning and execution- and the sophistication associated with the three phases of the massacre, made available to those who possessed the evil genius to complete it to a sinister end.

Analysis is paralysis. So they say. But failing to cut through the veneer and penetrate into the core and peel away layer after layer of superficial coating would help us all, if we possess the necessary discipline and patience. One needs education and sophistication of organized mind to resolve issues of modern day complexities. Ordinary minds simply cannot see it, leave alone understand it and make amends. 

Coordination of nearly eight attacks at eight different locations which were geographically far apart from each other, except of course the three Colombo Hotels- Shangri-La, Kingsbury and Cinnamon Grand- requires planning way ahead of time, a minimum of three to six months, access to the local human resources, infrastructure, safe-houses of the Intelligence genre, materials to make and put together explosive devices, transport them on time for the eventual explosion, makeup for those who execute the suicidal killings and of course, the spiritual and religious fanaticism and the training and rehearsals, all these pieces of terror architecture  do not come easy to an unsophisticated and untrained craftsman. 

In short, national security of a nation was shattered beyond recognition, and it had to happen, either by design or accident, when the commander-in-chief, the craftsman, was outside the shores of the land.

President of the country is no mean job; its fundamental function is to provide safety and security to the citizenry of the country; upholding the intrinsic value of the Constitution, swearing allegiance to defending and protecting the motherland needs to be held over and above petty personal animosities and political differences. Complete lack of awareness of the grave responsibility of protecting a nation is a very serious deficiency. That serious deficiency was in vivid display by our commander-in-chief. His unwillingness to trust his own Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers is a total failure on the part of the Executive. His failure to share the information he is purported to have received two weeks ahead of the massacre is unpardonable. Yet the blame game would not make us any richer in ideas, nor would it make us any wiser.

If, on the other hand, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) decided to pay us a visit of the deadly kind, we must be ready; we must be prepared hereinafter, for the ISIS national boundaries evaporate; for wielding of arms and ammunition, such boundaries don’t exist. ISIS does not consist of semi-trained guerilla fighters of the Al Fatah, nor are they products of ill-trained armies of Yasser Arafat. ISIS consists of educated, motivated (however ill-motivated maybe) and a sophisticated band of men and women whose singular aim is to sabotage whatever they perceive as enemies of their Allah and would spare no effort to gain those aims. 

To protect her peoples and be prepared for all eventualities of a brutal massacre of the sort we saw on Easter morn, April 21, 2019, our ruler(s) must be equally inquisitive and or even more sophisticated in his (or their) mindset. Simplicity is not being servile to the traditions of the soil alone; simplicity could be dangerous in the absence of a penetrative mind. Simplicity is not imposed upon a person by his lack of education; it is not being non-studious and non-bookworms. Simplicity of mind sets one free of all encumbrances of mind-destroying superstitions and narrow thoughts that Tagore so vividly described in Geetanjali, his masterpiece collection of poems. 

That misplaced simplicity seems to have confined the mind of our Executive; it seems to have made him a prisoner of his own making, a character of a ruler which could be utterly dangerous and hazardous to the country’s advance and accommodation amongst the global family of communities. Appearing before the country and making a confession of some sort would not vindicate the Executive; it would not explain away his being unwilling to share crucial information of ‘intelligence’ with his Prime Minister and the rest of the Cabinet of Ministers. That is simplicity gone berserk; it’s simplicity of an unwise mind and even an untrained mindset. Because even more sinister things are yet to come.

Sri Lanka seems to be in the grip of suffocation; a thirty-year war and its successful conclusion have not taught us a single lesson or our rulers have refused to learn from the harsh realities of war and destruction man could be visited upon by evil machinations of a dedicated army of killers of the ‘Jihad’ or whatever it might be. There is no excuse; there should not be any reasoning that would justify or pardon the callous disregard for sensitive and delicate information to be shared within a conclave of people’s representatives whose responsibility it is to protect and defend their people.

