22 May, 2022


Giving Comrade DEW His Due: Why History Will Prove Him More Correct Than Others 

By Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

DEW Gunasekara belonged to a great progressive camp and powerful current in world history: that of socialism, tracing its origins back to the October Revolution of 1917 (and intellectually to 1848 and theCommunist Manifestoof Karl Marx), and led globally and historically by the land of Lenin. In choosing that path, he belonged to a camp with hundreds of millions the world over. He also belonged to a current in Sri Lanka that was strong, influential and numerous. Globally for the most part – with some extraordinary exceptions such as Cuba—and in Sri Lanka, the Communist movement and the Communist Party was the birthplace of all radical efforts that seriously challenged the System.

Today, Comrade DEW stands alone, not in the world, not in Asia, not in the global South, because there are Communists in power in one of the world’s two or three greatest powers—China—and in other important countries such as Cuba, Vietnam and Nepal. But he stands alone in Sri Lanka. That is not his personal tragedy but a tragedy for Sri Lanka.


Why do I say he stands alone, and in what sense does he do so? As a Communist, Comrade DEW stands for an anti-imperialism that is universalist; not one that is neotribal, racist, religious chauvinist and Islamophobic. However, in Sri Lankan there are now two and a half camps. On the one hand the camp of neoliberalism and neocolonialism; of an elite (and its civil society hangers-on) that claims to be anti-racist and anti-xenophobic but actually generates a growing backlash of xenophobia, racism and religious chauvinism by its very policies and existence. There are a few in this camp who are anti-racist but also patriotic, but they are marginalized, dormant, or silent.

On the other hand, there is a camp that is superficially anti-imperialist and anti-neocolonialist but is ethnocentric and ethnoreligious chauvinist; a camp which precisely by being neotribalist and divisive, places us in the minefield of interventionism laid by neocolonialism. There are a few in this camp who are anti-imperialist but also anti-racist, but they too are marginalized, dormant, or silent.

The ‘half a camp’ is that of those who claim to be on the Left and indeed of radical, revolutionary lineage but they have openly propped up the neoliberal, neocolonial establishment and thereby discredited themselves and what they stand for, opening the space for their ethnoreligious, chauvinist, neotribalist critics whose anti-imperialism is corrupted by xenophobia.

DEW is the only political leader today who combines a critique of the neoliberal, neocolonial elite and its massive corruption (e.g. the Bond scam) with a critique of their imperialist patrons and their global plans, and a frontal rejection and critique of majoritarian chauvinism.

The camp of the neocolonialists and neoliberalism does not care about national sovereignty, national unity, national security and social justice and public welfare in the socioeconomic sense—only in the dimension of gender and sexual preferences and identities.

The camp of the neotribal, racist and xenophobic nationalists who claim to be anti-imperialist have no idea that the winning of elections and the assumption of governmental power can prove to be a prelude to the breakup of the country if they try to put their domineering and hegemonistic ideology into practice, imposing a backward cultural tyranny on a multiethnic, multireligious, multilingual, pluralist society and rolling back the reforms unilaterally which were part of a bilateral accord with our powerful neighbor.

DEW Gunasekara knows all this; he has warned about all this. Therefore, he stands apart and stands alone. DEW is the only politician today who is acutely aware of the inextricable, organic link between Sri Lanka’s ethno national/ethno religious question, and the question of national unity and sovereignty in the face of imperialist intervention and hegemonism.

DEW is the only political leader in Sri Lanka today who knows that the only tried and tested solution to such questions is ethnic regional autonomy; a Communist, Leninist solution that has survived into post socialist, post-Soviet Russia, and remains in practice in Communist-led China, Vietnam, and Nepal.

DEW is the only political leader who openly advocates provincial autonomy and the retention of the 13thamendment within the Indo-Lanka Accord, while rejecting neoliberalism and neocolonialist interference. DEW is the only Sri Lankan political leader who knows that there can be no sustainably positive relationship with India without a resolution of the Tamil question and that without a stable and positive relationship with India, even China and Russia cannot protect us and will not even comprehend us.

DEW is the only political leader who knows that the survival intact of the Sri Lanka and the avoidance by our country of the fate of former Yugoslavia, depends entirely on combining anti-imperialism with anti-chauvinism and internal autonomy. DEW is the only one who would recall that the abandonment of Marshal Joseph Broz Tito and the League of Communists of Yugoslavia’s (LCY) nationalities compact and the abolition of the autonomous status of Kosovo as a province by Serbian Socialist leader Milosevic, pushed and propelled by Serbian ultranationalists, ensured the end of Yugoslavia and the birth of Kosovo not as an autonomous province but as a separate country, midwifed by external intervention.

