12 June, 2024


Get A Grip, On Your Tubes And Brains, Ladies!

By Grusha Andrews

The most important step in finding the truth about Dr Shafi Siyabdeen is to calm down.

Second would be to stop giving visibility to the scavengers feeding of human flesh, blood and after-birth to feed their impotent political lives. One must not even mention the names of those racists who have struck the final nail on the medical profession’s dignity in Sri Lanka, once and for all.

Dr Shafi Siyabdeen

My personal opinion on Dr Shafi is that he is not suited to be a doctor in Sri Lanka. Also, my personal feeling is that Dr Shafi Siyabdeen’s career and, maybe even his safety in Sri Lanka, is over. 

Even if he is miraculously declared clear of all wrong doing overnight (hello! Bathiudeen, Hisbullah, Sally and Mujibar!! ), he has lost all safety and credibility to carry out even a semi-normal life in post 21/4 Sri Lanka. After all, he is not yet a criminal politician. He does not get to enjoy the life of Bathiudeen, Hisbullah, Sally and Mujibar who will continue their loud mouths, rants, justifications, power mongering and King Making till there is breath in their lungs. And when there is no more breath in their lungs, their sons, the chips from the same old blocks will take their place and do the same.

Dr Shafi Is A Finished Man

Dr Shafi is not so lucky. 

Unfortunately for him, he is not Bathiudeen, Hisbullah, Sally or Mujibar. 

He is a finished man. 

Whose fault is it? 

The “Shafi Debacle”, I believe, can be primarily attributed to his own folly. He is an opportunistic political type who has been giving inflated boastful statements to newspapers stating he has done 8000 Caesarian sections on mothers. Using your status as a doctor for political advertisement is a fundamental violation of the Hippocratic Oath and the regulations that govern him. 

Secondly, there is the curious case of his unexplained wealth. 

Here is my stipulation: Dr Shafi had political ambition. He was supported by powerful Muslim politicians who in turn are known to have links with different factions within the Muslim society with varying degrees of fundamentalism. As proven by the infamous photograph of Hisbullah with the set of suicide bombers on 21/4, within the Muslim political community it would have been common to encounter and mix with the Wahhabists. 

He probably boasted to the Wahhabists, pretty much the same way he did to the Sinhala press that he was carrying out ethnic cleansing. Without the full corporation of the entire surgical team, it would be difficult to carry out 4000 illegal sterilizations. But it costs nothing to boast to the fundamentalists that you are doing it and ‘be their man’ and collect millions, if not billions. He, I believe collected not just money from the Wahhabists, but also the political support of that group in his bid to enter the parliament.

I think he didn’t do those alleged sterilizations NOT because he is a good man. I think he could not have pulled it off because the complexity of carrying out such an operation without being discovered and more importantly without any evidence is almost an impossibility. 

My estimate is that Dr Shafi did what many go-betweens to politicians do. Collect the bribe and promise a job or a political favor and not really do it. But you keep collecting the bribes. Dr Shafi, I believe was a player in a complex money laundering operation for which he used his role as a doctor to exchange a promise of ethnic cleansing to reach political power.

This is only my theory.

But it pushes us to wonder what sinister demons can occupy the minds of even those belonging to the noble profession when possessed with political ambition.

How Best To Investigate?

  1. Collect a fair sample

If there was any fair mindedness to this exercise of truth seeking, first of all the government should ban half witted , blood thirsty political nincompoops from causing mass hysteria among women whose children were delivered by Dr Shafi.

Gathering a sample of mothers for a serious investigation of this nature should NOT happen through mass media. Don’t the morons of the Ministry of Health and other morons calling for the blood of Shafi calling themselves professors etc. know this? 

All hospitals retain the medical records of patients for up to 10 years. 

The operating theatres maintain a mandatory ledger of which surgery was done by which doctor on exactly which day. The Bead Head Ticket (BHT) indicates some form of an address or telephone number to contact the patient. A fair sample of mothers who underwent a Caesarian section by Dr Shafi should be gathered by contacting them. Sensationalized TV news items is NOT the way to collect this sample. 

