26 May, 2022


ECTA Not Yet Drafted But Groups Are Protesting: Ranil

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said today that he will not let groups with vested interests create unnecessary problems within the country by spreading rumors and lies about the proposed ECTA with India.

Ranil WickremesingheAddressing parliament he said that certain groups were spreading lies and rumors and trying to set fire to the country by spreading false information about the agreement.

“This agreement has not even been drafted, it’s still at discussion stage, so on what basis are they protesting?,” he asked.

The Prime Minister also disclosed that he has instructed the relevant minister to do a draft based on what has been discussed so far and commence discussions with various groups, including political parties represented in Parliament on the proposed agreement.

“If these protestors are real patriots, instead of protesting on an agreement which has not even been drafted, they should engage in constructive discussions on the matter, but that is not what’s happening here, instead they are spreading baseless lies, and rumors about an agreement that is not even in existence,” he added.

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    Ok Ok Primeminister

    When it comes to citizens of Srilanka the whole truth should be publicised of ECTA before shooting the motions down the throat.
    If the Indians are coming to work in Srilanka what’s India getting from Srilanka??
    Would it be a win win situation for Srilanka??
    All these hidden agendas need to be publicised , after all these job creations from abroad , what about our local graduates , will they be benefitted??

    What is India gaining from SL on this contract? Maids from SL??
    Come ON PM you have a duty to inform the public , now you reiterate to say that it was only at the grass root level.


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      Sure, he should expose to the public what he is signing.

      I was apprehensive of this as anyone else but,

      One of the most rational explanations about this was given by Ranil himself during his visit to Hambanthota; only truncated versions appeared in other news websites with all the important parts cut out. It appears on LankaeNews.

      Or on youtube ඉන්දීය වෘත්තිකයන් මෙහි එන්නේ නෑ -PM Ranil at Hambanthota 20Feb2016

      The gist of his argument is, SL market is too small for any manufacture to come here, so the only way to encourage them to come here and set up factories is to have free trade agreements with all the biggest markets in the world. For example, India has no free trade agreement with China (Correct me if I am wrong) so India can set up factories here and through our free trade agreement with China send goods to China and vice versa. At least this makes a whole lot of sense than all the hackneyed clichés that are thrown around.

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        Who brought IOC?,now people realize the effect.but we can’t terminate the agreement.just they want to loot us.nothing else.(why don’t make such agreements with USA first?)other regional countries does not have such agreements,still they export more goods than us(example: Bangladesh).

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          “Who brought IOC?,now people realize the effect.but we can’t terminate the agreement.just they want to loot”
          Are you not old enough to remember the dilapidated sheds and surly workers at CPC sheds ? It was IOC that came in and gave CPC a kick up the backside, making them modernize their outlets . We need more of that!
          The Govt. taxes IOC fuel so that it can’t sell cheaper than CPC.

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            It seems that political knowledge of our people not matured enough.both party were hurried to give more concessions to India,over political mileage of their own,at the expense of Sri Lankan public.all accords are made since independence were not for the benefit of our nation,but the politicians dependency compelled them to do so.


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              Yes I agree, but change for the better not going backwards to the stone age.

              Stone age came to an end not because of lack of stones, but because of human imagination, creativity, inquiring mind, …. ability to see beyond their nose.

              You should be aiming to put a man on moon and back within the next 25 years.

              In order to achieve that you need wealth, knowledge, curiosity, rationality, technological and scientific base, …….. which we do not possess now.

              However it is difficult but can be doable, only if you know how to. First you will have to pull your head from where it is now.

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              Please explain what we (the public) have lost due to IOC that we would have had if there was only CPC? Do you know that until the 60’s there were 3 oil companies operating here?

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            Come on guys, Sri Lankans need India to generate growth in the country and Ranil needs India to shield Mahinda. Of course, I would urge Ranil to negotiate an agreement that gives SL a lot of benefits, but please get rid of your anti Indian rhetoric. Mind you, western countries are dying to make trade agreements with India. India has the fastest growing economy.

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          “Who brought IOC?,now people realize the effect.but we can’t terminate the agreement.just they want to loot us.nothing else.(why don’t make such agreements with USA first?)other regional countries does not have such agreements,still they export more goods than us(example: Bangladesh).”

          The answer to your question is, I really don’t know.

          What I was trying to find out was how all this was going to create jobs for Lankans.

          Will all this work? Only God knows! I was looking for a logical explanation. A method for this madness. That’s all.

          “Who brought IOC?”

          Well, in hindsight it looks really foolish but you have to look at it in the context how it came about. Can you remember what power VP had over the government of the country? Him lying on the banks of that lagoon, has diminished people’s memory of the control he had over the destiny of the country. So, in such a tight situation who knows what demands were made from Ranil by India? Do you know how much of control over their oil East Timor had to give Australia for Australia’s help for East Timor to break free from Indonesia?

