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Event: Anandarajan Memorial Lecture

The late Mr. C. E. Anandarajan who served as the Principal of St. John’s College, Jaffna from 1976 to 1985, was assassinated by the LTTE on the 26th of June 1985. While serving as the administrative head of St. John’s College, Anandarajan immersed himself in social work. Anandarajan was an active member of the Jaffna Citizens’ Committee founded in the aftermath of the burning of the Jaffna Public Library in 1981. He was also a council member of the University of Jaffna at the time of his assassination.

Mr. C. E. Anandarajan

Anandarajan courageously expressed his dissent against state-sponsored violence against Tamils and the militant groups that posed a threat to the democratic functioning of social and educational institutions in northern Sri Lanka. He advocated unity and peace at a time when Jaffna was plagued by violence and paid with his life for his commitment to nonviolence and reconciliation.
This year marks the 30th death anniversary of Anandarajan who is fondly remembered as an educationist and social architect by his students and the communities that he served. Even after his demise, Anandarajan continues to shine as a beacon of inspiration to many who are tirelessly working to promote national reconciliation and co-existence in Sri Lanka.

To coincide with the 30th anniversary of the late Mr. C. E. Anandarajan, his family and St. John’s College are organising the Anandarajan Memorial Lecture, on 3rd October 2015 at 4pm at the Peto Memorial Hall, St. Johns College, Jaffna.

The Anandarajan Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Dr. Daya Somasundaram, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Jaffna and is titled, ‘A Lost Generation of Tamil Youth: Post-war Trauma, Present Psychosocial Context, Education and Modernisation’.

The Anandarajan Memorial Lecture is planned to be held annually.

All are welcome to attend the Memorial Lecture.

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