17 October, 2021


Gotabaya Couldn’t Protect A Bike From Thieves, How Could He Win A War Asks Fonseka

In an open attack against former secretary to the ministry of defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Field Marshall and Parliamentarian Sarath Fonseka declared that when Rajapaksa did not have the capability to protect a bike from thieves, how can he command a 200,000 strong military force to win a war.



Delivering his inaugural speech in Parliament on mid week, Fonseka went on to claim that at the time Rajapaksa left the army the LTTE was only using ‘galkatas’. “So on what basis did he have the experience to strategize the war to win against the LTTE?” he questioned.

“Gotabaya ran away from the army, he begged Ranjan Wijeratne to relieve him from his military duties, and then went to the United States. I met him there, he was doing tinkering work and told me life was very tough. He didn’t even have a vehicle, and so one of my friends lent him a bicycle,” Fonseka said.

“But one day Gotabaya came and told my friend that the bicycle was stolen, so my friend asked why he didn’t chain it, then Gotabaya said he had chained it to a ladder, but the robbers had taken the ladder and bicycle with them. This is the sort of people who say they were the ones who won the war,” Fonseka, the Former Army Commander claimed.

Fonseka, who is also a also a cabinet minister in the current government, said that even though Gotabaya Rajapaksa had written a book on how he won the war, Fonseka claimed that a person who left the army way back in the 90s, and had absolutely no experience in the field where modern warfare was used, had no capability to strategize the win against the terrorist group. The book was documented by journalist C.A. Chandraprema.

“We were in the war front every day for 35 years, we served at various levels, and we were even shot at, that is how we gained experience, and we didn’t run away from fighting in the war like Gotabaya did,” Fonseka charged.

The Field Marshal also claimed that a person who didn’t possess the sufficient ground experience did not have the ability to strategize and win a war and give leadership to a 200,000 military force.

“First he did tinkering work in the US, then he was a computer operator for 14 years also in the US, and then suddenly he came to Sri Lanka and taught the military how to fight the war and win it. Then I too should be able to go and order engineers around and teach them how to do their job. But, you can’t do that, because you need experience and without experience you cannot carry out any task successfully,” Fonseka added. ( By Munza Mushtaq © Colombo Telegraph )

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  • 19

    This one example is enough to judge the brain capacity of MR & Gotha. Is any good leader or a good company CM will behave like this – annoying an important person SF who was one of the pillars of them. You have to keep and support the person knew everything about the Government – these modias still wanted to rule our country – what a pathetic people still we have. We Tamils lost one or two and gained many – one thing we couldn’t change is fighting among us for fame – hope the next generation will be better. God bless us for a good political solution and the prosperity of our paradise. We do not want the seethe-Ram land to be destroyed.

    • 22

      Gota got a doctorate from the Colombo Uni.

      He went with his manike to Rome to see the Pope.

      Nirubama Rao was his intimate friend for reasons no one knows.

      If he wanted a sweet and sour meal. he will fly to Beijing at government expense.

      He illegally imported dogs in the Cabin of Sri Lankan airways.

      He was rearing huge sharks illegally in his garden pond.

      He is accused of shooting and killing an innocent man at a check point during JVP insurrection.

      Who is responsible for the killing of Lasantha and …………….

      He forcefully kidnapped Sarath Fonseka after the Presidential election.

      He threatened Ferdinand Janz through military intelligence and bogey legal actions for her to leave the country.

      He is the man responsible for giving orders to kill the white flag carrying Tigers.

      He is the man who gave the orders to insert the red hot iron through Pirabakaran’s anus.

      He is the man who ordered to kill Prabakaran’s son Balachandran.

      He conspired with KP for the carefully managed kidnap drama and fooled the entire Sri Lankan population.

      From where did he get the money to buy a property in USA when he was only holding green card and not in any serious employment in the USA? After all he was a soldier.

      He has not accounted for the war time loot of the LTTE jewelry and cash.

      He is the man responsible for the worst war crimes in the final stage of the war.

      He should be paraded with his jock strap like amude to be Guillotined or Saudi type stoning. This will the best punishment for this guy.

      But he is enjoying a comfortable life under this good governance government.

    • 19

      Why did not SF put his hand up when CBK ask to take Jaffna back from LTTE? (only Rohan Daluwatta did) Where was SF before Gota came to deference ministry? What did Ranil did to SF when he sign agreement with LTTE (transferred to Colombo) How did SF jump queue and become army commander? (ask Shantha Kottegoda). Why Airforce did not send a chopper to Mutthur when 50 Army commandos was lost in the jungle with wrong information (check the number of commandos MIA in Mutthur in their website) I can go on with the list,

      Talk is bloody cheap SF, I am surprised what greedy polities can do to good solder.

      • 4

        Sounds like a corrupt officer speaking. Were you trading with terrorists when Mulativu camp fell?