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        So at last you have seen the light. Great!! I have written elsewhere about what Indian investment did to companies like Kelani Tyres and the Glass Company. Sure they are hard taskmasters (devious and slimy if you wish) but they do bring in the profits. We need more of the same.

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      You can see average salaries in India in “payscale.com” web site.

      It says average Civil Eng earn Ind Rs:352,763 a year. (range Ind Rs. 172K to 882K) That is Ind Rs: 30,000 a month, that is roughly SL Rs: 60,000. As we know, West and Middle East have opening for Engineers from India and also from SL too. Considering current Indian salaries and abroad opportunities, what are the chances of SL getting flood with Indian Engineers? If you go to UAE or Qatar, you can see real flooding of South East Asians workers (from Engineers to labourers) . Can that happen in SL?

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        “It says average Civil Eng earn Ind Rs:352,763 a year. (range Ind Rs. 172K to 882K) That is Ind Rs: 30,000 a month, that is roughly SL Rs: 60,000.”

        All this is well and good but all these are side issues; not the main game.

        I am as deeply apprehensive of India as anyone else here, but what Ranil says has a lot of merit. That’s the best explanation I’ve heard from anyone about this contentious issue. The unfortunate thing is news websites do not give the whole picture; like Murdoch they have hidden agendas. This full video shows how the prominent news-media twist thing to give a totally different picture. When I saw this I tend to agree about his complaints about the media.

        The guy can’t communicate effectively in any language without going ahhhhhhh…. I think like in “King’s Speech” it’s time for him to get a voice coach. :)) Well, this is one reason for his long exile from power. Ranil isn’t as stupid as he looks or sounds.

        One of the best explanations on how to go about building an airport in the South was given by Ranil. When Mahinda accused him of doing feasibility studies for an airport in the South – trying to use that as justification for building it. He said the feasibility studies showed a fully fledged airport was not practical (that’s why people do feasibility studies!) so all he wanted to build was a reasonable-size airstrip in the South – not necessarily in the same place. And hand it over to the forces, so they could have maintained it, and protected it with a few sentries. In future when the need arise, that airstrip can be utilized for a full fledge airport.

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      Analyst is this english difficult for you to understand? “This agreement has not even been drafted, it’s still at discussion stage, so on what basis are they protesting?,”.

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        Firstly learn to read the whole thing before writing your nonsense.
        Half baked cakes gives a sour taste.

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      When you go into lankaenews now, you get a different video.

      The best is to go into YouTube and search for,

      ඉන්දීය වෘත්තිකයන් මෙහි එන්නේ නෑ


      PM Ranil at Hambanthota 20Feb2016

      ඉන්දීය වෘත්තිකයන් මෙහි එන්නේ නෑ -PM Ranil at Hambanthota 20Feb2016

      doesn’t bring up anything because of the – in front of PM.

      Perhaps, one more reason to get Indian help!

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    So first Ranil says:
    “No One Can Stop Us From Signing ECTA With India”

    Then he say:
    “they are spreading baseless lies, and rumors about an agreement that is not even in existence”

    All I can understand by putting both together, he is saying is:

    ‘No One Can Stop Us From Signing ECTA With India that is not even in existence!”

    His brains must be getting crushed between his thighs.

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      Both versions of comments are necessary spins to gauge the political temperature of this issue or for that matter non-issue.

      Whatever is finally decided it’s up to the companies and employers to recruit and sustain the IT personnel. If there is no demand for them then why one should worry, much ado about nothing.

      Most important aspect is one should realise that the government of the day cannot and should not compel local employer to recruit foreigners when local skills are available.

      Does this country possess world-class human resources? If the country is planning to restructure its economy and attract investment, of course, the investors should be assured of many things, quality human resources is one that is essential.

      If Ranil is planning to modernise the economy, then we need modern thinking, modern ways of looking at the economy, modern production inputs, ….

      I doubt those who clamour for blood, do not seem to move on. There petty nationalism will keep this country down, backwards, poor, behind other countries, never be able to catch up with the rest of the world.

      Then they vote the party which promises to import rice from the moon.

      When Chinese built roads no one cried foul for importing 30,000 manual labourers from China. In fact, those jobs should have been given to the locals.

      A few years ago Indian textile Industry imported skilled textile technicians, managers, cutters, .. from Sri Lanka. The hard working skilled workers are sought after through out the world, not the pen pushers, faceless little person behind the desk, bull s*****s …. who have everything to fear for.

      There was a demand for 5000 engineers in India a few years ago. Those jobs should have been filled by our boys had we taken the trouble to sign similar agreement.

      Well when these stupid people cannot see beyond their nose, and cannot see the big picture, our people will continue to miss every opportunity that is presented to them.

      If there is a problem there is also an opportunity.

      If one wants to get out of a deep pit, first one has to stop digging.