DEW is the only political leader who knows that any anti-imperialism based on a backward ethno-religious chauvinism is doomed to fail. He is the only political leader who knows how precarious and vulnerable Sri Lanka’s existence is in the external environment and that our present options will lead us to disaster– though it is not inevitably so.

DEW is the only one who knows that there is another path, one of progressive internal development—including ethnic autonomy– which is in keeping with, and relies upon the new, positive factors in the world such as the drawing together of Russia and China, the emergence of the triabular Russia-India-China (RIC) equation, the presence of BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the resurgence of Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Putin and the inexorable world-historical trend away from unipolarity towards multipolarity.

DEW may be alone among political leaders in Sri Lanka today, but History will prove him correct and prophetic. Though his enlightened views make him isolated locally, on our small island, he can draw great comfort from global and historical trends and dynamics, namely the fact that the worst tragedy of his and our time, the collapse of the USSR and the socialist camp resulting primarily and directly from the schism and hostility between Russia and China, has been reversed and there is a growing convergence of the two giants, the worlds largest and the world’s most populous countries, which are also contiguous, and are once again acting as each other’s safe rearguard, constituting a powerful Eurasian heartland which acts as a counterweight against unipolar imperialist hegemonism.

To conclude and summarize then, DEW is the Sri Lankan political leader most knowledgeable about and possessing the best grasp of the international factor; of contemporary world history and global dynamics. This in turn makes DEW the sole political leader who correctly grasps the nexus between Sri Lanka’s National Question and International Question; between the internal and external dimensions and dialectics of Sri Lanka’s very existence.

One can only hope that today, in these his advanced years, he can catalyze and mentor a convergence of the authentic left in Sri Lanka, of those truly committed to common values of struggle against imperialism, neoliberalism and neotribalist chauvinism, against sociocultural backwardness and for rapid social and cultural advancement towards and through a developed, democratic socialism.

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Latest comments

  • 7

    I thought Dew Gunasekara is the guy who owns that building next to the Manning Market in Vellala gardens ..
    How silly am I ..
    Anyway I only focus on the bread and butter issues of my fellow inhabitants whom these ” anti Ists” and “neo Ists” were supposed to take care of after the Poms left Lankawe..

    And I was thoroughly heart broken after listening to Keselwatta Kid’s spiel at Khema’s Boy’s Book Launch the other day..

    Lankawe GDP per Capita Income apparently is USD 4000. according to Khema’s Boy.
    But Keselwatta Kid says 54% of the GDP is pocketed by only 20% of the Population.
    That leaves only 46 % for the rest.
    But the Kid says our Poor only gets only 4% of the GDP..
    How sad.

    Keselwatta Kid said earlier that 29 % of our Inhabitants are in Samurdhi Class after celebrating his record of putting 60.000 of them on the Yahapalana Dole.
    Does that mean that 29% have only 4% of the GDP to share.
    Sounds Right..
    Our Estate Brothers and Sister couldn’t get a lousy 1000 Bux increase a Month..
    I am not sure how much they are on.
    But it certainly can;t be much with that only 4% to going around.

    Anyway the Light at the at the end of the Tunnel is the Kid is going to work like Javal Nehru did, ie 24 Hours a Day 12 Months a Year just to look after the poor.

    Did those Socialists do anything like that?.

    But the most positive thing as far as I am concerned is the TNA Bosse’s response at the Book Launch which came after Keslwatta Kids Hosannas to Khema’s Boy.

    TNA Boss Sampathar does not want Separation , He does not even want Federation….
    All he wants is “Fair Rule for His People”.

    • 2

      Considering the fact that only one family was raking in nearly a 60 % of GDP during MaRa regime, the number increasing to 20% (20% is equal to roughly 4 millions) just after 2015 is still a tremendous achievement by the Kema boy, Keselwatte Kid & the gang!

      By the way, no one need ATUVA TEEKA to understand that the meaning of Dayan’s essay is not to praise Dew but to make an attempt to elongate his own tongue to reach Putin’s …..(.I forgot the word)!

      And, the classification SL politics into two & half camps! It is understandable the label of “bonds scam” to one but why no label such as “white Van Culture” to other?. Only half camp for once mighty socialists & commies? Wait a minute! What about TNA & SLMC? Oh, one more point! Does he include China also into the category of “neocolonialist”? Under this strange history, perhaps emperor Asoka (India), Alexander the Great etc may belong to the “paleo colonialism”!

