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Finally Law Prevails & Blood Ivory Saga Comes To An End

By Nagananda Kodituwakku

Nagananda Kodituwakku

After almost two and half years of attempts to rob the blood ivory stock, confiscated on May 2002, the customs has now been permitted to dispose the container load of the blood ivory stock. This priceless stock of ivory is now scheduled for destruction with the participation of representatives of CITES on 26th Jan 2016.

People should not forget that this was made possible thanks to the unwavering commitment and will of many sons of mother Lanka, who fought tirelessly against the mighty Rajapakse regime that made all feasible attempts to rob this stock of ivory stock, which were thwarted as a result of the full exposure of the fraudulent act initiated by the President Rajapakse, with overwhelming evidence published in the media.

Thanks in this regard should specially goes to the Colombo Telegraph for exposing the government’s unlawful attempts with the publication of the unlawful directive issued by the Presidential Secretariat on 19th of December 2012 to ‘hand over’ the entire stock of ivory to the Presidential Secretariat.

Blood ivory seized by the Customs

The President’s directive had clearly violated Sri Lanka’s obligations under CITES agreement, which prohibits any unauthorized disposal of confiscated ivory, outside stipulated CITES guidelines. The exposure of the wrongdoing in the social media networks and international media, provided an insight to the international community with the publication of the government’s fraudulent move. This effectively forced Rajapaksa regime to pull out from the illegal act of misappropriation of the stock of ivory.

When the international community questioned illegal attempts made by Rajapaksa regime at the CITES conference held in Bangkok in March 2013, the government representative, Justice Rohini Marasinghe vehemently denied the allegation as absolutely false and unfounded – causing further damage to the credibility of the government of Sri Lanka in the eyes of the international community.

The unlawful directive issued by the Presidential Secretariat on 19th of December 2012;

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