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        “Whatever is finally decided it’s up to the companies and employers to recruit and sustain the IT personnel. If there is no demand for them then why one should worry, much ado about nothing.”

        Native Veddah:-
        Companies and Employers look only at the cost to themselves. They will prefer to employ Indian Personnel and Companies if the Cost is lower than Employing Sri Lankans.

        They will Follow where the Politicians Lead them!
        The Result will be more Unemployed Sri Lankans.

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          “Companies and Employers look only at the cost to themselves. They will prefer to employ Indian Personnel and Companies if the Cost is lower than Employing Sri Lankans.”

          This is exactly the little islanders management concept. Not the guiding principle with which successful companies work.

          The employer is not going to hire an unskilled, stupid IT person to work for the business just because he/she is cheap, who produces more headache and problems than with shoddy job costing more money and time to put it right. Time is money.

          Cost of hiring would be the last of all concern.

          The employer would be looking for result oriented person with other skills as well, the candidate should satisfy the person specification and job specification.

          If I were your potential employer, you would have no chance of being offered a job.

          Say for instance, Wipro, Infosys, Tata, …. offer you a $50 million contract to revamp Indian electronic banking system, do you think Lankies are capable of handling the contract at this moment in time.

          They give you the contract tomorrow and expect to complete it by yesterday. Can you donkeys handle it?

          If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, not world class IT personnel.

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        It is sad to see that NV trying to shed some light but not many thumbs up for his opinion from our elite nationalists.

        However, it is nice see general public care about engineers and their jobs. But with confidence I can tell that 70~80% engineers graduated with me are not in SL. This is true for batches 5 years above and as well below me.. Some years back, we tried to organize scholarships (financial help) for needy Eng undergraduates. Main argument came against it was that even today, 60~70% of Eng graduates leave the country within 3 years of their graduation.. Isn’t this one of real and grave problems SL has?

        • 2

          “……..even today, 60~70% of Eng graduates leave the country within 3 years of their graduation.. Isn’t this one of real and grave problems SL has?”

          Do you wonder Why?
          -Because Uneducated Politicians think that they know better than Qualified Engineers, and will not listen to the Technical Aspects put forward by Engineers and other Qualified Personnel!

          And it is all because of Corruption in Handing out Contracts to Politician Preferred Contractors!

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            ” And it is all because of Corruption in Handing out Contracts to Politician Preferred Contractors!”

            You missed another vital tradition, the minister’s mistress’s siblings running various departments.

            Since there is no growth, variety and challenge in what the engineers do here, they find monotony setting in and unable to realise their true potential. They go abroad to unleash it.

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    Why can’t he publish the framework and talk to professionals in the country instead of gloating and threatening. This should not be that difficult. JVP, JO, unions oppose this and it is PM’s duty to explain what is negotiated.

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      “JVP, JO, unions oppose this and it is PM’s duty to explain what is negotiated.”

      Without carefully looking at the agreement how can they oppose? There no agreement so far. The bureaucrats are asked to draft the proposals.

      What’s the matter with you stupid people?

      If these idiots really want to progress they should draft their own proposals and pass it on to the ministry which is presently dealing with it.

      By the way, JVP, JO, and unions want highly paid permanent jobs for doing nothing.

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        Malik Samarawikrama is the one who made the disclosure. Only STUPID people believe what PM says. Now he is backtracking because of the protests.

        STUPID people in JVP, JO and Unions remember how PM signed the agreement with LTTE. Did he disclose that to the President or parliament?

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          Our stupid PM only signed a CFA to break the back bone of the LTTE. The smart people of this nation with high literacy rate, failed to understand it.

          On the other hand, our smart patriot paid millions to LTTE to win elections and hoodwink the smart people for 10 years.

          How stupid our PM can be ! Our PM is an insult to this self sufficient, smart nation !!

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    There is no need for Ranil to be Machiavellian.

    He must simply go about his business and get this ECTA done with or without mass protest.

    Xenophobia is xenophobia which is nothing but a tool in the armoury of all politicians of all countries. For the people of Sri Lanka xenophobia is misplaced. It is the Sri Lankans that we Sri Lankans should be wary about in the first place. Whether it is the Sri Lankan politicians who lie their way to the parliament who then go on to rob the exchequer, or the policemen who will let you go only with the oiling of his palm, or the peon who stands guard at the entrance to the Kachcheri who will not let you see his boss unless the correct incentive is paid, or the doctor mudalali who need to be paid their ever increasing fee before giving their mediocre treatment, or the saffron robed racists thugs who go on the ever so often rampages, I reiterate it is the Sri Lankans the Sri Lankans should fear.