      Even more strange fact is naming China & Vietnam as commie states. May be Dayan hasn’t seen beyond the gold color sickle & hammer on the red background on state buildings. I say so b’cos almost whole world knows that the China & Vietnam are among the top most capitalist nations today. He included Nepal also in the commie list but omitted N Korea; may be b’cos it is too brutal than the rest!

      And, what a grandiose effort to resurrect the commie theory from its old grave! Of course, Dayan’s shitty essays prove that he is not capable to understand the emptiness of the commie theory. Therefore, may be there is no meaning of telling him that any theory born out of Hegel’s ideology destine to fail; and that the Marxist communist theory cannot qualify even to be called a”materialistic” theory!

      • 3

        “DEW Gunasekara belonged to a great progressive camp and powerful current in world history”

        Sooooooo …… one paragon of virtue stroking the ego of another paragon of virtue, uh? ……….. only one question remains! ……. What price/prize? …….. There’s always a price/prize! :))

        An ambassadorship?

        Call him any name ye like but DEW Gunasekara first and foremost belongs to the camp of best parasitic living-on-other’s-hard-labour crooks world has ever produced. Sure, he was progressive …….. modernized, evolved, and pushed crook-ness in to the stratosphere! Gotta grant the “great man” at least that!

        What would Lanka be if all these “Greats” went out and got real jobs? ……….. Paradise, I suppose!

        Ah! one more question ……………. If all these “Greats” were so great, why is Lanka still in this mighty pickle?

        Let me venture a silly guess ………… just because of one man ! …… Ranil !

        Isn’t something missing in that logic? …….. To be very kind, let’s say it’s not very adult.

        Good ol’ DEW and his errand boy might call themselves progressives ……. but can they call themselves adults?

        Ah! questions, questions ………. and more questions ……………. Lankans have a way of doing that to ya ………….

        • 0

          “On the other hand, there is a camp that is superficially anti-imperialist and anti-neocolonialist but is ethnocentric and ethnoreligious chauvinist; a camp which precisely by being neotribalist and divisive, places us in the minefield of interventionism laid by neocolonialism”.
          I note ,dear DJ, that your current patron, the Gamarala, is not deserving of any camp. Why?
          Are we about to see yet another in your series of flip-flops?.

          • 1

            You are pretty sharp.
            The pro-China posturing of the MR camp has always been to give the false impression that is anti-imperialist.
            How can anyone taking instructions from the IMF on drafting the budget be anti-imperialist?

      • 2

        I didn’t even know who this bozo DEW was ……. to be one of Dayan’s heroes I knew he had to be truly “great” …….. did a simple search and this came up in wiki. He definitely is “Great;” no doubt. Good on ye Dayan; added to my list of Lankan heroes!

        “The new Minister of Constitutional Affairs, D. E. W. Gunasekera, while admitting he has no legal background, dodged confessing that he was sacked from Law College after being caught trying to cheat at a law exam.

        Sworn in last week by President Chandrika Kumaratunga as minister of constitutional affairs, D. E. W. Gunasekera was sacked from Law College in the early 1970’s for attempting to cheat at a Law College exam.

        He was caught red-handed by attorney-at-law Upali Gooneratne, who was serving as an invigilator at this exam. Gooneratne who is a past President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka had grown suspicious when he had seen Gunasekera repeatedly pulling out a packet of cigarettes. Confiscating the packet he found a set of law notes concealed inside. Gooneratne had reported the matter to then Principal of the Law College, R. K. W. Goonesekera.

        D. E. W. Gunasekera had pleaded with Upali Gooneratne at the time saying, “please don’t report me, after all you are supposed to be my friend. Also I am secretary to the Ministry of Housing and if you report this incident I will commit suicide.”

        Gooneratne had maintained it was against his conscience to hide such an incident and filed a report on the matter. An inquiry was held and President’s Counsel Desmond Fernando made representations on behalf of D.E.W. Gunasekera pleading his case.

        Upali Gooneratne had said he could not recall if D. E. W. had actually used the notes on law, but what aroused his suspicion was his constantly pulling out the packet of cigarettes.

      • 0

        Dee Pee,

        Don’t be too harsh on Dayan, mate…

        At least he has a little inclination to talk about our Dalits, although he is in the same class like you lot.
        I mean the Elite , Anglican , Vellala rich Lot in our poor Motherland. who hold Birthday Bashes at Shangrila , although it was before Ibraham Boys checked in a for Sleep Over..