A fair sample does NOT mean a sample of those mothers claiming that they were made infertile by Dr Shafi.

A fair sample is when you get a random sample of mothers operated on by Dr Shafi who are SUBSEQUENTLY investigated to see whether or not non-consensual sterilization was done on them. 

  1. Ascertain the allegations

If a fair sample is obtained, then you can estimate what percentage of mothers who have subsequent infertility after being subjected to a Caesarian section by Dr Shafi. 

Among those found to have infertility or subfertility after the Shafi factor, other conditions that cause such subfertility should be excluded. 

Just because a mother has infertility or subfertility after Dr Shafi operated on them, it does not prove Dr Shafi caused it. The human body and human fertility is a complex thing. Common causes of blocked Fallopian tube patency in those affected mothers should be ruled out. 

Just because you feel like crucifying Dr Shafi for Fallopian tube occlusion (blockage) you don’t get to do that. Fallopian tubes can become blocked for a range of reasons, which include:

•a history of pelvic infection

•a previous burst appendix

•having had a sexually transmitted disease, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia 

•endometriosis, a condition that causes the lining of the womb to grow outside of the uterus

•history of abdominal surgery

•hydro salpinx, which is swelling and fluid at the end of a fallopian tube.

All of these conditions can affect the fallopian tubes directly or this area of the body. In most cases, these conditions or procedures create scar tissue that can block the tubes.

So those factors must be excluded.

  1. Did Dr Shafi carry out non –consensual Fallopian tube ligation surgery (LRT)?

If the other conditions causing Fallopian tube occlusion are ruled out, then you must take the relevant Bead Head Ticket (BHT) of the affected mother and see if she has consented to sterilization by signing a consent form. If such a form is not there, you must get her consent to do investigations such as Hysterosalpingogram or Laparoscopy to objectively determine if forced sterilization has been carried out by Dr Shafi. The assisting nurses, doctors can also be called to give evidence as at least some of them are bound to remember any suspicious activity of Dr Shafi. If it is objectively proven Dr Shafi did this abhorrent ethnic cleansing, then he should be punished in the severest of terms.

If these hysteric mothers cursing and asking for the blood of Dr Shafi can’t subject themselves to the rational and scientific method of investigating this situation, then they should not come in front of TV cameras and do Indian Soap Opera type of drama.

You can’t hang a man, just because you woke up to media hysteria one day and feel like hanging a man. 

Get a grip, ladies!

And ask yourselves these questions:

1. While a junior doctor was doing this alleged atrocity, WHERE the hell was his supervising Consultant Gynecologist? 

2. Till 8000 Caesarian sections were done by a junior doctor amidst allegations of ethnic cleansing, what did that Consultant Gynecologist do? Was he physically present in the hospital? 

3. Was the Consultant Gynecologist who is supposed to physically be present and supervise Dr Shafi, actually in a private hospital in Colombo, Kurunegala or Kandy doing his private practice? 

4. The CID should do an audit of the dates and times private surgeries done by the Consultant Gynecologist whilst Dr Shafi was doing these alleged LRTs. How many days did the Consultant Gynecologist come to work in Kurunegala Hospital? 

5. Who is finally responsible, legally, hierarchically, morally, professionally and ethically for the alleged plight of these mothers? Is it not the consultant gynecologist, who has CRIMINALLY neglected his duty and let an alleged criminal go about his business for his own convenience and monetary gain? 

6. What about all the other doctors, nurses now claiming on social media that they knew it was happening? All those sad academics claiming that they knew all along? So they watched this alleged crime, under their noses till 4000 mothers were allegedly made infertile? Are they not accomplices? What should their penalty be?

As the motto of Colombo Telegraph has been telling us for good ten years now, “In Journalism, Truth Is A Process”. 

In medicine too.

In politics too.

In life too. 


