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Enough Is Enough! Gnanasara Should Be Arrested!

By Harishchandra Lokumanna

Harishchandra Lokumanna

Ven Galagoda Atte Gnanasara was a Post War creation who according to MR himself was a product of a Western conspiracy. This demagogue brought a new phase to militant Buddhism, which has been continuously sabotaging the concept of a united multi ethnic Sri Lanka since Independence. This person in robes made it ordinary to use awful un-Buddhist filthy and uncivilized language when making references to other religions specially Islam and Muslims. I am confident that any Buddhist parent will switch off the TV or the radio if his talk or interviews are shown/relayed in full. Many leading Sangharatne and Buddhist leaders have spoken against his rowdy thuggish hate speeches and behaviour unbecoming of a Buddhist monk. However, he has been still allowed to operate without fear or favour.

I wonder why this character needs more lessons from the Sinhala Buddhists in this country when he and his Cobra outfit BJP were well and truly wiped out from the election race in August 2015, even losing his deposit. His track records have been criminal. There was a charge of drunken driving against him initially as far as we know. Then many other charges followed when he began insulting Islam and Muslims in Sri Lanka as well as the Quran without adhering to the vinaya pitaka he is bound to follow, quoting a concept of Thaqiya which my inquiries reveal has no basis in Islam. In fact he was arrested for insulting the Court as well as insulting the Quran but later released on bail. Today, he has many companions to support him in his hate campaign like the Mahasonas and Sinhaley.

True, he had his patron saints during the MR regime. Gota as his demi-God allowed Gnanasara a free reign to whatever he wills and whatever the Devil whispers in his ears. However, it is not acceptable that this Yahapalana government which came to power to promote national reconciliation and to stop this hate campaign also allows him to continue without any barriers. Recent misplaced speech of Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe in the Parliament was Gnanasara’s desert and he relished it and spread it with much delight. Later he showed signs of toning down after his Sasanarakshaka Sabha met with Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe and talked of sorting out these issues in a peaceful manner. However this was shortlived and now he has gone to full blast which shows he is a delusional character who should be given psychiatric treatment like that the other foul mouthed ‘Saviour of Buddhists’ Dan Prasad.

In his latest press interview, he has gone to the worst lowly levels of insulting the God of the Muslims in worse terms available for instance calling him an octopus. I am surprised and impressed how the Muslims are keeping their level headedness in the face of these insults to their religion which speaks of their maturity. Muslims know that this is not the view of the Sinhala Buddhist majority of this country who has been living in amity with the Muslims since the time of the Sinhala kings. However, there are limits to patient levels and the youth among the Muslims may be provoked to act in haste as well.

It is the duty of the Yahapalana Government to act without any delay or hesitation as further delays may aggravate the very sensitive situation which is prevailing in the country. There is a cyber war and cyber warriors who carry Sinhala Buddhist names and memes who are persistently posting hate speeches and demonising Islam and Muslims. These groups are going all over the country spreading hate and their next major hate rally will be in Batticoloa supporting another monk Sumanaratne Thero who has also been seen using utter filth against Police and government officers.

It is time that this demagogue hate monk Gnanasara Thero and his likes should be dealt with, arrested and punished for insulting a religion of more than a million citizens of this country (and of more than a quarter of the world’s population) and causing irreparable harm and bitterness among two major communities living in the South- Sinhalese and the Muslims. Any further delays in taking him to task will give wrong signals to his gang of rowdy pseudo warriors who have delusions in protecting Buddhism in this country in this shameful manner, but in fact they are actually destroying it in style. Sinhala Buddhist population too should speak out loud and clear that these Gnanasaras and Prasads are speaking NOT in their name and should lobby with the government to take effective against these so-called ‘demons in disguise calling themselves as ‘saviours’ of their dear religion of Buddhism.

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