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Election-Night Coup: Gammanpila Suffers From Duminda Silva Syndrome, He Can’t Remember

Despite relating quite a detailed account of his version of the events that transpired at the Temple Trees on the election night, Udaya Gammanpila today said that he cannot recall whether the de facto Chief Justice Mohan Pieris was present there that night.

Speaking to the media outside the CID headquarters in Colombo today, Gammanpila said there was no attempt to impose emergency regulations but added there was a discussion on whether curfew should be imposed.

“There were concerns about the safety of several UPFA politicians including UPFA Provincial councillor Samanmali Sakalasooriya as a group of UNP supporters had attempted to attack her at a counting center. Several areas in Colombo too were prone to violence and there was a worry on whether the UPFA supporters would be victimized,” he said.

He added that apart from such a discussion, the only other instructions given by the departing President Rajapaksa was to assist in preparing for the swearing in of the newly elected President.

“His only concern was the security of his brother Gotabaya and he carried out a discussion with the present Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on the matter. That is all that happened that night,” Gammanpila said.

However, when questioned by a journalist on whether CJ Pieris was at the Temple Trees he said, “There was a large gathering there that night, so. . . I cannot say for sure whether I saw him there. “

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