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    Native Vedda asked: “Does this country possess world class human resources”? Just look around. Haven’t you seen that “world class human resources” developed and thrived starting from the “war winnings” to the 2015 end and still continuing to operate very smartly under this Yahapalanaya regime. As we know now, those who held power and their families and goons have done very well in managing their economies very well and that had gone beyond imaginations. They have even very successfully left all the investigative machinery in the larch. Some of those are still “enjoying” the company of elite (I saw them at the “Navam perahera” at Hunupitiya Gangaramaya) with all the luxuries raining on them. Just look at one of the ongoing examples; Sri Lankan Airlines that eats into the life blood of the tax payers money in millions and billions. Does this Government KNOW what to do with it or how to run it. Look at the “Human Resource” factor that has been brought into operate it very recently. An army man who walked into Human Resources Department with a letter from an ex Defense Boss during the last regime and got a Managerial position in, in-flight services operations today is a “General Manager” with the blessings of a Minister and a Deputy Minister.That is how we “Fine Tune” our Human Resources and in judging from these trends, how could anyone think of “Fine Tuning” these international agreements such as ECTA to restructure our economy and attract investments? We are at a loss to understand WHO IS HUMBUGGING WHOM and that is our DILEMMA.

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      Thanks for your comment.

      Hindu reported today:

      A delegation of officials from India will visit Colombo on March 4 to hold talks with Sri Lankan officials regarding the proposed Economic and Technology Cooperation Agreement (ETCA), Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told Parliament on Tuesday.

      During the discussion, the two countries would exchange their draft, and Parliament and all parties would be taken into confidence before finalising the agreement, the Prime Minister said.

      Assuring the House that his government would be transparent on the proposed pact, Mr. Wickremesinghe said unlike in the now-aborted Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), there would not be any provision in the ETCA for movement of natural persons [also known as Mode 4].

      In the event of any shortage of professionals in Sri Lanka, the proposed agreement would be amended after consulting stakeholders concerned.

      The new pact would cover areas such as financial services, promotion of trade and investment, e-commerce and tourism.

      Explaining the rationale behind the pact, the Prime Minister said: “We cannot capture the world market on our own. We need support [from other countries].”

      He reiterated that the ETCA would be beneficial to the country and none in Sri Lanka would be “adversely affected”. The proposed pact would pave the way for generation of employment opportunities and investment, he added. Later, when members of the Opposition raised questions why an Indian firm was roped in for implementing the Emergency Ambulance Health Protection Service [a variant of the 108 Emergency Response Services], Mr. Wickremesinghe challenged them to cite an example of one local service provider and he said he was willing to assign one province to any such agency.

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    The Prime Minister, should Welcome all Comments, For and Against, from the Public and concerned Professional Associations, so that He and His Team, could ‘Fine Tune’ the Final Draft of the ETCA.

    He Cannot be Expected to see all the Implications of such an Agreement! It is the People who think That their Livelihood may be Affected, who are Commenting.

    It must not be misconstrued as a Political Stunt!

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    Wonder whose Brother, Sister , Cousin , Nephew , Girlfriend or B I law will get the contract and become rich overnight and poor Srilankans and Srilanka will be the losers as usual and follow the Srilankan tradition.

    The tradition is individuals ( the family tree) getting RICH by winning the contract.
    This is ” Vande Madaram ” or ” Jai Hind ” in Hindi I suppose.

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    Ranil Wickramasinghe,

    RE: ECTA Not Yet Drafted But Groups Are Protesting: Ranil

    “Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said today that he will not let groups with vested interests create unnecessary problems within the country by spreading rumors and lies about the proposed ECTA with India.”

    Why not take the issues they are protesting into account and rebut if you have good points and support.

    May be some are claiming that the Sun goes around the Earth, and the others, the other way around. Be transparent and for all to see.

    People do not want it to be Galileo Trial, a Galileo Inquisition. What is the Truth?

    UnCommon Core | Galileo’s Trial : ECTA Trial?

    Uploaded on Aug 9, 2011

    Tragic Heroes? Ranil Generally good, but had a tragic Flaw, ECTA non-Transpatency

    The 1633 trail of Galileo Galilei before the Roman Inquisition is one of the most famous chapters in the struggle between authority and the freedom of expression. Based on the actual trial depositions from the Vatican Archives, “Galileo’s Trial” will examine the issues that led Galileo to be tried for heresy. They are both more complicated, and simpler, than you might think.


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    You make a lot of noise claiming no one can stop you from signing it. Then you say it hasn’t even been drafted. So you’re the one making Asberger like childish statements. You have become arrogant and mask your insecurities by trying to sound macho. That’s not going to fly except with your fawning Colombo 7 Swadeshi mill types.

    Your “poda Mahinda poda” screeching still rings . You say people are traitors for opposing a bill you claim no one can stop you from signing though it’s not drafted. You’re are the same chap who said Thoppigala was useless.

    Your leading ministers(kariella, Samaraweera, Ravi K) all ridiculed army efforts , and sacrifices; and then you now are so afraid of the military you beg our hero Fonseka to come in to save your government because you are paranoid about military coups. Everyone is laughing at you Sir. They know how afraid you’re of a military putsch.

