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Gota Opens New Dagoba In Kilinochchi

In another symbolic gesture of Buddhist hegemony over the Tamil dominated parts of the island, Secretary to the Ministry Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Army Commander Dayaratne yesterday inaugurated a sparkling new Buddhist temple in the former rebel stronghold of Kilinochchi in the Wanni region and enshrined the Buddha’s sacred relics in its pinnacle.

The pagoda at the Mankulam Sri Sugatha Viharaya was unveiled last morning and preceded by an all night pirith chanting, the Defence Ministry said.

“Security Force Headquarters-Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN),fully supported the construction of this new pagoda at the request of the temple incumbent, Ven Hingurakande Sumana Thera since it is place of Buddhist worship with a long history, but remained totally dilapidated for more than thirty years after terrorism for separation commenced in the North,” the Ministry said on its website.

The Defence Ministry said a special illumination pooja had been held the same evening in the premises were to bring the two-day ceremonies to an end. Security Forces HQ Kilinochchi troops and Engineer Service Regiment troops lent their expertise for the construction, the Ministry said.

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