      • 3

        Do you really believe that Gota had the map to go for a victorious war ? Man you are hallozinated. While living in EUrope, I have almost lost my touch with the home country even if my wills are still there to stay that attached to them- they very same shold be the case with GOTA while he was living as computer man inthe US. But SF lived and fought against war. He was top man. He should know all the bits while Gota should have missed almost everything about.Clay fed Kimbulas would do, you guys further to take all what is in air and stay intoxicated is pathetic. Not even illiterate Ethiopians would tick this way.This is the problem that we have in srilanka. Stupidity of the majority as no other folks have been.

  • 5

    Arrogance wins war, both SF and GR had.

    • 22

      SF has no whatsoever arrogance. He is the clean person here.
      Now it is high time people to get it.

      This govt will pay all the way SF to bring all the prima facie evidence in terms of the untold stories soon.
      Wait and see. Yahapalana will learn Rajapakshe a lession in the weeks to come.
      Yesterday Gota being onthe FCID premises prevaricated as if he was right… but entire right thinking portion of the nation know very well how they treated the people in the post war sessions. These men are born murderers.
      SFs argument is 100000000000000000000% right that a man who had been away from the country for 15 years – how could he be the war verteran to lanken war – instead the man who fought the war during the said year being phsyically invovled in the lanken war- should know every bits of the war.
      pEOPLE are made fools through media men hired by Rajapakshe. This game is still in action, that is the reason why we dont read anything being written detailed about Anti Rajapakshes.

      Please lanken paparosso, wake up.. work for the nation not for the bunch of thugs that looted the nation.

  • 23

    Chained the bicycle to a ladder!!! Haha
    Field Marshal , it is the best depiction of the intellectual capability of this fellow.

    With such low IQ there is no way a war can be won without external support.

    • 17

      So what kind of IQ Rajaapkshes shouldl have are already prpoved. He relied on an illiterate ASTROLOGER from Galle to decide the date of Presidential Election.

      And the guys like you continuing punnakku eating stay so intoxicated. No wonder we the nation march backward but fooling the poor of poor.

    • 6


      good that he did not chain it to his prefab portable house.When he went to work he could have lost his wife too.Who will then cook the vegetarian for him.

    • 3


  • 6

    Who put that leech (looking for blood but could not find) under his loin cloth thinking that its good for the health.
    Yes, it will be good for now.

    Wait a minute for some time to pass, that WHO will be ju7mping up and down soon when the itch from the Leech turns unbearable and when that LEECH can not be removed easily.
    You trust a LEECH to make life easy for you.

    So it will be a matter of time……. As for today its entertainment.
    Another looser rejected by the masses big time.

  • 7

    the only difference between fonseka and gota is,fonseka also would have chained the bike to the ladder but would have waited hiding with a shotgun 24/7.

  • 12

    Dear Honorable Minister Field Marshall Sarth Fonseka!
    You shot yourself in the foot immediately after the war in 2009 by teaming with the UNP. As a result you damaged your own image irreparably and lost the honor of millions of Sri Lankans. You did not know that a person of your fame could be politically used by political opportunists disguised as friends. (And even today you don’t!)
    Then, you shot yourself in the foot for the 2nd time after the presidential election in 2010 by foul-mouthing: “nobody in Sri Lanka could arrest you”. They not only arrested you but dragged you like a dead-snake before throwing you to a remand cell. They planned it so well that even you didn’t know until you got landed in Welikada remand cell.
    Now you are again shooting yourself in the foot, this time, in parliament and nobody knows where you are going to end yourself up.
    The Rajapaksas gave you the army commander job. And you did a good job as long as you were with them. If you had been with them for anther 3 years, resigned in 2014, and then contested against the Rajapaksas at the last election you could have become the president of Sri Lanka easily. The UNP cunningly coaxed you to politics and ruined your image gradually and systematically. I’m sure they knew or they probably conspired with the Rajapaksas or Western political strategists about it.
    This time the UNP has given you another razor blade (a seat in Parliament) with the intention of using you against the Rajapaksas.
    Utilize this razor blade carefully; otherwise you will cut yourself while cutting throat of the UNP as well like in the story of the proverbial monkey.
    Learn how to speak as a parliamentarian in parliament; there are millions of people who loved you; they are still among the Sri Lankan voters and you can win them back if you know how to play this game:POLITICS.

  • 11

    Sarath Fonseka is trying to take all credit for winning the war, but he will be hiding behind anyone he can find when including his mother, when the LTTE remnants and the West comes after him for killing their golden goose the LTTE. And ARE SRI LANKANS SUCH IDIOTS / NO-BRAINERS TO GIVE ANY ATTENTION TO SARATH FONSEKA -WHO CAN NOT EVEN PUT TWO THOUGHTS TOGETHER, HE FORGETS THE FIRST ONE.

    • 3

      You should be an idiot – either you cant get it or behave so. millions of your sort are in the country- they cant see it beyond. Minority folks have to suffer because of you guys.

      He makes it very clear not Politicians but the ground forces should be given the due credit.