    Sir please be transparent and publish the entire bill. Let the people discuss the pros and cons.

    It’s really not becoming the way you make threats and spew foolish utterances on a regular basis. Not everyone undertands Asbergers.

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    hey [Edited out]joker, do something meaningful without threatening professionals

  • 1

    The ETCA is survival tactics of UNP leader return to power after long absence since 1994 by support from Indian RAW secret services; since 2015 January 9th that Political coup led by Indian -RAW and US-CIA had installed NEW Puppet Regime in centre of state in Colombo-
    Sri lanka.

    Well, indeed see that ARBITRARINESS has been replace to UNP’s democratic leadership by UNP Ranil W….! just imagine what a depth of vile, ETCA subservience to Indian with trade and Services to the Big bourgeoisies vital interest,; and most inept pedantry is contained in such a reproach by so-called “National Government” led by MS, UNP-Ranil.W… and CBK!

    When UNP-Ranil W….just of his political madness through Indian -RAW and for most part of ETCA that reactionary lawyers of UNP in the
    Neo-Liberal policy in current Government in Sri lanka has been drawing up most unknown details Rules and Regulations of the proposed Trade Agreement (ETCA) with India.

    Hence, while writing on ETCA on scores of thousands articles and speeches of laws and interpretation of Trade agreements by bureaucrats and RAW funded politicians and their Lawyer to oppress Sri Lankan nation; by and large UNP current ruling leadership to bind the majority People hand and foot and place millions of Sri lanakn hindrances and obstacles development and democracy.

    That is New type of politics advocated by of UNP way of ‘democracy’. That is “Rule of Law” of UNP junta regime which kept down poor Sri lanakn have all been thought out and written down.

    The UNP proposed ETCA by UNP lawyers of himself of UNP-Ranil, who know how to interpret the Trade Laws with India in such way that the People of masses can never break through the barbered -wire entanglements of theses laws .

    This is ARBITARNESS of part of UNP -‘democracy’ that Neo-Colonial politics has been an introduce since 2015 January 9th.
    This is type of dictatorship of the sordid and self-seeking plundering and exploiters wealth of Sri Lankan by UNP who are sucking ours national wealth. Nothing the this kind of Democracy of UNP has been never advocated since last 30 odd years.

    It is “pure democracy” of UNP-Ranil W…,which is becoming purer and purer every day! The Ranil W….. an ardent and convinced supporter of the victory of Indian big bourgeoisies Trade interest to be betray ongoing democratic revolution in Island.

    The Primer-minister of Sri Lankan has to follow;



    ARTICL III bis Disclosure of Confidential information.
    ARITICAL IV Increasing Participation of Developing Countries.
    ARTICLE V Economic Integration
    Article V bis Labour Markets Integration Agreements
    Article VI Domestic Regulation.
    Article VII Recognition
    Article VIII Monopolies and Exclusive Services Supplies.
    Article IX Business Practices
    Article X Emergency Safeguard Measures
    Article XI Payments and Transfers
    Article XII Restrictions to Safeguard the Balance of Payments.
    Article XIII Government Procurement
    Article XIV General Exceptions.
    Article XIV bis Security Exceptions
    Article XV Subsidies.

    PART III—–Specific Commitments
    Article XVI Market Access
    Article XVII National Treatment
    Article XVIII Additional Commitments.

    The members of negotiation commitments with respect to measure affecting Trade in services not subjects to scheduling under Article XVI or XVII including those regarding qualifications, standards or licensing matters. Such commitments shall be inscribed in a member’s Schedule.

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    Prime Minister,

    You have reason to be annoyed. What you have done in parliament, very effectively, is the best way to confront untruth.

    Incidentally, was MR in parliament yesterday? If he was’he should have told you in parliament not to sell Sri Lanka to India!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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    We are in process that as a Sri lakan nation to be FREE to build our own domestic development version of sustainability Path and Model of Capitalism.

    The so-called ETCA that UNP led Trade Agreement with India, that our economy keeping at bay because it was build for and operated at level of vital interest of Indian Economic hegemony, since 1987 Indo-Sri Lankan accord sing by UNP-JRJ neo-colonial policies-of which that UNP’s type of “Democracy” for Few.

    As well as FREE Trade Agreement with Indian in 1998 by CBK mismanagement and misrule of whole system of under-develop capitalism in Sri lanka.

    That was period of war tone democracy had been operated by CBK-SLFP’s Neo-liberal politics of family oriented nepotism since 1994 to 2004.

    Due to UNP policies led by the leadership of since 2015 January 9th MS, CBK and UNP-Ranil.W… led ‘National alliance Government of TNA and JVP are the suffer of TWO blind spots.

