23 April, 2024


Gotabaya Is Bad, But Pardoning Duminda Silva Has Made Him Evil

By Vishwamithra –

“If there is something to pardon in everything, there is also something to condemn.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Placed precariously in the annals of contemporary times, Sri Lanka has had to confront many situations which are apparently conspiring to drag it down to a pit where only failed-states inhabit. Her current rulers have unqualifiedly subordinated the national interests to their own greedy and selfish profits. Relegating their own subjects, the voters of the country, to a second or third-hand tier, the President and his Cabinet of Ministers are being held in a choking grip. Sheer political impotence is their invisible badge- a shameful one indeed.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

The popular judgment amongst the rural folks is that Sri Lanka is a ‘cursed nation’. The traditional values based on teachings of most scientific and compassionate religious beliefs, also known as Buddhism, discovered, revealed and widely expounded by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, have all fallen by the wayside. The kings and queens who ruled ancient Ceylon, although they all assumed such high office to rule the country as a ‘one-man-rule’, at least an overwhelming majority of them, were never questioned as to their patriotism and commitment to the rule of law. Examples are many as to their rule and their modus operandi in dealing with multiple crises, economic, military or social, their principles of governance and above all their abiding obligation to law and order are lastingly chronicled in various historical records, including the Mahāvasa, the Great Chronicle.    

Historians have fact-checked and recorded these events and incidents carefully. Their painstaking commitment to telling the truth and their verification of the authenticity of the contextual pertinence is beyond question. However, as usual, any historical record of a nation is gravid with exaggerations and when the proverbial flowers are picked out and discarded, what remains as a factual record is palatably digested by the subject generations that followed the real-time citizenry of the country.      

Almost all- political pundits, University academics, private sector CEOs, higher echelons of the government service, , rich, poor, the middleclass, Sinhalese, Tamil, Burgher and Muslims, they all knew that Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga was the worst political leader Ceylon produced, at least since Independence. Now she can exhale a sigh of satisfaction that she is no more considered to be occupying that contemptible bottom layer of the ladder anymore. She’s been outdone by the present fellow, Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapaksa. In incompetence, lack of empathy, dishonesty, cynicism, corruption and political impotence, Gotabaya is miles ahead, not a very teeming station to be in, in nation-building or state-governance.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa came into power with a bang. He had built his reputation as a ‘master doer’, a man who could produce results from almost nothingness. His advertising agency did a masterful job of creating and then projecting a colossal image of a modern day ‘Dutu Gemunu’; liberating the country from the manacles of Tamil expansionism was an integral part of his persona so created. Despite the widely-held belief in the country that his family’s rule from 2005 to 20014 was brazenly corrupt, downright dishonest and unyieldingly nepotism-rooted, the gross failure on the part of the Ranil/Maithripala combo government to prosecute the Rajapaksas to a permanent political end ensured the comeback of the same family, this time led by an untested ‘anti-hero’ who ran away from the Northern war when the going got tough. So was written another sad chapter of Sri Lanka’s post-independent history.

The victory at the Parliamentary elections that followed the Presidential elections further tightened the stranglehold the Rajapaksas had on the wretched citizenry of Lanka. This untested ‘anti-hero’ is being tested by mother of all tests. The Covid-19 pandemic is running rampant in the country and its third wave seems to be more threatening and all-encompassing than the dreaded LTTE soldiers. The Covid pandemic is no isolated event; its consequences have generated many effects that in themselves have performed the dubious task of being cataclysmic causes. The cause and effect theory is having its own cycle of life, making a mockery of the Rajapaksa-incompetency and corruption.

The so-called ‘Viyathmaga’ pundits couldn’t foresee nor forecast the resultant economic debacle that followed. Viyathmaga is supposed to be an assembly of men and women, well-educated, placed in high offices in both public and private sectors and equally well-versed in contemporary events and futuristic phenomena. Yet when their real knowledge, experience, skills and competence were put to a crunching test, all that knowledge, experience, skill and competence seemed to have flown out the window. They are as impotent, weak and incapable as an ordinary street vendor. At least a street vendor is equipped with that rare quality of street-smartness and common sense and above all undiluted patriotism. A street vendor would not barter his love for the country for a quick buck.

The pure evil in the Rajapaksas and their henchmen is now bursting at its seams. The chief characteristic of the evil that has been in display over the last eighteen months is its unparalleled avarice. The masters have shown the way and the subordinates are following willfully and even with more greed as if there is no tomorrow. Their policies are no more founded in political ideologies; they are not being practiced and implemented in any plausibly proficient fashion; the land of Buddhism, the seat of the teachings of the Tathāgata, the custodian-nation of one of the most illuminating religions in the world is being ransacked by her rulers and they seem to be doing it with a license to kill, literally.