        There is no differenceberween Socialists and the the Rich UNP List in Lankawe…
        My Elders tell me it is a gene which the so called Socialists in Lankawe have inherited from the fathers of Socialism there, who used to talk about Trotsky and drink Whisky,
        While the their bread and butter ,the Proletariat was on Kassippu.
        Now please don’t try to have ago at me on these facts , because I am repeating what my Elders tell me.

        BTW you must have started reading our Mahavamsa GDP only after Dr Ranil Mangalae and Galleon Ravi started giving us Yahapalanaya.
        Because before that I remember us getting a Gurnsey as a Mid Income Nation from the UN not long after Pra said Bye in Nanthikadal.

        You seem a nice guy to have a chat..
        What do you reckon why Sampathar is backing Keselwatta Kid when the Kid hasn’t shown his OL passes to Srikotha yet.

        • 1

          I usually don’t reply to dead essays; this will be a rare exception not b’cos for anything particular but, hey, how can I resist a complement!

          BTW, looks like your elders have failed to teach you a lots of things like the meaning of statistical average: Your 100 add to my 0, divided by 2, voila! average is 50! That is what Kesekwatte Kid is complaining about. But, if he can find a way to get $ 17 billions hidden in Dubai under your patron family, problem solved; rural petty bourgeoise can have Penthouse Udagamas!

          And, about being middle income country, your patron has a magic stick to make any horrible number looks best in the world: Just lower the bar so that even an average high jumper can looks like a Guinness record holder for poll-vault! Well, how the hell else the next heir to the throne got highest marks in law exam?

          Prab said good bye to Gora at Nadikadal without even bothering to wave a White Flag as a last chance. But again, what a last chance to the dad when his youngest 13 years boy was seen munching on some candy in one photo and lying on dirt with four bullets holes on the chest in the next photo. People in Halawatha, Katunayake and Rathupaswala should known what was coming!

          May be you have an affection for cowboy type action filled regime. Well, the affinity is obvious b’cos the guy was living in a cowboy sate, California, as a US citizen. May be he already has his own version of US friendly ACSA & SOFA in his pocket!

          About the O/L certificate of the Kid, according to public records, he had been to London School of Economics. And then, who cares about certificates if the guy can deliver? Charles Darwin didn’t have any certificate either nor did Bill Gates – founder of the Microsoft.

          • 0

            Dee Pee,

            It is 18 Billion USD , Not 17, according to your Best minister of Health Dr Rajitha, And his Son gave Eye Witness Evidence that he saw the Loot in an Arab bank Vault.

            Did you ever ask Dr Ranil why he didn’t bring it back to fill the Hole in his Yahapalana budget and Re start the infrastructure.
            instead of going to Peking with the Begging Bowl and give 25 000 acres of Mahavamsa Land to the Chinese.
            And another 10,000 to the Hindians just only on a Deposit.
            Why Why,

            Is your buddy Galleon Ravi managing the 18 Billion just like he has done with Galleon Raja’s USD 3 Million.

            Gee those UNP politikkas will do anything for a Buck..
            BTW, Keselwatta Kid has Buckley’s now with Galleon Ravi stitching up the Deal to give our suckers another 5 years of Yahapalanaya with Uncle Karu as the President and Ranil as the Prime Minister..

            Poor Mangale,
            After all that sucking , Mangalae is going to go to pastures, unless the UN Boss make him the Special Envoy for the LGBT Agency..

    • 1

      KASmaalam K.A. Sumanasekera

      You along with the self confessed warmonger and war crime denier have been dropping names for years. Tell us what do you expect us to learn from your droppings?

  • 8

    unfortunately for him communism and socialism are as dead as a dodo so today he is a square peg in a round hole though he is not a con man
    of course sira can give him a diplomatic job to help him out as he has given other pseudo socialists

  • 9

    these people were hatchet men of Stalin. paid by USSR.

    No wonder CP men were involved in white vans

  • 6

    Why couldn’t DEW complete his studies at law college ?

  • 3

    All hail Comrade DEW !!! He must surely be made Prez/PM now !

  • 5

    Dr DJ has written a glowing tribute indeed to the legend D E W.

    Alas, no comment on what his success, or not, has been when he went to the people.

    D E W had a firm grasp of all the ‘ism’s’ but less of the ‘how to’ that is needed to advance our state. A thinker rather than a doer.

    Alas, nothing was mentioned of a rather more serious character flaw that derailed his intended career at the Ceylon Law College.

