22 June, 2024


FCID Arrests Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Driver Captain Tissa

The Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) has arrested former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s driver, Captain Tissa Wimalasena.

He was arrested last night and the Colombo Chief Magistrate ordered to remand Captain Tissa till June 27.

It was alleged that Captain Tissa had been involved in an illegal transaction, violating the Money Laundering Act and misuse of state vehicles. The picture below shows Captain Tissa, who has been linked to many murders under the Rajapaksa regime with the alleged mastermind of the Thajudeen murder and Malaka Silva assault, Yoshitha Rajapaksa.


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  • 14

    Too little , too late .

    • 23

      Eyewash for stupid Sri Lankans. Administered by Sagala R & Deal Dasa. Aproved by top backroom dealmakers in corrupt UNP & SLFP. With dismal disregard for people who brought them into power. Yahapalanya is doomed.


      • 20

        Unfortunately, they the deal makers just play with the us who kept that much faith in them.

        I think Dealdasa should be hung by his balls together with all other highly abusive men.
        Then only we can even think of serving justice to the people.

        This ballige putha held torches to Mahinda s all highly abusive activities including high crimes is arrested today ? can you imagine ? w hy not 2 years ago ?

      • 4

        Typical of our Sri Lankan Police; they arrest the monkey and let the organ grinder roam free.

    • 17

      No point in arresting those who had no other option other than following the order of the King of Monsters (MR, GR,BR,NR).

    • 6

      Why authorities take that long to hold investigations, on all the highly abusive crimes this particular THISSA to have involved ?

      We the folks are made to believe what the current govt just adds that they would do anything and everything in terms of safeguarding serving the justice to its citizens regardless of the race, religion or other factors.

      We now know how many days passed since president (who is the executive of the nation)
      that he would even ask ARMY to do the due work if Police fails to do it
      Still Ghanasara is FAR from being arrested. What is the message the psejudo monk is about to send across the country.

      Now the youth will try to be away from being arrested even if they kill someone –
      just this to be passed to the people by the kind of MONKs.. is that right ? Please think …

  • 17

    He is pretend Buddhist so let us hope he exposes the most uneducated corrupt family from hell in Asian history?
    Spill the beans Thissa and tell what everyone already knows?

  • 12

    Hang the beast at least now. Those who unleashed the rabid dog should be rot in hell but before that rot in maximum security prison in The Hague !!!!!

  • 10

    This is another ploy by President Sirisena to tide over the disaster crisis. This valiant soldier would be released without any charges after some weeks as our Hon.President is against incarcerating War Heroes .

    • 21

      This driver is no war hero. The fellow lived in comfort in Rajagiriya while others were dying.

      • 10

        But he was the hero for Rajakashe family. Or not ?

        So grass eating lankens line up to worship mafia king even today, shoudl also kneel down before this Thissa I guess.
        That is how have been trained by DHERANA NALIKA which came into being through the black money collected by Gota et al ( please check Derana Owner, Dilip Jayadiira failed to proved where he those 50 millions got from.. PLEASE check it FCID reports… for your double check)

      • 0

        The Raja’s seem to be keeping things arms length and still screwing the country.

        “A number of ministers have been accused by various people. If they have concrete evidence then they should inform the Police,” he said. “One of the ministers stated that Gnanasara Thera is with a lawyer, who handles the legal affairs of the Rajapaksa family,” he said.

  • 17

    This rascal lives on the Rajagiriya Road near the opposite the Obeysekara Walawuwa. He built a mansion. MR came to lay the foundation. stone. Soldiers were place on duty with barricades on the road. He acquired tipper lorries and buses overnight. From where this this driver get the money?

    • 5

      White van enterprises was a very lucrative business. Shares of the business was not sold but given away as long as they become part of it.