Evil has overwhelmed good and greed has buried compassion and care. A nation once known for her hospitality is being led by some of the unkindest and most inconsiderate members of a cabal whose head is another Rajapaksa who fled the warzone in search of greener pastures in California. So what else can the average voter in Sri Lanka expect from these deserters of a noble cause?

But a greater tragedy awaits the nation today. The alternative to the present gang of rulers seems much more incompetent and less empathetic. It requires a tremendous leap of faith to repose confidence in Sajith Premadasa, the presumptive alternative to Gotabaya Rajapaksa. After the drubbing the United National Party (UNP) received at the last Parliamentary elections, the official UNP seems to have breathed its last. But the alternative Sajith has not brought more votes into the party; as a matter of fact, more than two and half million voters stayed home without voting for the Party he led or the UNP at the said elections in 2020.         

See the following table:





6.9 ml

5.5 ml





Where can the voter turn now? Both Patali Champika Ranawaka and Anura Kumara Dissanayake (AKD) are being considered as plausible alternatives. Champika is yet to build a national image and AKD has to carry the burdensome baggage of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP). While Patali Champika represents a left of center ideological school of thought, the JVP and its romanticist appeal to the youth of any nation seem far too narrow to be considered as consequential in the context of a general election.

Yet the cruelties of the Covid pandemic cannot be foreclosed. The rapid increase in the spread of the virus and the consequent rise in deaths have had an irrevocable effect in the psyche of the local population. As much as Maithripala Sirisena’s election victory in 2015, defeating a popular leader such as Mahinda Rajapaksa was a surprise to some self-appointed pundits, one cannot underestimate nor claim as a fantasy if a resounding defeat for Gotabaya and his corrupt party in the next elections is caused. Many incidents, events and socioeconomic data seem to be conspiring to that end.

The average voter might not pay undivided attention to the pardoning of Duminda Silva, the convicted and sentenced to death-murderer; but it certainly leaves no sweet taste in one’s moth to learn such a national tragedy. Pardoning of Duminda not only proves the pure evil of those who decided on the issue, its timing boggles one’s mind as it was done in such a traumatic time when the country is caught up in a whirlpool of a pandemic cum economic disaster.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote in his famous masterpiece, ‘The Gulag Archipelago’: “In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”  Acts as such, pardoning of Duminda, whether it really affects the average voter or not, the evil of the psyche of the cabal was so vivid and indisputable. When one goes to sleep with dogs, one has to rise with the fleas.

Solzhenitsyn did not write in vain.

*The writer can be contacted at vishwamithra1984@gmail.com

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Latest comments

  • 56

    Gota is a serial-killer …… that’s where it starts and that’s where it ends.

    All else is beside the point.

    Let’s not sanitize the man ……. by talking other things.


    • 17

      nimal fernando

      “Let’s not sanitize the man ……. by talking other things.”

      Gota is the Tiger Slayer and a practicing vegetarian.
      Do these achievement and quality count towards his accumulated Karma?

      He often visits Vihares, shrines, and all those (upper caste?) Mahanaykes. Will his pilgrimages to saffronistas help him to cancel out any of his Bad Karma’s?

      • 6

        “A survey by Brigadier General S Marshall, carried out during the second world war, it was assumed average soldiers would have no issues killing the enemy in combat. The results were staggering. The survey concluded that out of every hundred men, only 15 to 20 would actually fire directly towards their foe.

        Marshall, together with a team of historians and scientists, later conducted further surveys that included mass interviews with thousands of soldiers in more than 400 infantry companies involved in operations in Europe and the Pacific. The results were consistently the same, with just 15 to 20 percent of soldiers willing to fire at the enemy. In many cases, those who didn’t fire, wouldn’t run and hide, but were willing to risk greater danger to rescue comrades.

        The study of ‘killing’ gives good reason for citizens to feel optimistic for the future. It also provides clear understanding why so many service-people suffer PTSD. Unquestionably, it reveals that the vast majority of us are overwhelmingly reluctant to kill a member of our own species. Sadly, the message hasn’t been strong enough to rise above the stench of greed and lust for power.”


        • 13


          It takes a “special mind” to become a killer.

          In Myanmar they overwhelmingly voted out the killers but the killers are hanging on ……. in Lanka, they happily overwhelmingly voted for the killer …….. with the support of many intellectuals!

          Well, I better stop there ….. some intellectuals have very thin skins!! :)))

          • 3

            nimal fernando

            Please read the following link:

            Seventeen arrested in connection with the 15-year-old girl sold online
            JUNE 30, 2021

            The police spokesman said that a monk was also among those arrested.
            The police spokesman said that the girl had been sold for Rs. 10,000, Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 30,000 each for about three months.

            nimal fernando
            Please read the full story.
            What do you have say about this kind of behaviour.

