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Exposé: Gota Is A Liar, He Owns Luxury Bungalows Around The Country

Although Gotabaya Rajapaksa claims he had no property in Sri Lanka except his wife’s house in Udahamulla, Colombo Telegraph can reveal that he had build a luxury house in his name in Kataragama.

The luxury bungalow built at Wanaraja Pedesa, Depot Road, Kataragama was constructed by using Army soldiers as forced labour.

The architecturally built bungalow is designed in such a way where the occupants of the house could wade into the the famous Menik Ganga river.

It appears that all Rajapaksa brothers of the former regime have now built bungalows around the country during their family rule. This is although Gotabaya’s younger brother Basil claims that the bungalows built around the country by himself does not belong to him.

Speaking to the media earlier Gotabaya once challenged anyone to prove he has any property in his name besides his wife’s property in Udahamulla

We publish below the photos of the property and a water bill dated 15th September 2015 belonging to Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Correction: Earlier version of this story contained the word “exclusively” but journalists of the Lanka newspaper pointed out that they have exposed this particular story on the 2nd February 2011.

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