25 June, 2022


Gota Frontliner Iterates Anti-Muslim Campaign Has Been Paused For Polls

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna’s front organization – Viyathmaga front-liner Prof. Channa Jayasumana says that anti-Muslim campaigns spearheaded by SLPP front organizations had been paused due to the forthcoming 16 November Presidential Elections, at a book launch held at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute recently.

“For four years along with the Maha Sangha we made sacrifices as the national movement to bring out a candidate (i.e. Gotabaya Rajapaksa). I personally believe that we were successful. However after nominations were handed over we are of no value. I must say that now. My personal believe is that after the presidential elections we will not have the value (n the SLPP) we have now,” lamented Prof. Jayasumana hinting that he and other professionals had been sidelined in SLPP presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s campaign.

“Earlier people said no to 225 and let’s bring professionals into politics at future elections. But do you think that professionals will be given nominations (at 2020 General Elections)?…..” queried the Professor who hinted that professionals would be sidelined by SLPP at future elections.

“So we might have to think about this in future…. There are few things that we would not be talking purely because of the presidential elections. Purposely I have reduced or totally stopped talking about the (Sharia) university of Hizbulla, Dr. Shafi’s (sterile surgery saga) and other related issues,” said the Viyathmaga frontliner implying that he and others in the SLPP would not dwell on these matters during the election period due to the fear of losing Muslim votes.

“If we do we are given a call saying not to go into these subjects. Also later on we might be charged within our camp for sabotaging (Gotabaya’s election campaign). We are bearing these (restraints) with much difficulty. But that doesn’t mean Dr. Shafi didn’t do anything or that University built by Hizbulla is good.”

However addressing a press conference today Prof. Jayasumana claimed that the video has been edited and altered by the foreign forces comprised of the United national Party (UNP) and the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) to mislead the public.

Nevertheless, what is more startling is that the Viyathmaga front-liner says that front organizations of SLPP has paused its anti-Muslim campaigns over the so-called Sharia university in the East and allegations of attempts by Dr. Seigu Shihabdeen Mohamed Shafi to conduct involuntary sterile surgeries on Sinhala mothers due to the forthcoming 16 November Presidential Elections.

“…Some are asking whether our camp has forgotten these issues (i.e. Hizbulla’s university and Dr. Shafi. Clearly we have not forgotten these. We only spoke about it. We believe that this should be discussed. But within the existing political context where the UNP and JVP misusing social media, if we go to talk about Dr. Shafi and Hizbulla now they (the UNP and the JVP) will misuse it….”

However Prof. Jayasuman said that Gotabaya nor Basil nor Mahinda ever influenced or restrained them about talking about anti-Muslim issues such as Dr. Shafi and Hizbulla.
“… Nevertheless we are spearheading an internal struggle and debate… Unlike the UNP and JVP we are not slaves of the SLPP. We are making these (sacrifices) for our country, our race and our religion.”

Former Governor Hizbulla has openly called upon Muslims to vote for SLPP’s Gotabaya although he himself is a presidential candidate, which many say is a move to split Muslim votes going to the UNP.

In July 2019, Colombo Telegraph exposed how Presidential hopeful Gotabaya Rajapaksa‘s former spokesman- Milinda Rajapaksha colluding with Prof. Channa Jayasumana, the architect behind the Dr. Shafi fallopian tube saga and travelling to Kurunegala in what appears to be an attempt to fuel an ugly racist agenda.

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  • 6

    This guy is fair dinkum.
    We have to wait till the next Parliamentary Elections to see whether the Leaders of both the SLPP and the UNP Dalit Faction in particular lead by Keselwatta Kid. will Walk the Walk too..

    Every one including our primary school children know that Muslims did the Suicide Bombing of the Catholic Church.

    And the adults know that Dr Ranil and his UNP have now provided shelter to the Muslims who were alleged to be involved with the Suicide Attackers.

    In fact ,Dr Ranil made some of them even members of his UNP PSC to find out who did it.

    And encouraged the so called Rich Muslim’s Leaders and the Leaders of the poor ones to unite together and help the UNP to win the Yahapalanaya Mk 11.

    What our Dalits including the Catholics are worried is, which faction of the UNP will get to rule after the 17th.

    Dr Ranil and his Faction are on one stage promising everything to what the TNA have demanded.

    Muslims are well catered for with both Bathudeens and Hakkems are in the UNP putting their Hats into to both Rings ,Dr Ranil and Keselwatta Kid.