    1 They have push for rapid and deep integration in to Indian economy and let institutional underpinning catch up later.

    2 The Indian and US hyper globalization would have mostly effects of domestic institutional arrangements by politically, economically and socially since 2015 January 9th.

    The crisis of both Trade and Finance of US and Indian the cause of culminating in the financial meltdown of 2015 January 9th have laid bare that expand size of these two blind spots.

    We have to reinvented for a New Policies of Trade which the forces of Economic Global Sustainability’s are much more powerful.

    The mixed economy model was the crowning achievement of 20th century.
    The new balance that it could established between State and Market will be future Sri Lankan underpinned an unprecedented period of political economic and social cohesion, stability, prosperity and
    the every citizens of Sri Lankan realised; that this unprecedentedly strong and deep going movement cannot confined to any of UNP old frameworks or held in check by US and Indian masters at petty politics neither by US world domination, and Indian -skilled BJP Hinduism of democracy of hegemonic which that capitalist base democracy.

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    I agree we have to protect our bottom line and middle level employees. But at the top line we should be more competitive. We should agree we should raise our level of competency say in the field of Expert Consultant Doctors, Highly qualified Engineers and Expert CEOs. If we want our Hospitals, companies and our products to be world class, we should open up these space for both sides. Our IT professionals can go and work in World Class IT companies in India. India is actively pursuing it dream “Made in India” project. All big Automobile companies already have their plants in India. Since lot more companies to come, our engineers will have an opportunity work in these companies in India. Not only that; we should encourage these companies to open their Accessories Plants in Sri Lanka. It will create lot of job opportunities.

    We should negotiate and get quotas for our students to study in prestigious IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) and IIMs (Indian Institute of Management). This will definitely help to raise our competency at the top line. Not only that; in our Universities, there are shortages for competent professors in some fields. We can get these filled from India.

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    German Diplomats in Mumbai said Ranil’s FCTA with India is ace.

    May be Bodhi Sira told the Germans because Batalanada reckons there is nothing of that sort.

    So who is telling Fibs ?. German’s or Batalanda Ranil?..

    Any way Batalanda’s body language at Ganagaramaya indicated that he was not comfortable listening to Podi Hamuduruwa’s sermon.

    Wonder whether it was because Podi Hamuduruwo kept telling the politikkas in front of the gathering,to not tell lies.

    • 3

      KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

      “German Diplomats in Mumbai said Ranil’s FCTA with India is ace. “

      And the asses are clamouring for Ranils’ blood, without even knowing what is in the agreement.

      Are you an IT expert, an economist …… high-flying management (Guru) consultant, Peter Drucker’s disciple, under study to Alvin Toffler futurist (known for the digital revolution, communication revolution and technological singularity), a business magnate, ?

      • 0

        Dear Native,

        Why don’t you ask your mate, Harin Fernanado, the Digital Minister?…

        • 2

          KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

          “Why don’t you ask your mate, Harin Fernanado, the Digital Minister?…”

          He has the state machinery working for him.

          By the way, unlike you, I am not hangers on, hence, he wouldn’t speak to me.

          And I am not inclined to give him an audience for I am too busy.

          You haven’t answered my question.

          • 0

            Dear Native,

            Of course they have the State Machinery working for them big time..

            Poor voters in the country can’t get their Cataract cleaned, because they don’t have the LKR 5400 which the hospitals charge.

            Yahapalana Health Minister Dr Rajitha flies all the way to Singapore to get a Pig’s valve fitted.

            • 2

              KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

              “Poor voters in the country can’t get their Cataract cleaned, because they don’t have the LKR 5400 which the hospitals charge. “

              Since when did the hospitals start charging for cataract operations? And what are you doing about it?

              Playing golf?

              “Of course they have the State Machinery working for them big time..”

              Earlier of course, the state machinery didn’t have to work, just get monthly pay in the bank, allowances, perks, commissions, ….. everything was hunky dory. All that they did was to carry b***s of the most ruthless, corrupt, powerful, … ministers and MR.

              Now you see the mandarins need to justify their existence (pay and perks too) in the ministries. A bit more work won’t harm them.

              • 0

                Dear Native,

                You raised a good point mate..

                Can you find out from the Diaspora Suren whether this LKR 5400 is a Yahapalana Tax on our poor Dalits’ Cataracts?.

                Thank you for asking me what I am doing about it.

                In fact I am trying to organize a Fund Raiser to help at least 100 poor Dalits.

                How much do you want to put in?..

  • 3


    We have a very good university (except we do not recruit only talented students) and a very good education. Why do you think we can’t compete with Indians. Let Runil sign anything, we can compete with anyone in talent and in salary. If we are not confidant with our talent, then we stick to what we are good at – may be fighting with innocent citizens or food making or catching sea pirates or what ever area brain is not needed. First we have to learn to treat out own people with dignity, why we waste so much money and keep those lacy army in North and cry- no money to give employment to educated youngsters, don’t you think it is 20th century stupidity.

