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Full Text: Amendments Proposed To The Gazetted 19th Amendment Shared With Leaders Of Political Parties

The proposed amendments give effect to the changes to the 19th Amendment agreed to by the Cabinet after the 19th Amendment Bill was Gazetted. According to the new amendment, the executive presidency will be abolished but the President will have certain powers. The President will no longer be the Head of Government. The phrase “Head of Government” will not appear in the Constitution, which was the case during the Soulbury and First Republican Constitutions too.

Where the President does not agree with advice given to him by the Cabinet through the Prime Minister, he can ask the Cabinet to reconsider advice given. If the Cabinet does not change the advice given, the Prime Minister must inform the Parliament. Thereafter, the view of the Parliament will prevail.

Also, the President will have the power to summon the Cabinet to discuss any matter of national importance and will chair the Cabinet so summoned.

President Maitripala Sirisena will preside over the Cabinet during his term of office. He will work in accordance with the decisions made by the Cabinet.

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