25 May, 2024


Gota Says Two Behind Lasantha Murder: Who Was The Other?

By Suranimala Umagiliya

The Daily Mirror newspaper of 12th February carried an interview with Gotabaya Rajapaksa nestled in the front section. The interview would have been better placed in the TV section. The infantile explanation was straight out of Aesop’s Fables.

Gotabaya says that Lasantha murder, Keith torture and assault and the Prageeth Ekneligoda disappearance were done by two people. Who? He does not say. Is this the humbug that we want as a President of this country? He knows who murdered Lasantha Wickrematunge. He knows who abducted, tortured and released Keith Noyahr after Karu Jayasuriya called his brother Mahinda who was the then President. He knows who made Prageeth Ekneligoda go missing.

“I won’t tell. Make me President and I will tell all”.

It’s the same story from Gotabaya. “If I am made the candidate to run for President, I will give up my American citizenship. If not I am American. Freedom is not enough without discipline”….blah blah.


Pretence at being a patriot is not lost amongst the intelligent section of the Sri Lankan populace. Gotabaya and Mahinda banks on the rest of the population to bring them back in to power.Sprinkled amongst them are the racist elements.

Let us assume that the Yahapalanaya government has failed.Even dismiss the democratic freedoms emanating from the Independent Commissions. Does that necessitate a return to the old vomit?

The international standard for a new paved road costs around Rs 7.5 million per km. The roads Rajapaksha’s built cost Rs 27 million a km. Does Gotabaya know that? This American states that the infamous MiG purchases were between the Government of Sri Lanka and the Government of Ukraine as recent as last week. He says this despite the Ukrainian Government denying that they NEVER sold any aircraft to the Sri Lankan government. That was a statement made to the Sri Lankan investigators inquiring in to the purchase of MiG aircraft.Of course MiG aircraft were brought to Sri Lanka via a third party who made a killing and we know who that was. Gotabaya has now the very same lawyer who appeared for Lasantha in the same case defending him after the murder of the newspaper editor. Money talks.

Rajapaksa family has the gall to say that murder is rampant in Sri Lanka since the Yahapalanists took over. Have they forgotten the killing of Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra? Lasantha Wickrematunge? Nimalarajan? Nineteen journalists from the North? Abduction and torture of Keith Noyahr? Assault on Upali Tennakoon?

Prageeth Ekneligoda gone missing, probably murdered too? Not forgetting the rampant drug trade flourishing aided and abetted by their regime ?

The glitz and glamour connected with the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime was but a cloak which covered the dirtiest,corrupt and an immoral period in our history. Money, however dirty was respected and became a fashion to be emulated. Even cricket was not spared. The International Cricket Council confirms Sri Lanka is the most corrupt cricketing nation. Such degradation of a nation encouraged and nurtured by Rajapaksa’s will take decades to correct.

Is Ranil the answer? Or is it Karu Jayasuriya, Sajith Premadasa maybe even Maithripala Sirisena? None have shown strength or courage to turn the tide. Probably waiting for Godot.

Be that as it may, ( Lasantha in his writing often used this phrase) Gotabaya knows that two people were behind the murder of Lasantha. One was himself.

Who was the other?

The American must speak now or hold his tongue forever.

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    It is amazing to see the Cold War within the Old Royals has come up this level.

    Author sarcastically asking “who is the other?”, because it is assumed one is Old Brother Prince. Old Brother Prince, in his statement, is pointing out two people. Blindly, without analyzing we can assume Ponny as one. Then, who is the other one? We need to assume the other one as within the Old Royal Family. Is that Old King or Younger Brother Prince?
    Old Brother Prince declared him as a Candidate for EP. It appears America may release his citizenship. At least, without additional info, that is all what we can assume from American Ambassador’s talk, during the Coup ” Old King has to resign now if one of his family member wants to compete in EP election and America is to issue the release.”

    Old Brother Prince is now an ant in both sides burning wood. He needs to corporate with America. But the Old Royals are still not willing to admit him in Slap Party. This is preventing him not being able to proceed to any path. He is now willing to witness against the family empire. Family may change their mind and give him some concession. They want to expand the Slap Party office and offer him a room in that. Apparently the deal is making him only a worker not the Chief. Will he be happy with that?
    So far he was not allowed to remain in the country when the elections or coup were taking place. This is a downgrading below GLP. If Old Royals want to forge a deal with SLFP, Old King has to be allow New King as CC. Until a deal, Old King doesn’t want Old Prince talk about his candidacy. Younger Brother Prince suggested Old Beauty Queen. Some media suggested it was because of her, Old King went for Coup. She threatened to commit suicide if CIDs inquired her. Now she is suggested to save Brother Prince from America?
    Comedy Thamai.