  • 1

    Mr Prime Minister you have already proclaimed that nobody can stop you from signing the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with India. Now you are saying that the draft is not finalized. Don’t worry about others. As the leader you must be honest. You have been twisting your words lately. Don’t you think that you need to be an example to average citizens?

  • 1

    It appears Ranil is short on modern thinking suffering from a bout of Alzhimers.

    On the one hand he states he will go ahead with ETCA and on the other hand states agreement is not yet in print.

    Is this a leader taking the country to the next Era???????????

  • 2

    Where is Bodhipala Sirisena?

    UNP Senasinghe denigrates the one time SLFP heavy and current Yahapalana Senior minister John Amratunga in Parliament.

    Pakiosothy Sarawanamuttu, and his mate Mangala Samaraweera , sent the war winning commander Gallage to Colombo to do clerical work.

    Our SL Airforce can’t use the Northern air space .

    Has Batalanda Ranil thrown the gauntlet to Bodhipala Sirisena ?

    After worshiping Podi Hamuduruwao at Gangaramaya..

  • 2

    PM may be to some extent ‘less corrupt’ than an average politician of this country. However what he says needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. There are so many issue to show that he is not so reliable.

    If the draft has not been made why did he said that even anyone opposes this agreement will be implemented. What was he trying to implement if there was no agreement. We have seen under MS, PM tries to do things on his own but later realizes the gravity of the problem and backs out. Here also the same thing is happening. He thought he can do what he wanted but now on the back foot.

    Though PMs fiscal policy understanding is far better than MR he needs to get various views from experts from various schools (literally also). For example appointing 3 medical people to UGC committee without a single representative from humanities (which comprises the majority of staff and students in Sri Lankan universities) clearly shows that he needs to be receptive even at ‘domestic level’.

  • 0

    My congratulations to all professionals and other stake holders for protesting against the so called Economic and Technical cooperation agreement ,by the Yahapalana govt, led by Ranil. He has seen “stars” and now changed his tone.

    He would have realised that professionals and others cannot be shot and burnt and thrown to rivers as he and Preme did to JVP in 1989 and completely suppressed JVP and his role at Batalanda cannot be implemented with professionals especially led by our doctors/enginners.

    I also happy that the guys who were largely instrumental in Bringing Ranil to power by expecting him to be the so called democrat ,that ranil is worst that Hitler and showing his true nature within less than one year.

    Ranil was only trying solve the problem of few businessmen like Milik and other few guys by acting as agents and get commissions,etc

    Considering the fact that labour cost in Sri Lanka is much higher than Sri Lanka , why the hell indians want to come here and employ Sri Lankan for whom indians companies have to pay more.Is there a shortage of labour in India.at present more than 40 million people are unemployed in India.
    supposing Sri lanka had the big market like say china with more than billion peole it makes sense as products can be sold locally. for example Japanese Honda ,Toyota have set up plants in USA, Canada, europe etc, becuase it is cheaper to produce them locally and market.

    On the other hand if sri lankan Labour is much cheaper than indian labour ,it makes sence. Like American ,canadian, German companies have relocated their plants in countries like China ,vietnam, and outsourcing IT work to India etc.

    so considering all these factors, disadvantages far outweigh by entering to an agreement with a so called friendly neighbour/relation (because we all sinhala and tamil both decendants of /forefathers as per records came from india.We all remember the way, our relation/ friend invaded our country gave life to LTTE (having trained them)
    and one of the most dangerous nations to be dealt with and to be kept at arms length.
    Indian all action are decided by their political and other considerations. India is not a country to be trusted with, look at how they are treating other neighbours. Nepal is in the present plight becuase of india.

    Why We sri lankan are in this present plight because Largely of India.

    once again my congratulations to everybody for protesting the so called ETCA and showing Ranil and the gang (gay mangalaya ,with only ssc talking like an expert. both being gay, they want to enjoy power and do not worry about future generations as unlike you and i irrespective of whether Muslim, Tamil or Sinhala , they have no future generation.

    • 3


      “Considering the fact that labour cost in Sri Lanka is much higher than Sri Lanka ,”

      How can labour cost in Sri Lanka is much higher than Sri Lanka?

      Shouldn’t it be equal? Which other Sri Lanka are you talking about?

      By the way why do countries (Europe & USA) buy garments from Sri Lanka where as the labour cost is much cheaper in Bangladesh?

      Why do the Germans manufacture quality motor vehicles in their country and not in Sri Lanka where the cost of labour is much cheaper?

      Have you had time or the intellectual curiosity to look into David Ricardo’s basic comparative advantage model or its variations?

      Economic decisions are not solely made on pathetic parochial patriotic reason but aiming to achieve long term development goals. Long term development goals are many and varied.

      Now you sound like a pathetic smart ass patriot tell us what are the long term development goals of this island if there is any and how do you set about achieving them, given that we are living in a complex and fast moving globalised world?

