24 January, 2022


Ecstasy Drug Bust: Narcotics Officers Nab Computer Professional With 5000 Pills

Narcotic officers attached to the Department of Excise in Sri Lanka made a major breakthrough last night, when they arrested an Information Technology Security Head of a leading Systems Management Company and busted a haul of over 5000 ecstasy pills in his possession, Colombo Telegraph reliably learns.

The nabbed quantity of the drug is estimated to have a street value of over Rs 15 million with each pill been sold out in the open at Rs 3000 each.

The apprehended Information Technology Professional hailing from a reputed Systems Management company located in High Level Road Kirulaponne, would be produced in court today.

According to sources within the Excise Narcotics Division, the drug ecstasy, which is now rampantly been circulated in Colombo, Down South and even in Kandy is been sold mainly to the youth of Sri Lanka.

In 2010, quoting a former Sri Lankan security services official, the then US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Patricia Butenis informed Washington that drug kingpins in Sri Lanka had political patrons in the government and enjoyed certain privileges when carrying out their drug deals. Chief among them highlighted by her was Mervyn Silva, a former Minister of Labour during the Mahinda Rajapaksa led government era. His son, Malaka Silva, was suspected of trafficking the drug “ecstasy” mainly in night clubs in Colombo.

Meanwhile on the 9th of May a Police Constable, Chaminda Abeywickreme was killed and Police Inspector M. Neomal Rangajeewa and Constable Chaminda of the Police Narcotic Bureau were injured, when gunmen apparently opened fire at them whilst conducting a raid in Piliyandala.

Now both the Police Narcotics Bureau together with the Excise Narcotics Division is on a major offensive to curb the existing drug menace by busting those involved in this trade. (Janaka Ranaweera)

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  • 2

    Poor Dr Mervyn..Even after dobbing in all his mates in the previous Government as drug peddlers no reprieve still.

    Where are Batalanda’s CID and CCD and even FCID and Pujith .

    It is the Yahapalana Government which gave new resident Visas again to the Drug Kingpins who were living in the West as well as the East.

    Vela Sudda was seeing praying to Lord Kataragaman with a DIG standing behind him.

    After Yahapalanya which seized power with a Bang, literally in Bloemendahal, big ass Drug Busts have become the norm,but no culprits collected.

    Even Prison Officers in Blue Marias are not safe.

    PNB Officers get blasted .

    Wonder whether Dr Ranil has appointed Dr Mervyn as the guardian of the Dalits against Drugs in the same way Dr Ranil is planning to appoint General Ponny as the Riot Controller and the Protector of the UNP.

    • 2

      Arresting young Muslim men on the false pretext of narcotics should be condemned. This is a concerted attempt to hide real drug peddlers.

      • 8

        Drugs in War: What is Captagon, the ‘Jihad Pill’ Used by Islamic State Militants?
        ISIS fighters take the drug before going to war, but it’s most popular in Saudi Arabia.
        Hidden and shampoo and synthetics from India/pakistan to Libya via Italy.

  • 3

    Iinformation is now laid of a political character or a character having political patronage at highest levels involved in the drug trade. But how many are there unknown to many. Political power is the cover. The hall mark is very humble beginnings and meteoric rise in their money power. (Drugs provide quick money in large amounts.) It was also alleged that a late politician (victim of a “terrorist” bomb explosion) too was involved in the drug trade and a Catholic Priest paid his price in terms of life for being vocal against the practises of the late politician. The list is a long one.

    What one must be mindful is the set of artful dodgers who are associated with the present regime profitting from this dirty trade. Surely they switched there allegiance after the rainbow revolution.

    There must be a strong political will to combat the menace of drugs.

  • 4

    KASmaalam K A Sumanasekere

    Who is paying RS 3000 a piece to get high? Where do they get the kind of money to pay for their expensive deadly recreation?

    Why don’t you take up this business where you could make a tidy profit without sweat? You will not have competition from Vellalas.

    MR’s step brother was a very active and knowledgeable businessman who had extra muscles to enforce his deals I am told.

    • 2

      Dear Naive, You are right mate, Who can afford LKR 3000 for hit..Not the Dalits for sure.Remember our Dalits although a bit better than the Hindians are still on LKR 836 a day.You should ask your mates in Yahplanaya who gave the re entry permits to Pathalaya in Bloemedhal and Kollonnawa.

  • 6

    How is it that the general public has no information about what is happening with all the hundreds of kilos of narcotics that are seized , and the names
    of those apprehended (if any) are never revealed in the media ? Are we missing something here ?