    • 12

      The bloody Sri Lankan system has been created by Govigama Mafia Ruling Elites to do whatever they like… Aliester Crowley’s Thelema doctrine “Do as thou wilt” is purely connected with these evil lot who are ruling this unfortunate nation with their EVIL conducts and agenda that drove this country down the drain through 70+ years. The independence gained 1948 is a big bloody farce. The Rajapakse clan is one of the dirtiest tentacle of the GOVIGAMA MAFIA which is nurtured and protected by the Elite gangster leadership to do their dirty jobs. The killing of Lasantha is one of them. By these kinds of misinfo they are trying divert the attention of the public. The entire media belongs to them. So, confusing the masses is one of their main strategies to keep the Sinhala masses dumb.

  • 15

    What kind of a country are we living in ? From the bloody executive president to the bloody stupid voter like me knows (actually I don’t know} who was behind the crime(s )happened in this country. Especially the VIP crimes. Unfortunately the police who are supposed to apprehend these criminals seems to be not aware of these facts.
    These idiots who are holding high offices in this country have the facts and figures. Then aren’t they liable by law to give the bloody information to the proper authority? Honorable judges, AG, IGP , aren’t you all have a duty by the country which gave you free education to order these rogues to disclose these information., so justice could prevail? By the way media institutions, you have freedom of information laws of this country where you make your money to fools like us to provide the truth.
    Why all of you are in a big slumber? You and fools like us can write & write till doomsday. But for sure nothing would happen and the criminals of this land of ours will rule over us and we would still still be screaming Jayawewa even after the doomsday!

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    Once again GR has made a confession to a crime, concealing evidence. The other day he said he could return the money he stole from the UDA (people’s) to build a memorial for his parents. The MIG Deal is another lie. If he knows the other two responsible for the murder and dissapearance of the journalists, it is also a lie, there should be three not two. Guess who is the third.

    • 6

      But the thing is, nothing is in the air than this regarding that huge deal…, about MIG DEAL even if the very sam bunch thugs to have grabed those millions if not billions of dollars for that MIG purchases.
      Average mind set is being further manipulated them to be seen as above the law. Just imagine, sinhala social media videos and their underneath comments prove, that people are fully misled.
      So how can people ever be able to see things neutral for the benefit of the masses.
      Alone grand opening of pvt business men had been given STATE TV footage by lanken media.. how come ? I wonder why the media men behave so, and that obsequous to former men ? Are they under threat ?

  • 10

    Buck passing is a Rajapaksa tradition. Both GR and BR
    are arrogant, swollen headed and take the masses to
    be nothing more than asses. It is a great tragedy that
    Sirisena and his homo partner Wickremesinghe have
    done all what they can to strengthen MR and make
    these two rascals, proven bribe takers and liars, big
    monsters. This country as no future.

  • 9

    It is an indisputable fact that he is one. Now who is the other? Bensen

  • 11

    One was Gotha and the other one was his SHADOW keeping a look out for potential informers. The only ones around were SF & Chavendra who have all been elevated. Justice done. What a farce. Poor AHIMSA . You wont get justice in Sri Lanka.

  • 7

    Suranimala Umagiliya is definitely someone who has an axe to grind on Gothabaya and the Rajapakse family. Unlike you they have proved their patriotism to the people of Sri lanka. It is time to remember that it was the ‘Vomit’ that enables you to live peacefully in the country today. What has the ‘yahapalanaya’ actually done to the country in the past 3 1/2 years? Do not quote international standard costs for the development work carried out. People like you should learn to appreciate the good that has been done during the Rajapakse regime. The UNP Ranil led government had 3 1/2 years to bring them to court and prove the various allegations! Instead he is seen as one of culprits of the biggest daylight bank robbery in the world – ask Ranil to get his bosom pal Arjun Mahendran from Singapore! Cricket went down the pan during the last 3 1/2 years!

    Once again remember that the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime which you say’ was but a cloak which covered the dirtiest,corrupt and an immoral period in our history’ is your personal opinion. It is only because that regime that Sri Lanka annihilated the most dreaded LTTE suicide bombing murderous terrorists in the world after 20/30 years terrorism! A golden page in Sri Lanka’s history. People like yourself who were hiding under their beds should be ashamed.

    • 5

      Sorry Lanka,
      “Suranimala Umagiliya is definitely someone who has an axe to grind on Gothabaya and the Rajapakse family. “
      Wrong, he is just one of them. There are more than 10000 families from North and equally disgruntled families from all over Silly Lanka among the 62 million who openly disposed of their displeasure on the 8th of Jan 2015. I am pretty sure that figure has increased since the RTI was introduced. All that frauds, money laundering, kidnappings, executions and daylight robbery of public funds which were swept under the carpet under the Mara/Gotha/Basil & Sira regime, are in the open. You should be ashamed of your self to come out with these stupid excuse of ‘Ranaviruwo’ slogan to clean the dirty linen of these rouges. Suwapath Weva!

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    Is Suranimala Umagiliya the Lanka’s best journalist?

  • 7

    Yes! who is the other? This can be answered only by the other-Gota.

  • 0

    Umagiliyas are well known to me. Douglas Umagiliya comes to mind

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    It is amazing how much commentry is being made when there is gossip and innuendo in the air. I suggest CT should bring in more articles like this to keep the dwindling readership alive.

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