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FUTA Condemns Patriotic Taskforce’s Death Threats Against Lawyers

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FUTA unreservedly condemns the recent death threats made against activist lawyers by a group calling themselves the ‘patriotic taskforce’, says Dr. Rohan Fernando, the General Secretary of the Federation of University Teachers Association.

Issuing a statement the FUTA says; “The crisis generated by the impeachment launched against Chief Justice Shirani Bandranayake and the consequent actions of the government flouting the decisions of the judiciary have given rise to an extremely serious situation.  The deployment of armed thugs by parties supporting the impeachment and the inaction of the police in controlling the situation have arguably given rise to speculation that these actions are being supported by those in the highest positions of authority. Sri Lanka barely 3 years ago came out of an extremely violent civil war.  The country cannot afford more civil unrest.  However, incendiary statements made by public figures purporting to be supporters of the ruling regime may generate the kind of violence that could easily spiral out of control.  That leading members of the government are silent on these issues is extremely alarming.”

“FUTA has always stood for democratic values and the right to dissent. During the recent FUTA trade union action, many of its members were also intimidated and threatened and FUTA looked to the judiciary and the law enforcement authorities for protection.  It is extremely worrying to note that these very institutions and persons are now being attacked.  It suggests an intolerance and level of suppression that is not worthy of a country that claims to be democratic and respectful of human rights.  FUTA calls upon the law enforcement authorities to conduct impartial inquiries into these threats and for the government to take strong action against those who incite violence in the name of patriotism and loyalty to the ruling regime.” the FUTA further says.

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