Assessment of Tubal Patency: A Prospective Comparison of Diagnostic Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopic Chromopertubation. Ott, Johannes et al. Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, Volume 0, Issue 0

Khalaf Y. ABC of subfertility. Tubal subfertility. BMJ. 2003; 327(7415):610–613. doi:10.1136/bmj.327.7415.610

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  • 1

    Ha…ha…Booruwas are going to hit the dust as usual? Read this from Gossip:

    Signs of Dr. Shafi’s story turning in a different direction
    The story about Dr. Shafi Sahabdeen of Kurunegala hospital to whom allegations are targeted that he has sterilised thousands of Sinhala mothers is now ta police chief making a different turn, it appears. It is because of a revelation made by a police chief of Kurunegala in the presence of the CID who in fact has launched the first step in this phenomenon.

    As reported, the doctor involved and a Sinhala trading organisation had competed and tried to
    purchase a building down Wewa Road, Kurunegala after which the doctor has bought it for a sum of 13 crores. Having been provoked over this issue and having placed in difficulties as a result, support was warranted from the said police chief. In this connection the doctor was taken into custody under charges that the doctor has earned his assets by unlawful means all the while knowing that it is definitely not the business of the police as such. It is reported that this said police chief has described how a particular group of a certain political party has brought this issue into a state where it seriously affects society and how professors and hospital big heads were made puppets in this situation.

    A case is to be filed against all linked to the incident. The CID is to carry on further investigations in this context.


    What Mr. Dias Rathnayaka, president of Kurunegala Sinhala ‘Welenda Sangamaya’ told us in relation to the above information was that they are not an organisation that has any connection with buying property or lands and that it is an organisation that is active only in welfare activities. He says that they are sorry about this property matter involving this doctor or any other problem for that matter. He further states that his group has under no circumstances provided any encouragement for Sinhala – Muslim conflicts.

  • 4

    Sunil, even Sinhala stupidity is reversible only if they are prepared to learn, think and listen. Unfortunately you guys have been brainwashed to believe that Mahavamsa is true, Tamils are black, sinhalas white, Ravana Sinhale, and so on and hence lost the ability to think, learn and question. Someone utters some rubbish and you see the mob, men, women and children running around with clubs and knifes and kerosine. It has become a routine. You guys do the same thing all the time. Now this doctors case appears another fiasco and it is some property dispute with a Sinhala powerful and police asked to intervene taking racist side. What a shame. You guys think that racism will salvage but you are terribly wrong. Unless you guys wake up there is no hope.

  • 0

    I have hears his two kids were studying in two major schools in Kurunegala, They have been suddenly pulled out and it would be disclose where they had been entered to follow their studies. Hope it is not Madrasas.

  • 3

    This is a mischeivous article based on supposition and conjecture.
    Grusha Andrews knows it, and sneaks in a This is only my theory.’ admission.
    The article stinks, and Colombo Telegraph has been used.
    Andrews, has no doubt forgotten that we still subscribe to ‘guilty until proven’.

  • 0

    Last but the worst. My cousin,s husband who was diagnosed with early stage of Renal (kidney) cancer and was operated by a well known Oncology Surgeon (only a few are around in this super speciality) who gave a lecture on Buddhism and materialism , when my cousin pleaded to have it done in a private hospital and insisted doing in Maharagama Government Hospital. My assumption is financial return is more with less overheads. (private will deduct there fee but not government) The usual procedure now a days is to remove the affected kidney in avoiding any risks what so ever and patient has a healthy kidney to live a healthy normal life. This guy went against the second opinion of his juniors ( because of his F – – – – N EGO) and insisted removing the tumor only (partial nephrectomy).Mind you he did not do it for free. Patient returned home but within a week became lethargic, breathless,turned pale and eventually fainted. He was bleeding from the surgical site.He was readmitted and was in hospital for almost 2 days connected to saline, with no doctors checking on him and the operating surgeon never showed up. He was left to DIE. So please dont mentioned about SLMC, GMOA and rest of the shit when the whole country and people are immoral. If money is the reason this doctor is in prison then most of the businessmen including doctors should be in prison. If ethics is the reason then what do you,ll expect to do with above said Dr . Kills. Get over your denial and silly excuses because the next victim can very well be you or some one you know. Please note before commenting these victims are personally known to me and their cases are well supported by documents.

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