        • 2

          Thanks Nimal Fernando,

          Your second comment is so different from your first comment,

          Thanks for this second comment and the link.

          The article in the link is very educative in understanding human nature and human goodness in a conflict situation.

          Did Gota experience these different emotions and would have overcome his PTSD?

      • 6

        Why does this so called practicing vegetarian keep flesh eating sharks as pets and what does he feed them with?

      • 4

        “Gota is the Tiger Slayer and a practicing vegetarian.”

        Are you calling him a grass eating Mee Haraka in a polite way?

        • 5


          “Are you calling him a grass eating Mee Haraka in a polite way?

          I am sorry at no time I meant to insult buffaloes.

    • 23

      I dont know about others, my stand did not change since Nandasena started to be the defacto president for this nation.
      I always knew that RAJAPAKSHEs reactions are EVIL….
      This was unfortunately painted in favour of their COME back by highly abusive TV channels in the country. That is how a FAKE public perception was built.
      Dont forget, majority of srilankens would easily be misled

      Best ever recent EXAMPLE was “promotion of DHAMMIKA paniya/a syrup against COVID infections”. … misled the nation by the direct mediation of the RULING politicians. In such gatherings, there were GRADUATES… medical professionals… as my source proved to me.
      How can a MBBS holder proactively intervene in the PROMOTION of a kali amma -CONTROLLED concoction ?

      For what purpose did those MBBS holders abuse the FUNDs of tax payers for their free education ?
      This was not the case in the past. MBBS holders never lined up to SUPPORT kali amma controlled medicine. :::::: this is the best example to see how STUPID majority of our people are..

    • 18

      Dear Nimal Fernando,
      My granny repeated then – even if a dog would have been put in a golden cage- dog would never stop – doggy actions – likewise, once proved high criminals, would never stop their high crimes even if they had the chance to ENJOY democratic life style having been able to spend 15 x 365 days ( 5475 days) in the US….. I believe even a dog would live that long in a civilized environment, on his back to his native places, how he behaves change a lot…. this is common to human beings as well.
      Having lived in Europe such a long time, whenever I travel back home, when I get to see any injustices, that causes me allergies. This is common to many as I got to know from variosu psychologists/sociologists and other like experts.

    • 12

      Very interesting to note that 2.5M who voted Sajith for President did not vote at all during the general election. If they did vote for him/UNP parliament would have been better represented and some evil may have been contained. This is democracy I guess..

    • 3

      NF, Gota’s name is not there. Good show.

  • 21

    Vishwa, it is not just you but the 7 million will go through GRIEF. The difference being the stages shock, denial, anger, bargain, acceptance and depression. Unfortunately there is no end such as closure or healing because the cycle keeps repeating all over again. For few of us, what is more surprising is the disappointment, despair and anger shown by public than the expected outcome of a Rajapaksa presidency. I am still not sure how Chandrika qualified to be at the bottom,(looser) when all her peers were competing for that coveted position.

  • 31

    When Sir Winston Churchill was PM in the UK, Hitlet was defeated in the Second World War. After the Second World War Sir Winson Churchill was defeated in the Parliamentary election and Lord Atlee was elected. The British people were sharp enough to elect the suitable person to govern the country. This is a lesson that Sri Lankan Sinhalese including the Buddhist monks failed to realize in electing a fit and proper person as the leader of the country. Sri Lankans are emtional but not practical minded. The Sinhalese should have realized his evil motive of becoming the President, after Mahinda Rajapaksa’s undemocratic methods and during his period how his brother Gotabhaya Rajapaksa engaged in threatening the lives of the people as well as abusing human rights abuses.

  • 32

    For the Tamils of Sri Lanka evil actions of the Sinhalese leaders started from independence.
    Sinhalese writers don’t acknowledge these evil actions because they are not affected by these evil actions or don’t consider them evil.

    Sri Lankan state and it’s rulers since independence have oppressed Tamils, stripped citizenship, killed them, raped them misappropriated they lands and properties in periodic pogroms aided and abetted by the state and its rulers, and engaged in state terrorism against Tamil civilians.

    At the end of the war they massacred 150,000 innocent Tamils. Tamils’ memory is full of evil actions by the Sinhalese state and its rulers since independence: They are so many to innumerate here.

    When the state and the rulers are evil to a section of the society, it is a matter of time the evilness spreads throughout the society: We have more or less reached that stage now.

    A failed, bankrupt impotent state, without a dedicated leader like late Lee Kwan Yew, is virtually begging in the international scene. Shame on the so-called 2000 year old civilization!

    They are now reaping what the Sinhalese state and its rulers sowed for 73 years to Tamils.

