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GoSL Welcomes All Journalists To Sri Lanka To Cover CHOGM 2013

“The Government of Sri Lanka, as host of CHOGM 2013, welcomes all journalists to Sri Lanka to cover this very important summit. As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations for more than 60 years, Sri Lanka remains fully committed to Commonwealth values, including a free press”, says the Chairman of the Media/Publicity/ICT Sub-Committee and Media Ministry Secretary Charitha Herath.

Herath’s today clarification came after media reports and direct tweets to him seeking answers to the open threats made by diplomat Bandula Jayasekara, the Consul General in New South Wales and Queensland, Australia.

Referring to Callum MacRae, Jayasekara said; “I will not allow him to come to Sri Lanka on any ground”

Referring to Groundviews he said; “@colombotelegrap Let me tell u and u can tell u friends at CPA no accreditation 4 that website and I know very well how to deal with them.”

“Furthermore, we believe it will be an excellent opportunity for international journalists to get a first-hand look at the developments in post-war Sri Lanka. The CHOGM 2013 Taskforce Secretariat will take every effort to ensure a quick, efficient and problem-free accreditation process for all media professionals.” Charitha Herath further says.

Read the letter in full;

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