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GMOA Convenes Emergency Meeting To Counter Court Ruling Over ‘Legalising’ SAITM

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) has convened an emergency meeting on Thursday to discuss its ‘next move’ following today’s Court of Appeal decision which ordered that all medical degree holders of the controversial Malabe SAITM can register with the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC).

The court ruling was greeted with anger by a section including the GMOA and university groupings such as the Inter Medical Faculty Students Action Committee and the Inter University Students’ Federation. The university groupings lunched demonstrations this evening against the court ruling, and demanding for the closure of SAITM.

Sources said that the GMOA has organized an emergency meeting at 10.00 am and have ordered representatives from all of its branches to be present at the meeting where a decision will be taken on how to counter the court ruling.

The court of appeal today ordered the Sri Lanka Medical Council to allow medical students passing out from SAITM to register with the Council. The order was issued following a case filed by two medical graduates of SAITM who cited that medical graduates of SAITM were refused registration by SLMC.

Several university groups of national universities have been calling for the closing down of SAITM while even the GMOA has been campaigning against the university located at Malabe. Last year, SAITM said that the GMOA was campaigning against their institute because GMOA fears with the establishment of SAITM they (GMOA) will lose their monopoly in the health sector.

A source pointed out that it was strange how the GMOA was opposing medical graduates from SAITM but were fine with Sri Lankan students going overseas to study medicine and return back to the country.

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