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Expose: Government’s Strategies To Counter Judges Meeting And Sabotage Unity Among Judges

By Colombo Telegraph

“There is a judges meeting on 3rd December in Colombo. The Government is planning several strategies to counter it and sabotage any unity among the judges. You would have no doubt seen the mudslinging campaign today in state media suggesting that there is a conspiracy in courts- including breaking news and statements by government politicians.” says the Lawyers Collective against the impeachment.

There is a conspiracy

According to the Lawyers Collective the following have been finalized and will be carried out  tomorrow;

Several organised protests are scheduled in various areas over delay of cases due to judges having to attend a JSC meeting tomorrow (3rd Decmeber) suggesting that there is a conspiracy. Having  copious mudslinging state media.  One minutes trailers to be run with statements by Ranil Wickramasinghe etc. justifying  “Parliament’s impeachment  power” saying  we report you decide. Sending text messages using politically connected judges to  independent judges to discourage their presence for the 3rd  December meeting.
“Let us not be discouraged, will coninue the struggle until we defeat the politically motivated impeachment against Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake.” Lawyers Collective further says.
*Photo courtesy Times/ Namas Bhojani 

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