  • 8

    COMRADE, a word which is not in use any more and had no meaning or value any more. I do not know what is DEW is up to now a days, but I sure know others of your ilk (Vasu and team) are up to. Didnt you the one write a letter to other comrade Vasu , conniving in bring down an elected govt , while holding a govt appointed job. The new meaning of Comrade in Lanka is now a political proxy to criminal and crooked politicians. Comrade, my foot. F – – – – N hypocrite.

  • 3

    DEW risked his life going to Parliament supporting the 13th amendment in the late eighties. This amendment solved many part of the ethnic problem on paper atleast(language issue) He was not an opportunist. He did this even after JR jailed him saying his party was involved in the 1983 communal riots

  • 3

    Dr Dayan Jayatilleka should know by now that everyone is correct at some point of time. Not many are correct all the time.
    Your latest adorable ‘ideal’ Rajapaksa family may have done a thingy or two correctly. But overall they buggered and wanting to bugger.
    Yes, DEW has done more ‘correct’ things.
    Dayan’s commonsense is frozen. He says {“…..because there are Communists in power in one of the world’s two or three greatest powers—China—and in other important countries such as Cuba, Vietnam and Nepal “}
    China communist? My bloody foot. What is China doing to Uighurs? Hint: Answer is a G-word.
    The article has lot of ‘born-again’ stuff. We look forward to reading more of this Dayan.
    Why not address the themes of Bodu Bala Sena (BBS)? Is the BBS-Buddhism sect following a path, for business reasons, contrary to Buddha’s teachings?
    Dayan: You have a P G Degree in Buddhism
    Is Gnanasara Thero, founder/Leader of the BBS-Buddhism sect preaching hatred?
    If not “Why?”

  • 6

    Any significant contribution by Dew Gunasekere as a member of the Communist Party. He is definitely better than Ranil the Rogue. Dew Gunasekere too voted for the impeachment against Chief Justice Shiranee Bandaranaike and now blames Rajapakse for it. . He is another rogue in our Political circle.

  • 6

    “But he stands alone in Sri Lanka. That is not his personal tragedy but a tragedy for Sri Lanka.”
    Would not the DJ of yesterday have denounced DEW as a revisionist sell out to Soviet capitalist restoration? DJ has lost touch with Marxism in Sri Lanka.
    DEW is the oldest surviving member of a Communist Party that has been pawned to Sinhala nationalism for many decades. It never defied Mahinda Rajapaksa when it mattered.
    The last man of principle among the leaders of the CP was Muththetuwegama.
    DEW is, however, not nearly as bad as the leader of the LSSP. He is less of a disappointment than Vasudeva. But these do not add up to much.
    There are qualities other than DEW’s version of ‘Marxism’ that are commendable about the man.
    If DEW is all what he is claimed to be by DJ, what the hell is he doing in what is an alliance of corrupt and/or racist politicians.

  • 2

    This “DEW” is a “DESCENDANT” of the defunct “Left Wing” politics that ended with it’s own “Forefathers” – Dr. N.M.Perera, Dr. S.A.Wickramasinghe and Late Mr. Phillip Gunawardane. Hope “DEW” remembers, in 1960 (as I remember, but correct me if wrong) the “TRIO” gathered on “A Stage” at Independence Square to pledge a “United Left” for the country. It is also noteworthy to mention that one of our GREATEST and HONOURED LEGEND in the Musical Culture of Sri Lanka, that none other than Late Pandith , Amaradeva sang a “Theme Song” while the “TRIO” lighted the Traditional oil Lamp on that stage. What followed thereafter was the greatest “GREATEST BETRAYAL” that the very “TRIO” committed to the destruction of the entire “Left Wing Politics”. Without going into details, I would request the readers to trace the history of the “Left Wing” politicians “Behavioural Patterns” and the “Political Decisions” they acted upon in going into “HIBERNATION” with all the successive “Right Wing” political parties that Governed the country for the last seven decades. That is how the “Left Wing” politics of all those “Forefathers” and present day “DESCENDANTS” ended in this country and, in my opinion, NONE of them should be pardoned or remembered to provide a “DUE” place in the political history of this country. “THEY” are EQUAL PARTNERS of the destruction of this country and sufferings of the masses.