It is not one ruler who is responsible for these irresponsible statecraft; scores of our leaders, from D S Senanayake up to the current President, have all contributed will nilly to this dismal state of motherland. Every corner and each thoroughfare will now be grounds for suspicion; every five-star hotel and place of religious worship would be a potential ground for massacre and killings. The points of contact, so to speak, of the perpetrators of the heinous crimes committed by those who committed them reveal the degree of sophistication. On Easter Sunday, they attacked the Christian/Catholic churches at the morning mass time; then they synchronized it with attacks on the five-star hotels in Colombo at the breakfast time. Non-Muslim religious devotees on the one hand and tourists and super-rich in Colombo who visit the five-star hotels in Colombo for their Easter breakfast on the other may be an easy target to hit.

However, all these human follies and mundane errors cannot be held as a shield against legitimate and valid rancor of men and women of the ordinary kind. If those who fear to tread the usual paths and go to work to earn their living decide to stay at home, then those who committed these unspeakable criminal executions shall have prevailed in the end. If our ruler/s places his/their personal interests and preferences over and above those of the nation, then we need to look for other leaders who would not subordinate their people to narrow in-fights with his Cabinet colleagues. Such behavior is not only petty and narrow; it is indeed dangerous and perilous to the national cause of freedom, liberty and prosperity. 

It’s time we thought outside the box, as the cliché goes. We had better look for leaders who place the country first and everything else second. The luxuries and comforts of ‘Office’ may have deadened the senses of our Executive; complexities and convolution of issues may have posed a challenge to an unsophisticated mind far too frequently and far too soon; that is the burden of leadership, the Executive alone should carry. No way can he escape that reality.

Yet who gains from these attacks on Easter Sunday in 2019? Politically the government in power loses and it loses badly, and it cannot be helped. Containing the damage is the order of the day. Yet as to who gains is anyone’s guess. Those who preach discipline over freedom may think that their day has come. Yes, your day has come, to go that is. Some even have gone to a not-so-unbelievable end of putting two and two together and making it five, saying that the vicarious beneficiary of any uncertainty is the one who protrudes a false sense of stability by proposing neo-fascism. The danger looming large is really that- the sinister hand of fascism lurking in the dark.

The writer can be contacted at vishwamithra1984@gmail.com  

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    so far LEAKED Foreign agency’s Assessment on easter attacks on SL States :
    — it is Highly Questionable equally Puzzling to Disturbing choosing of the Locations [regarding 03 churches] were adjacent & Demographically Located EXCLUSIVELY on Low-Income Individuals. Throughout SL [not exclusive to western province] there are well known churches where worshipers rather originated from well established Social-Economical background..yet HVT(Hi-Value-Targets) were all most hand picked to minimise casualties for Country well established Citizens…..

    This Theory “NOT TO INFLICT DAMAGE-HARM ON Sri Lanka’s wealthy-elite can further be Very Disturbingly evident on the 03 Luxury hotels attacks as well :
    —It is Hospitality-HOTEL industry wise well known fact that out of 3 main meals served, for the breakfast vast majority from with-in IN-HOUSES Residents. How evr For DINNER & LUNCH considerable Majority of Diners CONSISTING from External guests. All so the Security with in the Hotels themselves REACHES for a Moderate LEVEL after 9.00AM….so as Disturbing as it reveals attackers were indeed concentrating there utmost effort to filter-Out the Harm caused to Sri Lankans. Actually for wealthy/elite Sri Lankans were not be TARGETED rather to be Speared if not minimised to the maximum Level.

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      The endgame of the Easter Sunday attacks was the setting up of a US base in Trincomallee, with RAW collusion on the east coast of Sri Lanka with an oil refinery in Hambantota to choke China, also now that Diego Garcia Military base (the biggest base outside the US mainland), is in question with the ICJ ruling. Sri Lanka is Collateral Damage in Trumpland’s war on China and Asia rising.
      The US-UK justification for forced displacement of Chagos islanders and occupation/colonization and maintaining the base in the Indian Ocean, just South of Maldives and Sri Lanka is that it is there to provide global security against terrorists.
      UNSC P3 – US, UK, France – control the western Indian Ocean with Diego Garcia |Base, where France and EU have also over fished and depleted Indian Ocean fish stock. There are business, as well as, Quad (US, India, Aussi, Japan) , security interests and investigators no on the crime scene in the Economic, Propaganda and Cold War against China.
      US intelligence arms appears to own and operate IS now that they claim to have broken the outfit in Syria and Iraq.