  • 2

    Mervin the Perve and son – Who does NOT know of these men??? So many rapes, drug deals, tied a Government Official to a tree, using physical force against the Police and Army, violence against so many people, causing damages all round… and they still walk free??????? We certainly need a IGP at the helm of our Police instead of the current ‘highly crooked’ murderer…

    Mervin the Perve was a pimp to MaRa, from way before the Tsunami… Mervin was MaRas handyman for a murder by MaRa around the same period…. At least TIE the bugger to a tree…….. We need this fake Dutugemunu arrested and investigated immediately……….

  • 3

    Oh no, there goes BBS funding for terrorist activities

  • 7


    Previous layout of the web site was good, looks professional This one is crap and does not render properly!

    Regarding drugs, What is there to say? Need action that does not come by. There is no political will!

    I feel really sorry for the cops who gave their lives!

    • 4

      Yes, this lay out makes us everyone tiring.

      Srinath Gunaratnam,
      in a country where former first citizen was blind and deaf to promote drugs and alcohol, what cant go wrong in that country ?
      It is so pathetic you guys have still been promoting the drung king pin.Just becasue Mahinda Rajapakshe s election campaigns are finanzed by drug traffickers, him to have behaved let it to become mountaneous by today is beyond all bearing

    • 5

      I agree. someone has hoodwinked CT to go for this and CT fell for it. This is crap.

      • 3


        “someone has hoodwinked CT to go for this and CT fell for it. This is crap”

        You must be over fifty and passed your sell by date.

        Ask your grand child for help.

      • 1

        Not only that there may be trap doors built in that CT is unaware of for hackers to come in and get info like who is commenting (our email addresses). The old version was safe that way as proven over so many years.

    • 3

      srinathan gunaratnam

      You are getting too old hence you have inbuilt resistance to change. Learn how to Adapt and Change.

      You know dinosaurs perished because like to they too refused to adapt and change.

      Ask your great grand children for help and learn how to appear cool with new things. .

    • 7

      Yesterday, I heard Sajith Premadas insisting, that anyone to have been busy with drug trafficking to be treated with life imprisonment or death penalty.

      I highyl commend his remarks made to the press yestreday. That way we can see go down the number of traffickers including some dpty ministers in the current govt.

      So called investigations have turned out to be just jokes, Nimal Lanza is best known to be the drug king pin in Negambo area is still scot free. They talk about holding investigations. Nimal lanza became even more popular at the time, state police was about to arrest him, but former president Rajapakshe dared to take part in the event since his shares are too with Nimal lanza.


      The mourns of the mothers whose sons have been caught by drug consumption today, among the 25% of your today, are shedding tears from dawn to dusk, not seeing anyway out.. some parents have fallen that deep not being able to face the life.

      Why the rulers stay still that light with new law reforms is my million dollar question.

    • 4

      Yes, I have to agree. This layout is less cluttered, but there are no gravatars, which makes quickly recognizing contributors difficult.
      Also, the “comment count” is missing.
      Beauty is not everything.

  • 5

    These $20 ecstasy tablets are sold mainly to the european tourist who subsequently become medicine chests/cabinets by virtue of accumulating 20 to 30 pharma tablets per day to stop side effects and control the initial anti -depressant.
    IC increased the poppy to 100% and its what city planners call intentional accident on behalf of Pharma manufactures- global business for Anglo/ American, european and Indian billionaires.

    Unfortunately a sinhalese has never beaten an Indian at chess or bridge to understand the moves- arms, drugs, pharma – they all kill.
    Only sane were the Chinese because they lost Hong kong for 100 years to Britain because of Opium sales grown at Bengal and transported by Farsis for EEIC.

    The Ambassadors are mere tools supporting bad logic and confidence and looking over the shoulder like governments servants and all politicians.

    Let me give you an example that encapsulates the whole difference between America and Singapore. America has a vicious drug problem. How does it solve it? It goes around the world helping other anti-narcotic agencies to try and stop the suppliers… Singapore does not have that option. What we can do is to pass a law which says that any customs officer or policeman who sees anybody in Singapore behaving suspiciously… can require that man to have his urine tested. If the sample is found to contain drugs, the man immediately goes for treatment. In America if you did that it would be an invasion of the individual’s rights and you would be sued.
    Lee Kuan Yew, Interview with Fareed Zakaria of Foreign Policy, 1994

  • 3

    At Rs 3000/- a pill, only the filthy rich particularly the nouveou riche, can afford. The “others” must make do with kassipu and ganja.
    Over the last week or so, well over 200 kg of heroin was intercepted. Further developments? The media is on the self-censorship mode. Because of drug mafia threat? .

    If true, the news (speculative?) about Dr Mervin Silva and son is shattering. A regime change bought this out! An ambassadorial intellect is not required to say that political patronage is behind the drug trafficking.
    The casinos, special schools, hospitals, courts etc in the planned Metropolis will become a den for drugs.
    PS: The pre15 May format of CT was indeed far far far better.

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