    Dr Ranil has openly said that he will be the PM with his Cabinet. on the 17th-

    Finally Keselwatta Kid has declared that it will be a New Prime Minister a relatively young one for that matter with a New Cabinet which is also young ,under his Watch.
    This is like a breath of fresh air to come out of the UNP.

    But Keselwatta Kid Didn’t say it in Public ..
    It is only in his Face Book……

    • 11

      KASmaalam K.A. Sumanasekera

      “This guy is fair dinkum.”

      Please explain not the word dinkum but the person you are trying to whitewash, Aryanise, lionise, define, ……………

      • 10

        We have no other choice but to go for CIVILIZED group which is led by SAJITHA premadasa.
        Here we must not think anyhting else but about defeating CRIMINALS.
        Why I am saying this is
        1) Who killed Lasantha (editor of SUNDAY LEADER paper) on brought day light. Now GOTABAYA the candidate representing those criminals himself declared that it wa an act of former govt, in order to escape from the court case filed against him as the key person to be allged in that murder… …. there he does not see betrayal of the state or former govt is okay…
        2) How many unarmed prisoners (over 23) were killed on the spot in Walikada in the high days of Rajakashes ? There no humanity was placed above their agendas but their family
        3) See how they shot dead those protested asking for the cheapest food item of the nation – which is PURE DRINKING WATER…. Rathupaswala people would never forget that brutal incident , by which young 3 boys got dead and over 40 were made injured.. those who sought for escape though shleted under CHURCHESs were attacked… shot gun stains are still there…. these men further twist the gullible mindset of the people
        4)Over 40 or more journalists were gunned down. some left home for life escape.
        All these should not be underestimated anyone who respect humanity.

    • 15

      Cannot we stop bashing Muslims. The largest contributor to the Ecconomy. They are one of the small medium and large businesses that are the engine of growth, providing employment and valuable foreign exchange. Muslims possess entrepreneurship that is a valuable trait. Grow up people. Don’t jeopardize progress and growth with your small minds.

    • 9

      Does it really matter who the next President or Prime Minister will be ?
      At least for me , it does not matter at all.

      All that matters to me is if the constitution , if it can be completely replaced and the excutive Presidency can be abolished before or after General Election.

      Next 2020 General Election will cement the future of Sri Lankans.

      At least the people must make sure no party gets a majority in parliment if the Constitution is not changed before next general elections , that they will be forced to work together to change the constitution, people must form common platforms unite as one and propose the constitution they want and get the draft approved by a special public trustee before it goes through the parliment .

      The Peoples Power / JVP has an obligation towards the country and the future generations to chamge the Constitution and make parliment supreme.

      Just nothing else matters to me.
      Period …

  • 1

    Can’t understand why more Tamils have got into this argument than the Muslims to attack Nandaseana.

    We all know It is the Tamil demands which now has become the deciding factor of this Election.

    Although the Muslims were involved in the Suicide Attack, Muslim Leaders in the Government have absolved themselves.
    The Muslim leaders in fact have manged to imply that that they knew nothing about the Muslims attacking the Catholics..

    They have even gone gone further to tell our suckers that it is Nandasena who organized it.

    Dr Ranil and his Yahpalana mates won the last Election with so may promises from the UNP London and the ex Eelaam London Boss Dr Surendran .

    I haven’t heard even one word about Dr Surendran in this Election, although he promised to give USD 4 Billion to Mangala Samraweera to develop the Nation.

    I just read that one Dr Rhagavan from the North who is the CM saying Diaspora London has promised USD 600 Million this time.
    They want to pump in LKR 600 Mil alone to Develop the North…

    These seem to be genuine offers , because Dr Raghavan said they , the new Diaspora London does not care who wins the Election.
    And do not want the Eelamists dream the Thamil Homeland.

    All they want is to Develop the country specially the North. .
    And come and live peacefully in a united Nation.

    Most of all, they and Dr Raghavan do not care about those 13 Demands which Keselwatta Kid has agreed to give Sivajilingam a Sampathar and Abraham ..

    Wonder whether this Dr Raghavan is a TNA member from Cinnamon Gardens?..

    • 7

      KASmaalam K.A. Sumanasekera

      “Can’t understand why more Tamils have got into this argument than the Muslims to attack Nandaseana.”