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        Who said Hindians do not have RAW operatives and operation in this island?
        Hindians know more about what is going on in this island than the people of this island.
        Even they know what you are upto 24 hours.
        They know when you had your early morning Egg Coffee, grope your female servant, what you had for breakfast, ……..

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        Who has the most to gain from this – USA and it’s lapdog India.

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    Did the ‘Easter Sunday Massacre’ induce Vishwamithra to search for “Who Is Sabotaging The Nation’s Security?”
    Vishwa says {“It is not one ruler who is responsible for these irresponsible statecraft; scores of our leaders, from D S Senanayake up to the current President, have all contributed will nilly to this dismal state of motherland”}.
    The answer is there Vishwa. Perhaps we must ask, “Who contributed the most?”
    Even inside a political party, the VIPs do not trust each other. All top appointments to uphold Law & Order are political. Is there much point discussing as to whether intelligence was shared or not.
    Soon after 2013 CHOGM in Colombo, there were signs of trouble brewing. The June 2014 Aluthgama incident under the watchful eyes of our Police and Armed Services. Condemnation, if any, came hesitantly.
    All rational thinkers have condemned the Sunday Easter incidents outright. This includes the majority of Lankan Muslims. This must be put to use. Brutal suppression will NOT help at all.
    The warning in last paragraph must be taken seriously.

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    Less than 3 HRs after Bombings how & who Permitted [clear of further threats] Mahinda Rajapaksa to enter into Kochchikade to Negombo and to made speeches to Local media….

    SL armed forces to NAtion has absolutely nothing to do with ISIS-ISIL yet why they attacked ?

    Gotabaya Rajapaksa Possessed and Created the Largest Island-wide Intelligence network Sri Lanka has ever witnessed..and most are in Prison now….but with modern communication technology Being Imprisoned is not even a Barrier Let alone It is the PERFECT COVER FOR THESE Masterminds

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    comment by Mr K. Pilla….
    I advice you to read History of Western Philosophy wrote by Bertrand Russell. The nutshell school of thought is briefed by Russell said, that history school of Philosophy was that struggle between Theology and Science.
    Needless to say that Islam, Christian and Hindus an even that Hebrew are belongs to that the Theology of school of metaphysis.
    In fact ongoing teaching of Islam or Muslim religion that engaged Globally that politics of bourgeois Democracy inside and out side of Parliamentary ‘Democracy.’
    By they are willing or unwilling has been shifted into mode an Anarchism.each countries .
    Therefor the form of struggle rule by that various methods of gun-pointed .Terrorist of JVP, LTTE-Proxies of TNA ,Muslim Congress ,other Muslim Parties ,individual Muslim members are in that national parties of ( UNP SLFP,SLPP) are Isolated from masses movement . For them Democracy is a means to achieve their goal of Islam State . Base on teaching by Kuran of teaching by Prophet Mohammed.
    By and large that Gunmen rule by both State and non -State Terrorism .
    Their are delivery on the system with military +power in generally, regardless People -power that they give priority of non-value of lives of the humankind.
    The same situation we have faced 21 /4-2019 that Muslim Terrorist attack target on Church and leading Hotels in Lanka and other hot-pots in Island…. Sri lanka.
    This is systematically destroying democracy norms of People,but well intentionally assist by current ruling class of UNP led RW, MS and CBK out-fits. Hence JVP TNA and Muslim Congress other Muslim small Parties is now ongoing RULERS of that UNP banddgewon.!
    The action of 21/4 that Lost of lives of 370 and 500 human casualties are nothing for them.

  • 0

    So D.Nimal you have read the History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russel eh?!
    Was it the Sinhala version that you read?!
    We have not seen you on these pages for quite awhile?! Were you following an intensive course in English?!

    • 0

      Reply to Plato
      Your comments are unwarranted. It is downright snobbery and pulls you down to the gutter level. Try to rise above the human weaknesses of denigrating others.

