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GMOA On Strike Demanding Posh Schools For Their Children, Says Minister Deflated Their Tyres

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) today launched a token strike across several hospitals in the country in an attempt to pressure the government into granting school admission for their children.

Padeniya – GMOA boss

The token strike launched by the GMOA has affected the hospitals in Kurunegala, Kandy and Matara. The move comes after the GMOA claimed that Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam had refused to meet them to discuss the anomaly issue over school admission for their children.

Yesterday evening over 200 members from the GMOA had gone to the education ministry and had waited for several hours to meet the minister, who had not showed up for the meeting.

GMOA says that doctors must show permanent residency for at least five years if their children are to receive admission to national schools. However, the GMOA said that this was not possible in some cases as doctors are transferred or some go for overseas training. But in a statement, the education ministry said that the doctors were demanding admission of their children to the best schools in the country and were trying to mislead the public by twisting facts.

According to the statement, the GMOA has demanded the education ministry to provide admission of their children to 12 popular schools in the country including Royal College, Ananda College, Visaka Vidyalaya, Dharmaraja College, Kingswood College, Mahamaya Vidyalaya, Kandy High School and Maliyadewa College.

Meanwhile, posting pictures on their Facebook page today, the GMOA alleged that while they had parked their vehicles at the education ministry to meet the minister yesterday, the tyres of several cars belonging to the doctors had been deflated. “If this was the way minister treat professionals of the country just imagine how he will treat layman of this country. This is how Education Minister treats doctors. Air has been removed from doctors’ vehicles which were parked in “Isurupaya” Yesterday,” they said in a post with pictures of several cars showing flat tyres,” they said.

The GMOA has said that unless a reasonable solution is offered for the schooling issue, they will be compelled to take drastic action. the GMOA and the government are at loggerheads over ETCA with the GMOA demanding that the proposed agreement be scrapped.

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