    • 2

      This is where MR got his collection and the drops went to his Driver too

  • 6

    This arrest reminds me of an old Sinhala song: “Pahath Thanin Yai Gala Jale”.(Water flaws through low levels)

    • 7

      you may be right, if this was the case in Germany or any other places in Europe, former leader or his wife would have been arrested for the interogation, immediately the allegations would meet with the evidences in the hand.
      Recalling the manner one of the former President of Germany govt resigned just for a small fund issue that alleged to have made even before he became the president, he resigned within months and the investigations and court hearings had been carried out without any delay. Why the levels in our rotten country would not work to that manner ?
      The former president s wife was alleged to have run illegal gold businesses. SF made it very clear the hundreds of kilos of gold confiscated from ltter fraudsters were abused by former so called regime.
      All is clear to many, but nothing towards Rajaakshes seem to have made. Why ?
      Why the govt is that coward like. ? Please explain I am not from SL, but from EUrope.
      A lanken who is waiting to see the justice is being served for all equally.

    • 9

      This man was not that low..shortly before the prez election 2014, this man was one of the front men to protect srilanken Mugabe s family. He as the upper hand of CRIME PERFORMING UNIT of Rajapakshe family should have beheaded long ago.. He surely knows lot more about all the high crimes to have deliberately carried out by Rajakashe family. How many women were raped by abusive offsprings of Rajpakshe family – numbers may be dozens. Rajakashe sons were as wild and notorious as that Sampath who was the rapist in that Tangalle tourist murder case.

      Actually, if the current cirminal inveistigations are genuine and really want to focus on getting the alleged men charged with prevailing laws in the country. t
      AG please wake up from your long slumber… , people will loose there patience anymore.

      Right at the moment, what we need is – masses to rally round and beg the govt to go for LAW and ORDER than anything else. Once the law and order would have been given the top of the agenda. Nothing can go wrong.

  • 5

    But the Defacto mastermind Yo Shit tha Ra is still free?!

    • 0

      “Fundamental Rights” what a joke?

      “The Supreme Court yesterday fixed for argument, the Fundamental Rights petition filed by former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, for October 24.

      In his petition, Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had sought Court’s intervention to prevent an imminent arrest of him over several purported investigations.

      On May 13, 2015 the Supreme Court issued an interim order staying the arrest of former Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and granted leave to proceed in the fundamental rights petition filed by him.”

  • 8

    What a drama the fools are watching, the actors are on a stage play. Milking continues…….

  • 3

    Can anyone imagine little Gota or in the closet fake lawyer and navy officer taking on big Thajudeen in a fist fight?
    Gota discharged from military due to psychological allergy to front battle lines.
    Little Thissa not strong enough to get Thajudeen past steering wheel and into drivers seat.
    Get the vermin on trial you weak low life?

  • 4

    Take That,
    You are a real patriot. Please expose expose & expose the activities of MaRa & Co. In this case face off of Capt Thissa Wimalasena.( CT picture shows the number of Buddhist Prith Strings on his right wrist ).
    By the way “Take That “, since u know so much about Capt Thissa, have you seen the following visiting his Rajakiriya residence ? :
    1. Ven Gnanasara
    2. Dr.DJ ( formerly Dayan de Silva )
    3. Goigama HLDM
    4. Waluve Prof Tissa Vitharane
    5. US smart patriot Go Ra
    6. Frequent US visitor Vasudeva Nana..
    7. Malinda
    8. Pivithuru Gamanpilla
    9. Avanka Vimal Weera
    10. Sadhu GLP
    11. Mr.10% ( BaRa )
    12. Soothsayer Sumane Abeygunawardne.

    Among the above “Dirty Dozen” I’ve some regards to Sumane Abey because he wanted a change ( safe SL democracy ) predicted it and made it happen on Jan 5th 2015.

    I hope Capt Tissa Wimalasena do a KP and become helpful to MS-RW yahapalanaya.

    • 1

      I am no spy. I only observe when I go past this great Capt Tissa’s house. I was puzzled as how he built a mansion being a driver with an army driver’s salary and how he acquired tipper lorries and Ashok Leyland buses. He has high tiled walls with black gates.You cannot see in.

  • 4

    Forget IPL betting. The bookmakers have this “Will Captain Tissa Wimalasena get the bail in under four weeks?”. Will he then go to Singapore for a haircut?

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