      Never mind, it’s all right, do you understand Fermat’s Last Theorem or 1 + 1 = 2

  • 17

    Sri Lanka is a poor country and we cannot become like THAILAND Buddhist country 80% of the women are prostitutes and we copy THAILAND we will be rich country.

    • 4


    • 8

      True. Watch Thai nightlife, Pattaya Beach, Saigon in Vietnam, Cambodia, Siam and even Singapore on Youtube videos, and you can guesstimate the breadth of the culture erosion caused by sex tourism. Strangely the Monks in those majority Buddhist countries are silent and subservient and say Buddhism can wait, while the money for booze, partying and sex floods their capitals.

  • 2

    @Sinhala man ,
    Waitting for your mail.
    ✍F ahim Knight

    • 2

      I’ve sent you a mail with other contact details as well.
      It was to this address of yours.

      • 2

        Ayubowan Mr.Sinhal Man.
        I will certainly contact you.
        Wishing you good health & May The Triple Gem bless you and
        (Peace be to.you
        ✍Fahim Knight
        Always keeping it real ?

      • 6

        @Sinhala Man,
        We need to build a Strong CT platform with members of like mind who are strong advocates of protecting the soverignity of the.land, its resources , Cultral heritages, uniting people of all faiths , free thinkers , athesits , agonostics and from every Ethinicity , not depend on politicians , reachout and help all those in need and promote trust and unity .

        We have failed our duty towards the country and our people by passing the buck.

        Let politicians be , let us small , humble folks take care of our kind of flock among the poor , needy ,ill who can not afford health care , shelter and in poverty

        Racism, hate and mistrust is all.connected with frustration of being helpless, hunger and especially the miserable feeling of not being able to help your loved ones.
        We have so much work to do and we can do lot more than any politician on this land only if we are willing to accept reality , stop believing in myths and lies spread against each other , most importantly letting go the past , forgiving and uniting as one People.
        lets see if you and I can do little things while we are still blessed with some health and are alive.
        Best Regards
        ✍Fahim Knight

  • 5

    Paramount duty of Academia is to teach and do research to advance or for the benefit of mandkind and not traverse one’s territory in to politics. It seems that Dr Jayasumana did not get in to academia on his own merits, rather using political connections. As it is evident from vitriolic comments by CT readers, he failed in Pharmacology and he was 800 out of 870 in common merit list. These positions are reserved for people who excelled in their career.
    Doctors are scientists too. If he is the one going on in media talking about Natha Deiyo communicating with him, such unscientific crap, he should certainly consider his position as a teacher in the university. After all we do not want performance of our
    children assessed by such exminers.

    • 1

      Chauvinist, Who is Anatha Deiyo and cant he talk a little louder. This is like the voice another so called academic heard in a train going north, that he was going to be MR’s right hand prime minister. None other than the lunatic GMOA Pandung misleading the profession. Learn some crazy lessons watching their mad behavior after the elections. Stay indoors, and don’t take any medicine that they prescribe.

  • 1

    And the Nobel prize for complex thought goes to this guy Joseph rajah!


    No wonder the country is in a mess HAHAHAHA

    • 3

      EA – Did Namal Rajafucksha tickle your balls?

      • 2

        Another articulate and riveting comment from from a future winner of the Nobel prize for Literature.

  • 1

    What did he expect? He is a piece of shite and he was dumped!

  • 1

    Minority’s have been targeted by Gota gang, by cancelling them from voting in greater Colombo area. Election commission should rectify this before elections, if not, this might affect the outcome.Most Muslims from Colombo are denied their voting rights, due to Buddhist nationalist in the election commission, not sending the polling cards on time. Rectify this urgently

  • 4

    The word you are looking for is “Lull” .This is the calm before the storm when Gotga takes over.
    What the Frontliners is sayng is vote for me and you will make our actions Legal. just like JR was ordered to invte the IPKF

  • 0

    There is devalaya for Natha deiyo, oppoiste temple of Tooth, dalada maligawa and my knowledge is limited to that. Communicating with gods, superpowers is dillusional, and symptomatic of a mental illness, I dare not say what.

    • 2


      The word you are looking for is ” Nai Kutty Visaran”

  • 0

    Sally and Gnanasara Thero are good friends. A lot of funds have come to Sri Lanka from the middle east. Muslims have contact with terorist but this does not make them terorist. There are sleepers here that we do not know of. They have no contact with each other. It is the muslim brothrhood that can find them. Reconciliation is a must to get at the sleepers.

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