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Exclusive: Sajith Premadsa Only Has Sick Degrees From UK And US, London Uni Carrying Out Further Investigations

Former UNP deputy leader and Hambantota District MP Sajith Premadasa does not have a proper degree, Colombo Telegraph can now reveal.

Premadasa’s Wikipedia page says he obtained a Bsc. Degree in Economics, International Relations and Political Science from the London School of Economics.

Ranil and Sajith

Colombo Telegraph investigations have revealed that although Premadasa was awarded a degree from LSE he did not complete his degree programme work.

Speaking to Colombo Telegraph Sajith Premadasa acknowledged that he had only sat for his first year exams at LSE because he had been sick with measles and then a paralysis of his legs which prevented him from sitting for further exams.

Premadasa gained admission to a post graduate programme in Maryland on the basis of his LSE degree but never completed his studies due to his father’s death, he told Colombo Telegraph.

Asked if he had undertaken grief  counselling when his father died in order to continue with his studies Premadasa said he had not.

His Facebook page says; A graduate of the London School of Economics (LSE) and Political Science of the University of London, his degree covered the areas of economics, politics and international relations, an education that served him in good stead later when he launched himself into grassroots politics.

“Our records show that Sajith Premadasa graduated from LSE with an undergraduate degree in international relations in 1989. We do not allow students to graduate who have not completed their course of study. I would be grateful, therefore, if you could let me know why you believe Mr Premadasa did not complete his studies at LSE?” London School of Economics and Political Science asked Colombo Telegraph.

When Colombo Telegraph revealed some of our findings the LSE replied; “Further to your call and this email, this is just to confirm we are carrying out further investigations into our records to establish the exact status of Mr Premadasa. This will require consultation with the University of London, the awarding body at the time, who hold the original records. This may take some time.”

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