27 November, 2021


Even Mervin And Rajpal…

By Helasingha Bandara

It was reported that Theverapperuma’s membership was suspended by the UNP for verbally abusing and physically threatening its Leader Ranil Wikremesinghe.  Let’s begin with some infamous examples of violent people and violence.  Mervin and his son, famous for both giving and receiving .The Rupavahini episode comes to mind first. Rangebandara was another example for a severe receiver. Rajpal Abeynayake was hopitalised after an assault. There are many examples from within the parliament. Parliament is supposed to be the supreme house and those who occupy the benches are expected to behave supremely, do they?   Outside, the whole country is violent and assault is a common place occurrence, anywhere and every where and any time and all times.


Whilst many countries in the developed world have almost eradicated the epidemic of physical assaults, ours is getting worse. Assault on a person is considered a serious offence in those countries and it is guaranteed that a physical assault on a person is charged at the courts of law. If proven guilty hefty fines are levied on the culprits and even jail sentences are not ruled out depending on the severity of the assault.  More importantly, society condemns people who are violent and aggressive. Therefore, everyone thinks twice before assaulting another. In day to day living, assault is almost unseen except for drunken brawls during anti-social hours beside nightclubs. On the contrary assault is so common in Sri Lanka that thousands are being assaulted daily and people are hit for the slightest disagreement.

Assault Culture in Sri Lanka

In the Sinhala language ‘gahanawa’ (hit) is prefixed by a range of words in a range of fields. For example



Field of Sports- Bola Gahanawa – This includes Cricket (Cricket gahanawa), football, Volley Ball, Elle and all sots of other balls including coconut (pora Pol gahanawa)

Agriculture – Pohora gahanawa (Fertilize), Thel gahanawa (Spray pesticides/weedicides) etc

Politics – Mada gahanawa (Slinging mud), geta gahanawa (scheming), kela gahanawa (spitting)

There are thousands of other examples including Adi Gahanawa (Drinking), Thadi Gahanawa (beating particularly women), Anda Gahanawa (calling), Goda gahanawa (Stacking), Hama Gahanawa (Skinning) etc. For the benefit of Apriya and Kakkushima I refrain from bringing in examples of other forms of Gehili (hitting) which should not have violent connotations but love and care. Unfortunately gahanawa has invaded every field of action indiscriminately. So everything is almost some form of a gehilla or assault in our language and no wonder assault has become so common in daily activities. Such words as gahanawa (hit), maranawa (Kill) are almost at the tip of the tongue of most people and they spit them out without hesitation or remorse. People hit each other at every situation and every place.  An entertainment event has never ended without a few groups fighting. A public transport station that does not see physical violence is hard to find, a simple debate ends up in a fight and the Universities, colleges and schools breed more thugs than ever. Why hitting is so common in our society that boasts of being 90% literate and of being fashioned by non- violent cultures and religions.

Glorification of Chandi culture

Chandiya, Ganankaraya are celluloid character heroes who fight against injustice, famously portrayed by Gemini Forsake and some others in the past.  That must have an influence in the acceptance that assault is part of life.

Other reasons

Culturally, assault is not considered serious in our society. Recently a minister’s son and his cronies assaulted a son of a DIG. The Minister justified the assault as a simple brawl between young people. “Kollo ohoma thama gahagannawa” (It is the nature of boys to fight with each other). The vast majority of assaults is unreported because of the belief that there would not be any action or punishment. In most of the reported cases, parties are called upon to settle the matter with a shaking of hands.

Another reason is the unwritten protection for the politicians, their sons and the supporters who unleash violence to intimidate anyone standing their way. Politicians, their kith and kin and the supporters are too many and once all of them engage in violence and intimidatory behavior it escalates to mega proportions and can hardly be curtailed.

The legal system pay scat attention to assault. It is therefore in the rise. The irony is that in Sri Lanka the offender is also the aggressor. For example when some one breaks a road rule and if another questions that, the offender becomes the aggressor. “ado katawaha ganin. Nethnam gahanawa”.  (shut it or I will hit) where as anywhere else the offender is the one to shut up or in most cases to apologise.

Despite our claim to be a highly civilized nation, living in Sri Lanka where assault is rampant, is a daunting task for the powerless. Assaulting is barbaric behavior from the point of view of a peace loving person. People need the freedom to live without the fear of being assaulted. Assault can come any time any where in this island like a stalking tiger. Therefore assault has to be eradicated from among us. Even Mervin and Rajpal should not be assaulted.

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  • 9

    Some guy beat up Rajpal? Damn, how did we miss this story?! :D

    • 7

      CT editor: what an ugly scoundrel this perv. misogynist Rajpal is!
      Poor thing!

    • 8

      What about the Rajapaksa Sons assaulting a Rugby referee and going scott free? Gahana culture trickles down from the top and include Mahinda Rajapaksa’s foul language sprees..
      But no one criticizes let alone assaults Mahinda Rajapakse or his corrupt and criminal brothers or sons. The Jarapassa family has immunity and impunity to promote violence and corruption..

