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“Gnanasara Remains Free, I’m Jailed But The Truth Will Be Revealed” Says Vijitha Thero

Watareka Vijitha thera, whom the Police recently claimed to have confessed to self-inflicting the wounds on his body and fabricating his abduction, has condemned the police and media accusations leveled at him during a brief interview last night given just minutes before his arrest.

Watareka Vijitha Thero

Speaking to the Ceylon Today – a mainstream English newspaper in Sri Lanka, Vijitha thera has refuted the statements publicized by the Police, as confessions made by the monk.

“I don’t have any wish to perform a blood sacrifice like the ascetics in India during the olden days,” Vijitha thera says.

He adds that even under extremely restricted conditions, he decided to give the comment upon listening to the media reportage on him and the claims that have been propagated by the Police as his confessions.

Even while he was taking, it was clear to see he was tense as he keeps looking away from the interviewer furtively from time to time.

“All that I have to say at present is that everything will be clear in the next couple of days. The whole world will know the truth about what really happened,” he has stated.

He has also expressed regret about the present situation in the country.

“But, just like in the Thelapatte jataka story I will not abandon my campaign until peace and reconciliation among all communities in this country – the Sinhalese, tamils and Muslims, are ensured,” he adds.

Vijitha thera has further spoken very emotionally on the rumours that have been spread about him. “The outrageous, racist elements of this country have continued to assassinate my character, without stopping at shedding my blood. They have already succeeded in killing me,” he has stated.

In his final few words during the interview before closing up the curtain partitioning the hospital bed he was in, Vijitha thero has stated, “Gnanasara who damaged the properties and murdered people in Aluthgama remains scot-free today while I, who has always promoted peace and reconciliation, will be taken into custody in a few more minutes.”

Vijitha thera was arrested this afternoon by the Colombo Crimes Division and has been remanded until July 2 upon being produced before the Panadura Magistrate Courts. Earlier this week the Police Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana stated at a media briefing that Wijitha thera confessed to self-inflicting the wounds on his body using a set of keys and blades.

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