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Gammanpila Supporters Demand Their Rs.100 Back

A protest was staged outside Udaya Gammanpila‘s office yesterday by his supporters who had donated Rs. 100 each, to run his election campaign last year.

Udaya Gammanpila

The group of angry protesters held placards and gathered outside the provincial Councillor’s office, demanding the Rs. 100 they had donated for his election campaign pointing out he has not bothered to address any of their grievances.

‘අපෙන් ගත්ත 100 දියං (Give us back our Rs. 100)!’ the protesters chanted but to no avail because he was not available in his office.

JHU Spokesman Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe who partook in the protest said, “We ask Gammanpila not to hide. . . Take time to visit the electoral districts of Colombo – be accountable and responsible to your voters.”

He went on to state that Gammanpila’s supporters are agitated due to not being able to meet him or locate him due to having no contactable address or an office.

“No one knows where he is! He has asked these people to produce receipts. they have brought it but where should these people go in order to get their money reimbursed,” he questioned. no address, no office no one knows where he is

The angry protesters also visited Gammanpila’s residence in Thalawathugoda but he was unavailable.

During last year’s Western provincial elections, Udaya Gammanpila requested the public to give him Rs 100 each for his election campaign claiming he is unable to afford the campaign expenses.

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