      Thus following their shining example Sir Lanka’s politicians who are supposed to be law makers are the biggest law breakers today: And Sinhalaya Modayas now think that DEMOCRACY is: feudalism, cronism, nepotism, Money politics, might is right etc. rather than rule of law, ethical behaviour, separation of powers, independent judiciary and MERITOCRACY, transparency, Right to info, accountability.. etc
      Sri Lanka needs a massive CIVIC and VOTER education campaign to tell the Sinhalaya modayas to vote wisely…

    • 5

      Me too, I did not know this.
      If this happened to Rajapal on repeated frequenz today, millions that keep away from checks and balances of the current brutal regime would have become happy – seeing the way Ditta damma wedaneeya really in function.

    • 5

      That is why he is known as Rajkattapal Abeynayake!

    • 4

      I want to know why he stopped beating him. The rascal needed a good battering.

    • 4

      Rajpal was assaulted at the annual Voetlights dinner of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka in Dec 2011.
      He was then the editor of Lakbima. As its commonly known Rajpal likes his free drinks made a few remarks, tongue in cheek, about the former chief justice Sarath Nanda Silva, where upon he was assaulted by a fellow black coat.
      Rajpal was admitted to Hospital for physical discomfort. Minister Rambukwella visited him in Hospital. A few months later he was appointed Editor of the Daily Noose.


      • 1

        Let us have the details of what happened behind the tuck shop. Must be interesting

  • 3

    Great piece. Thanks.

    Agree with you every word you say about that assualt has become a part of the lanken so called civilized nation today. However, what is contrast to the masses today – is, this has become to the levels – today – that people consider it is just normal to them NOT TO REACT against realizing consequences for them will be beaten/go missing/murdered by the rulers themselves (journalists, law personnels and other public servant are reported in the recent past) As it is common to the animals too, human beings would not react accordingly because of the DEATH FEAR, nothing else.

    I am though living out of the country, I have heard president himself use the VERY SAME COMMON FILTHY WORDING- THAT HAS A GREATER IMPACT ON THE CRIME FRIENDLY SOCIETY TODAY, as to the very same manner most uncivilized MERVIN/Kumarawalgama and other uncultured/uneducated politicians have been practising in broad day light. So, poor masses whose first priority to survive the life, have better choice, would feel to follow the president and politicians.

    I am telling you, last time while visiting my aged parents, I wondered myself hearing following sinhala words, that I thought previously were not civlized enough to use in public statements:

    a) Babahukun – this I heard has become common word in every house hold (I wondered myself hearing came from one of my female relatives)

    b) Mala paninawa – I though thought it was (mala paha koranawa), but later only I knew it was to become very angry(furious)

    etc… anyway, I have forgotten the other terms that I found very new to us who have been away from the country for the last few decades

    • 2


      So, poor masses whose first priority to survive the life, have NO better choice, would feel JUST to follow the president and politicians.

    • 2

      Its an okay article but strongly disagree with the very last sentence.

      Hela Bandara – Please correct this as ‘Rajpalta & Mervinta ‘Madu valigen gahanawa’ again, when the time comes.

      Can anyone tell when Rajpal got his ‘Sabbuwa’, please?

      • 0

        Jarapassa clan started their MADI GEHILLA long time ago.

        And their father and his brothers were doing this madi gahilla those days with government goods transport contracts.
        They transported goods,foods and materials from Colombo to out stations and Brought them back again to sell on the black-markets.

        Now sons, siblings and their goons are doing that on mass scales looting people’s properties and money.

  • 5

    “Even Mervin and Rajpal should not be assaulted.”

    Worse than assaulting!

  • 2

    Yes truly Engay Maalu Natanawa (Body Fish Dancing)

    • 1

      This can only be possible if you have live -fishes. cool :)

      Immediately, you swallow them down – in lower pH values (1 or lessthan), fishes can start like dancing.

  • 2

    The writer has missed out on ‘Bamboo Gahanawa’ which has more than one meaning. Ask Bamboowa, he will tell you.

    • 0

      You mean Jarapassa BAMBOOWA?.

  • 4

    He has also missed out booru gahanawa or asking hitting.

    CT readers have missed out on something. Some do not seem
    to be aware that Rajpal was in hospital after assault. He
    went into Voet Lights (pronounced foot lights, the annual
    gathering of lawyers where they let their hair down.

    There is a fee for participation. Rajpal went without a
    ticket and went drinking from table to table. Then he made
    a remark to a leading attorney. He stretched his hand and
    gave him a thundering slap. Thinking that he can take the
    lawyer to courts, Pin Adi Rajpal entered a hospital.

    By then, another event had taken place. The Kollupitiya Police
    conducted an investigation and found out that he had gatecrashed
    and did not possess a ticket. They were going to indict him.
    No prominent lawyer appeared for him.

    The former Attorney General and highly respected lawyer, the
    late C.R.de Silva appeared for the lawyer, Asoka Samararatne.Whilst
    this case was pending, Rajpal went to courts too and the matter
    was sent to Conciliation Board. The decided that the Pin Adiya
    should apologise. He did apologise to lawyer Samararatne.

    Whilst at hospital, he got Rupavahini cameras to take vidoes and
    play them in their news bulletin. His then employer Thilanga
    Sumathipala did not even care for him. He later got rid of Rajpal.