    • 0

      You got the Year wrong. It was 1963 that the ULF was formed.
      It was a good idea and it frightened Mrs B.
      She tried to tempt Philip to join the government but he said the whole ULF or nothing.
      She tried NM, who thought that he will take in the LSSP and then bring in the rest. Philip was furious and that was the end of the ULF.
      The Left erred in not making a deal with the SLFP in 1977. If the did, the UNP would not have had its steamroller majority.
      Despite its flaws the Left had some dignity until the 1990s.
      Sarath Mutthetuwegama was the voice of sanity in Parliament in the 1980s until he died in an accident(?).

  • 7

    When a political prostitute sing hossanas about an identical political destitue, we should change to the other sidewalk.
    I put DJ and DEW AND Vasu in the same basket, the most manipulative of the current lot……..far more than MR or RW.
    These are sophisticated c…s who speak the same language as the masses but bat for the other side.
    Go to hell …………..

    • 0

      “DJ and DEW AND Vasu in the same basket, the most manipulative…”
      If so, you have forgotten one who is “far less manipulative”– MS.

  • 2

    Chathura I totally agree with you. I too feel Hypocrites are more virulent than crooked and criminal politicians. These are enablers who keep it going. Real parasites.

  • 1

    The issues of matter concern of Sri Lankan Communist Party was forcefully an occupy by that clique of Kennman -Wickramasinghe of Parliamentary members of chamber in 1963/64 that and its end.
    While Communist Party of Ceylon in Two different lines of Question of revolution of Lanka.
    At that time of advocated by above click has taken up CPSU line of Soviet politics has been vital issue in that struggle between Marxism -Leninism and modern Revisionism in Sri lanka. The CPC,after SLCP had key policies revisionist line of anti- People and anti-democracy revolution led by DEW Gunasekara.
    DEW was non elected members of Parliament.who become one and only leader of SLCP.! .
    But that CPSU led Soviet Union has advocated by Peaceful Transition from Capitalism to Socialism which follows by that later of DEW Gunasekera party belongs anti-Marxist-Leninist of ideology revisionist leadership of CPC that click led by of Kenman & Wickramasinghe.
    They were core leaders CPC -or –.SLCP many times joint with SLFP coalition, by partnership of LSSP.
    Leaders of that never won neither Democracy nor Socialism by SLCP from 1964 until now.
    That politics of DWE has no senses of political phenomena cannot conceal the essence of the differences between Island revolution and reform of bourgeoisie system of governance.
    Needless to say Sri lankan Left end with tragedy by betray aspiration of democratic revolution. The role of communist that people struggle of democracy revolution and anti-Neoliberalism has NOT undertaken by SLCP led by DEW ledeship.
    By and large of enlarge of political role and aspiration of People of struggle an Island they (SLCP) surrendered to JVP.
    From that 1965 May that JVP came into being at that time old leaders Kennman click of SLCP of that time including DEW having no backbone to resistant against politicas anarchism of JVP Terrorism.!

  • 1

    DJ wanted give due respect to DEW Gunasekera of 60 years of his services to “Communist’ Party or Country?
    The matter of role of that “Communist” of DEW is dilemma to me. He has never won by any election of “People” representatives of bourgeois Parliament. He was nominated by the Party list member.
    The man was carriers of several govt highly paid jobs. For examples Chairmen of Rupavahini Corporation Private Secretary to Minster of Housing of Hon. Peter Kenaman and Income Tax Office .

    During that Soviet era that DEW and other Party leaders flying in and out of Moscow by frequently,even they suffering from caught and cold. Not only that their kid and kin having privileges in Soviet Union of enjoy of educations by all FREE of Charges which that name of leaders of “Communist ” Party of Sri lanka.
    These “communist” are new born petty bourgeoisie of red “Communist” has been survival during that era funded by Sovite of CPSU . Well People of Soviet Union betry by CPSU leaders at that time, therefor SLCP was proxies and puppets of CPSU during that has shifted leaders like DEW’s Gunasekara at time of period.
    In contrast to Lenin and Stalin the CPSU of Modern Revisionist of Ex-Soviet Union leaders who were renegades from working that help the US imperialist. DEW was leader who belong to that category of renegade to Marxism, while he was not that well verse Marxist -Leninist of that dialectic Materialism

    Since 1977 neoliberalism was introduce by UNP-JRJ was purely USA led criminal imperialist system of governance. UNP has adopted rule of tactics of which that priest-like deception policies of rule by Dharmista. The DEW man of so-called leader ” communism” was not been capable to know that simple facts by themselves..
    DEW and SLCP was rectionary classes of petty bourgeois always rely on leadership of bourgeois and save for that BIG Bourgeoises in Sri lanka. In fact SLCP leadership( DEW) not that RELY on struggle of Masses of People of Lanka..

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