      All the civil organisations do say the same thing – at the time, MR took the office, Dr. Ambare Damile thero said, he was very weak.

      Alone the fact very same man to have ended up in vain in the post war says everything actually, but people are cemented by lies. These folks are the most idiotic folks of the globe

  • 12

    When SF got his rank back, and then promotion to FM, he should have taken his substantial pension, and with what was left of his pride and dignity, he should have gracefully retired from the murky world of Sri Lankan politics. Maybe, he should have sat down in the shady of the rambuttan tree and written the definitive book on the war ( Saraths’ War?).

    Instead he has chosen to allow himself to be used. Here, FM SF is being used to fling shit. He will no doubt get some delayed pleasure himself, but the ones who are really laughing are those behind the scenes using him, who are overjoyed as FM SF inflicts shock and awe on MR, GR and their coterie. OUR enemies need do nothing now. This is DOG eat DOG, big time, and the devious cats in the background are smiling as they enjoy the cream.

    • 6

      May be or may be not! Someone has to stand up there in the Parliament and speak out against the tyrant. I am glad SF did it just so. It would stay on record unless MR were to come back and order it to be wiped out and burn all printed Hansard reports;Rajasinghe I also did such an act of destruction once, so nothing is sacrosanct.

      • 3

        But the guys focused was not present at the moment SF held his speech. Can MPs deliberately avoid the sessions without givng a proper reason ? I know it from Germany, MPs are compelled to take part in their sessions, else, they would be rejected from their seniors. MR is no longer senior active man -so why dont the party committiee or parlimantarian adminstiration donot quesiton as to why MP MR did not take part in the parliament -why he behaved himself as a thug there. There shold be a set of regulations that is equal to everyone. Mostly, MR is not sitting. Is it not obligatory them to take part in the sessions ?

  • 5

    It is amazing that a few years ago the Gotabhayas couldn’t afford a bicycle but now own mansions and walawes. I find it stupefying that nobody seems to ask these Rajapakses haw they amassed these fortunes disproportionately to their income.

    • 3

      they can’t ask because all are in the same boat.From the time they entered politics they never relied on their paltry income.They say if you pay peanuts you get monkeys,we got instead donkeys who are not interested in peanuts.

      they instead eat our heads off when we sleep.Damn good for us for paying peanuts.A honest MP once came and asked me what i was getting in the private sector.His face fell when i told him and needless to say he left politics.

      We should pay well and get good quality people to represent us.Then only they will start having assets that reflect their income.Now they have assets that don;t reflect their legitimate income but do reflect their illegitimate rev.

      They should get salaries more than in the private sector.Then only we can draw people out from the private into the public sector.All other perks etc should be cancelled for them unless they are also being given by the private sector.

      Which is more important,to have people increasing the wealth of an anonymous bunch of share holders or increasing the wealth of the country?

      If i was paid the same as the private sector i would move to the public sector because it would give me more of a job satisfaction to do something for my country than to increase the wealth of some shareholders.

      • 8


        Basil had worked as understudy to Dutta Gamini at Ministry of Mahaweli Development, years ago.

        The period that he was at the ministry was the best years of his life, in terms of learning and earning.

    • 3

      SYLVIA I TOO COULD NOT AFFORD A BICYCLE BOOKS OR A PROPER EDUCATION. However, with my determination commitment and hard work these visions are all in the past. YOU ARE so foolish to assume that people remain the same forever. After years I am back on my feet and fortunately have the ability to help the _less fortunate as well.

      • 5


        “After years I am back on my feet and fortunately have the ability to help the _less fortunate as well.”

        Thanks a lot for helping the less fortunate,

        Now will you educate Mahinda, Gota, Basil, Namal and his siblings? It seems Mahinda is so poor his family couldn’t afford a lawyer for his son. Mahinda had to done in his parana (old) black gown.

        Would you consider paying for Yoshitha’s legal expense.

  • 0

    Mr Fonseka just a simple question..
    why you have many opponents from MR to even Mahinda Deshapriyya a civil servant..why everybody dis- associate you even the Capatain Cool..
    any sound minded layman can understand what is the root cause without experiencing brain constipation …

  • 0


  • 0

    Totally it was a joint effort to defeat the LTTE. Initially, Ranil Wickramasinge is the architect to spilt the LTTE, where Karuna Amman breakaway from LTTE and provided the necessary information to the Intelligence. Later Mahinda Rajapakse along with his brother Gotabaya moved forward the war diplomatically along with India, Pakistan and China. India provided the technical support to destroy the LTTE supply route through its Navy. China supplied arms and ammunition. Pakistan provided the pilots to do the accurate airstrikes. Finally General Sarath Fonseka defeated the LTTE at the battle ground with all the above support.

  • 0

    Did Gota order killing of surrendering tigers general Shavendra?
    No comment? Oh shit wrong answer?

  • 0

    Problem with Fonseka is that when he opens his mouth what comes out is either filth or bullshit. He will do well to think before he talks.

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