      Say if Infosys India gives this country a sub-contract worth $50 Million (for unknown reasons). The contract involves providing IT service to Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN) for the next two years.

      Will your professionals take up the challenge and deliver the service to the utmost satisfaction? The contract covers the period from 01/03/2016 to 28/02/18.

  • 1

    If the ETCA has not even been drafted why is the PM shooting his mouth off? The way he is speaking to all and sundry indicates that he is going to enact it even if the entier Sri Lanka is against it. Stupid for a PM to behave in this arrogant manner.I have said before and say it again, The President and PM better govern and lead the country, both look quite lost and people are not going to wait till these two and the clowns called ministers get their act together.

  • 0

    Native Vadda

    Considering the fact that labour cost in Sri Lanka is much higher than India (not Sri Lanka) , why the hell indians want to come here and employ Sri Lankan for whom indians companies have to pay more.

    This is what I meant, you would certainly would have understood it was a typing miskake, unless you a real vedda who has had no education at all.

    Any way wedda from your tone i guess that you are an extremist from a descendent from south India and of course not recent recent descent from indian origin for whom you all will not offer even a glass of water and not entertain by offering even a chair to sit or allow them to enter your hindu kovils.
    anyway, considering the fact that indian labour is largely cheaper than Sri Lanka and there is a huge unemployed population who can be employed in India ,I do not see much advantage in Indians firms starting business in Sri Lanka considering ,past most unpleasant experience with Govt of India as having more influence of india on our economy will allow them to manipulate our system at their will and pleasure.
    secondly, India in such an indecent haste to have this agreement finalised, and why Ranil is loosing his cool and acting like a mad fellow ,so called gentleman .Because, he together with Pala, has to perform the agreement with india for the role india played in defeating previous regime, unattainable goal by Maithree and Ranil without indian and west manipulations.
    On the otherhand, if India was located in europe or North America, I will not bother so much ,because then even if indian labour is cheap it would cost more money companies to bring Indian labor and therefore despite cheap indian labour overall it is advantageous for indian companies to employ Sri Lankan labor.
    On the otherhand ,I am a firm believe that we ourselves can only solve our problems and only in special situations we can have Agreements with other countries but only after careful and due consideration of pluses and minuses.
    on the overall I consider India is the last country to seek assistance or help to solve our problems.
    In our country ,main problem for unemployment is our attitude towards certain jobs and lot of people want more money with least effort.there are severe shortage of skilled workers in construction industry and for farming etc.
    SO what govt must try to do is try their best to change attitude of young people and inculcate good work ethics among the young. It is the way to solve our problems.
    Neighbours are coming here to solve their problems, even if they bring some benefits, but at a high price, it is especially true with India.
    Pala and Ranil is boasting that West now have great love towards ,so if that is true, why not beg Canada,Germany ,France,UK etc. to relocate their manufacturing Plant and outsource work to us and not to China, their “so called” enemies.

    Finally ,Please remember Native Vedda, politicians will not solve our problems, they will only manipulate us to be in power or come to power, and in the process will rouse our religious,racial or caste differences and thereby further aggravate the problem so we sinhalese and tamil fight with each other and kill us ,as we have learn through past experience.
    So dear Native vedda you may be a tamil and i may be Sinhalese as per our birth certificates but perhaps,in reality, you may be a sinhalese and i may be a Tamil (as you know for the activities below naval , you do not consider relationships and race and religion.
    So Native Vadda please do not misunderstand but kindly, appreciate our concerns with regard to dealings with India.

    • 2


      “Considering the fact that labour cost in Sri Lanka is much higher than India (not Sri Lanka) , why the hell indians want to come here and employ Sri Lankan for whom indians companies have to pay more.”

      Could you let me have comparative cost analysis for both countries. I hope you have access to Indian labour cost details and I love to see a comprehensive summary.

      Companies investment decisions are not solely rest on labour costs.

      I am not here to tech you basic economics, international trade, technology and skill transfer, turn key projects, training, management, comparative advantage, market development, ….. employment, fimance, capital ………

      You should endeavor to learn them from Wimal Weerawansa, Dayan, ……… Anura Kumara Disanayake ………. who still live in the past.

      Why does Sri Lanka (and the world) depend on USA for world wide web (internet) communication. Internet traffic are still passing through the switching equipment of companies based in the United States.

      Can you not design, run and control your own system so that you could secure your independence, sovereignty, self respect, your slice of employment, using your own resources, technology, skills, …… etc?

      The world is increasingly becoming interconnected, globalised, … interdependent.

      I suggest you pull your head out of where it is and see the world as should be.

      You are concerned only about wages, but the world is not going sit back and wait for you to join it, another miss opportunity the Sinhala/Buddhist cannot and will not see.

      When we have Wimal as a popular leader ………….

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