    From that year onwards, Pin Adiya does not attend Voet Lights. Even
    if he scrounged a few black label whisky from table to table, he
    had to leave with a swollen face.Even Mahinda Rajapaksa refused to help him when he got to know the facts. “Okaata oka wennama oney,” he told another lawyer and added “thirisan veda karanna narakai.”

    • 2

      Thank you Sir. So hilarious and I am thrilled now.
      I felt like had a couple doubles on the rocks.
      This is so uselful info us here in CT.

      I am going to have my own BL not pin-adi lol like Rajpal.

  • 3

    Most appropriate article for today. We have the worst politicians in the world. They encouraged these everyday by ignoring promoting these for their own gains. We all go down hill culturally. Lets name this as JR- MR culture. This one of the biggest difference between us and the west. Forget our 2000 yrs great history and think what we are today and in future.

  • 1

    Mr. Bandara: You have missed or purposely (I presume) avoided some of the most updated and current “Gahilla”. Here are those you missed.

    “Paga Gahilla”: This is very rampant among the Ministers and Parliamentarians and their “kith and kin” and goons.

    “Yata Gahilla”: Most popular among the Politicians ranging from the Top to bottom.

    “Amuda (Pita-pata) Gahilla: This is what the politicians in the Opposition are doing including the UNP Leader to form the next Government. He has been doing it for the last decade, but will never succeed.

    “Ke-Mora Gahilla”: This is what the Opposition and the Trade Unions are doing.

    “Kole Vahala Gahilla”: All the politicians are doing this.Our PM is well known for it.

    “Pol Gahilla”: Even the Lawyers are doing this at Aluth Kade.

    “Angili Gahilla”: This is very famous among the Government Politicians.

    “Pamporiya Gahilla”: You can hear this every morning on SLBC immediately after the Sinhala News at 6.00 a.m – “Sathye Handa”.

    “Ajutha Gahilla”: All the Provincial Council Chairmen and members are doing it.

    “Kanapita Gahilla”: Our President and the Media Minister are famous for this, not excluding all the Ministers and Govt. Officials.

    “Mara Gahilla”: It surpassed the 10% when the Narcotic and Ethanol containers were to be released.

    My friend the list is too long. Anyway I must thank you for doing a great job of publishing this article through the CT and prompting me to give publicity to the above “Gahiilas”. JAYA WEWA AND SUBA ANAGATHAYAK.

  • 3

    There is also something called B…Du gahanawa

    • 1

      That is going on with President Father, Sons, siblings and Their goons and all Kudu ministers, Secretaries and Security buffoonstoo. {Batayo with officers] too.
      not to forget Geneva Clan with Jarapal Abenayaeka and Oz Bandu.
      They give jobs after the Gehilla and now concentrating on New cinema and Tele drama Actresses.
      So political circle with their Bastians and goons.

    • 0

      These terms are often being used by MR, Mervin and the clan.

    • 0

      And kudu gahanawa – ?

  • 0

    [Edited out]
    Please write instead of posting links – CT

  • 0

    What about B…du gahanawa

  • 0

    ‘gahanawa’ in Tamil is “adi”.
    The word “adi” is used in a light hearted manner as well as in a threatning manner

    for example adi machaan inoru drink. – have another drink
    saraku adi ka variya – lets go to a brothel
    nalla sarakku adika – good talent for a fxxk
    adika venum pedariyil – need a slap on the back of his head
    thanni adika vaariya – joining us for a drink?

    Ranil Wickremasinghe and Managala nallah kambi adipaan…..ha ha

  • 1

    Manhandling is funishable in New York.If officials assaulted ,penalizes for 7 years in prison.
    Our country has no exemplary people now.Can you compare MR with Dudley Senanayaka?Those people did politics as a social service. Today it has become an occupation.

    • 1

      These people did politics as a social service.today it has become a social service

      You must be joking

      Today it”s a route to make the family and friends billionaires

  • 0

    Can Sri Lankans be deciplined?

    • 0

      T Wickramaratna

      “Can Sri Lankans be deciplined?”

      Yes only when people wise up.

  • 0

    The Government has made one mistake. They can still
    correct it. That is by getting Pinadi Rajpal Abeynaike
    to head the Sri Lanka delegation to Geneva next month.

    “You are a poofter,” he might tell Navi Pillay and she
    will run for cover. You are a moron, he might call the
    US Ambassador in Geneva. He will run away too. There
    will not be anyone to move the resolution.

    The rabid dog face can then take the credit.

  • 0

    I laughed after reading today Daily
    News. Their headline story today
    is about the British newspaper
    Telegraph publishing Navi Pillay’s

    Pin Adi Rajpal is short sighted. CT
    told its readers that it has appeared
    in the Colombo newspaper Sunday Time.
    So Telegraph report is taken from this

    Then there are comments from coconut
    merchant Pol Mudda Neomal Perera, the
    Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. He
    says it will be a non event. Joining it
    is a guy who will say anything as long
    as his name and photo appears – Pratibha

    They have joined Pin Adiya to make themselves
    a good laughing stock. LOL

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