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    Comment of fake Plato….
    The politics of suicide death squad by LTTE & ISIS are that similar model of Japanese Harakiri. It has different face values end of role of game are same by ISIS. Undeniably that model also that of Tamil’s Ruthless political Terrorism engaged and guided by TNA an ideology of Separatism having no basic differences.
    Therefor policy of Separatism by TNA,TULF and FP is also Extremism. .Hence that LTTE struggle for separatism that set of policies an originated by Eealm of Tamil nationalism chauvinism..
    The Extremism suicide form of struggle having justification of …Island to be partition for New Tamil regime in north and part of Eastern provinces…. Result of such politics are aspiration of newly born Tamil bourgeoisie.Indeed their political agenda has enlarge into Tamil speaking in people in the world! Logically Chauvinism of Nationalism any means of are nationalities of that Extremism.

    The chauvinist of extremism of Tamil politics of TNA+LTTE and religion of Islam extremism are Thofick Jamade or ISIS or Al kilda or Jihadist + Muslim Congress or other Muslim Parties individuals all are in same boat of that politics of violence by aim of power of” New” state.
    Different location by similar model of new emerging bourgeois applying Terrorism in locally and Globally.
    Our People of majority are experiencing of extremism in Island soil after 10 years of End of LTTE ruthless Terrorism again by Muslim Terrorism 21/4 ……2019..

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    Vishwamithra ! Please find the correct answers for these questions.

    Why the Tamil and Tamil origin Christians were only targeted?

    Why not a single Sinhalese Catholic Church was targeted?

    Why not a single Buddhist temple or Sinhala and Government institution was targeted?

    From photos of the damages and CCTV photos of the terrorist, we could come to the conclusion that the terrorists have used RDX explosives!

    How and from what country or organisation the terrorists were able to get this explosive in large quantities?

    Leave all these.

    How not a single Catholic or Christian Sinhalese politician went to church and got injured or killed?

    Was it because the Tamil Christians were to be targeted, the Prez,. and the Government kept silent about the warning?

    Why the media speak about the “Killing of the Christians” and not about the mass killing of the Tamils and people of Tamil origin?

    The objectives of these killing could be:

    1) Giving some sort of warning to the Tamil Christians who support the Present Government, a puppet of US, India and the West!

    2) To prevent the country from coming out of the economic crises;

    3) To prevent the present Government coming to power again;

    4) To strengthen the powers of the armed forces;

    5) To get released all the Intelligence officials now remanded for war crimes;

    6)To make the Muslims politically inactive and passive;

    7) Some sort of strong warning to the US, India and the West.

    Now, who could have been behind the attack?

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    Who is responsible?

    Well all are responsible and certainly not one race or one religion. The first to raise its ugly head is sinhala buddhist extremism that still continues to haunt lanka . Since then others too jumped into action owing to fear, frustration, betrayal, revenge, hatred, self-help, etc in various ways. First uprising was by Sinhala youth, then came tamil militancy and now muslim extremism. All of them could justify their stand. But yet killing the innocent for their cause is nothing but naked terrorism. But it appears as a nation we have far gone from any form of rational or logical or sensible thinking. No one is exempted. So the simple answer is all are responsible. Majority rule, majority domination, oppression of minority through violent means all led to this chaos. Can the Sinhalese deny that how they enjoyed physically attacking the minority at their free well backed by politicians, military and even clergy. It was like fox hunting for the british royalty. But there is always an end. Make clear that “no one is safe until everyone is safe”. So let us now come together as brothers and sisters and work for a common good and prosperity. Forget about the politicians and as you could see how they are stabbing each other in public while hiding the truth and how political nariyas are salivating and trying to exploit the present Islam Sent Terror. There are many competing as to who could salvage mother lanka ? Ha…ha..what a fun?

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    Oh Nimal was at Sainthamarthu unloading urea bags.

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    You mean to say Ranil did not know what Harin’s dad knew? Who is trying to fool whom?

  • 0

    No Christian politician attended major Easter mass. Was it a coincidence? Don’t insult the readers. The whole govt in power must take responsibility, apologise to the nation and take immediate corrective measures.

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    Why Ranil and Mangala are against banning Burka? Do they understand the real threat to national security posed by these fanatics? Or is there political expediency more important?

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    Vishwamithra’s Gota phobia trumps over any other threat to national security.

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    Sinhala politicians feel very safe at Thirupathy. It is worth their investments and “thulaparam” provided by MR, MY3, Ranil, to name a fw.

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