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Gnanasara ‘In Theory’ Effectively Disrobed Today

Bodu Bala Sena strongman Galagoda Atte Gnanasara can no longer be considered a Buddhist monk as per the vinaya rules elaborated recently by Rev Medagoda Abhayatissa considering the fact that all prisoners are treated equally by relevant authorities.

Rev Abhayatissa, speaking at the Sunethradevi Pirivena, Pepiliyana, said that according to the disciplinary texts, the Vinaya Pitakaya, a bikkhus who spends seven days out of the robe can lose his status as per the rule cheevara vippavaasi (residing out of the robe).

Superintendent of the Welikada Prison Chandana Ekanayake speaking to Colombo Telegraph today reiterated the opinion of Commissioner General of Prisons H.M.N.C. Dhanasinghe who stated that all prisoners are treated equally. Therefore, Gnanasara, who is serving a year of hard labor in prison, like all other prisoners, would be expected to be forced to wear prison garb or the ‘jumper suit’ in common parlance.

Since he began his term on June 14th, today would be his seventh cheevara vippavaasi day. His status as a bikkhu automatically expires today.


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