    • 3

      ‘For the Tamils of Sri Lanka evil actions of the Sinhalese leaders started from independence’.
      For the Sinhalese of Sri Lanka evil actions of the Tamil leaders started from the Thirties, long before independence.

  • 24

    It is time for Buddhist Sinhala Priests (Mahanayaka’s or others Monks), really educated professionals and civilised people should ask themselves one question. Forget about what happened to Tamils or Muslims. Think about what happened to Buddhist Sinhala by this regime is right or wrong and legal or moral.

    Former MP Duminda Silva was sentenced to death along with four others in 2016 for shooting dead a
    rival politician of same political party and three of his supporters in 2011.
    He was pardoned by President Gotabaya in June 2021.
    Assume that the sentence was made by Court during the period previous government under the Presidency of Sirisena of same political party. What would you do, if that was a political victimisation? You have to go to court again to prove it was a political victimisation. So on what basis he was pardoned?

    • 11

      Ajith ,

      ” So on what basis he was pardoned ? “

      1. On what basis was he safe when Gota was in charge of Defence ?
      2.On what basis was he then punished by Hopper Sira and Bond Ranil ?
      3.On what basis J R J pardoned Gonawala Sunil about 40 yrs back ?
      4.Now please tell me why should we change from being proud of
      belonging to thousands of years of Great Civilisation ?

  • 20

    There are tears of the pardoning of one murderer. Think of the series of murders committed against the Tamils from 1958 (recorded in Tarzie Vittachie’s book, Emergency 58 and then through a series of events culminating in Mullivaikal. There are photographs of the killers in many cases. But, there has been no prosecution. The Sinhalese go on about the island being blessed by the Triple Gem and being the chosen people visited by the Buddha sixteen times over. Now the Sinhalese are coming slowly to recognise that they have sown the seeds of violence which will strike them too. They, who shirk at killing snakes but will not stop killing people, have made human life cheap.

  • 16

    “As much as Maithripala Sirisena’s election victory in 2015, defeating a popular leader such as Mahinda Rajapaksa was a surprise to some self-appointed pundits, one cannot underestimate nor claim as a fantasy if a resounding defeat for Gotabaya and his corrupt party in the next elections is caused.”
    The thing is, Gota need not win the next elections – because he’s not going to hold one. The way he’s ruling – through gazette diktats undermining the constitution, the way he has transformed the cabinet and parliament into his rubber stamp, the way he has sabotaged the judiciary, the way he has suppressed the media, the way he has militarized the administration, the cavalier way in which he has allowed his toadies to rob, and to destroy the environment, the unprecedented manner in which he has allowed a despotic foreign power to penetrate the country’s economy and the decision making process – all this portend that he’s not going to hold elections. Instead he’s going to set up a Rajapaksa- Saffron-Military Junta with the help of China – citing the unprecedented ravage caused by the pandemic and the devastated economy.

  • 17

    The incumbent president was evil from the get go.

    I believe that most who voted for him, cast their votes in endorsement of his message of hate and bigotry and his promise to carry this mandate forward by empowering the military.

    Every thing else has been smoke and mirrors.

    More bad to come from this inarguably incompetent psychopath of a president, Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

  • 13

    Gotabaya Is Bad, But Pardoning Duminda Silva Has Made Him Evil
    So killing people makes you ‘only bad’
    But releasing another killer is what makes you ‘evil’?

  • 14

    Ayathuray rajasingham
    This is a lesson that Sri Lankan Sinhalese including the Buddhist monks failed to realize in electing a fit and proper person as the leader of the country
    The sinhalese who voted for him wanted a hitler and they got it.
    You also have some selfish, spineless, greedy, opportunistic tamil and muslim businessmen who voted for him because the rajapaksa family is ‘great for business’ (translation: they make it very easy to commit fraud and make a lot of money provided you give them a share of the loot).

    • 10

      Not all the Tamils. Certain section of the Tamils who were close to him for personal gains.

      • 4

        AYATHURAY RAJASINGAM, Not all the Sinhalese either. Not all the Buddhists, not all the Mahanayakas, not all the Monks. This is what (not all) the Tamils forget in their hatred.

  • 2

    Bad – a term associated with mistakes, incompetency etc. Evil – a term associated with doing harm. Just because you pardon a guy one does not turn from bad to evil. Usually a guy/gal released from prison, either upon completion of sentence or a remission of sentence, must wait for seven more years to become a voter. I have heard of “rumors” that those released are seeking political office that requires a free pardon, which is not acceptable. My consistent view is that the main candidates offered to us in the 2019 presidential view had the same characteristic of being impatient and the inability to listen to other points of view. The main issue with this “Executive” Presidency is the ability to simply implement one’s thoughts without any check or analysis. The 19A really did not address this because some of this “power” in reality got transferred to the Prime Minister if he can have successfully “trade” with the opposition. It can introduce chaos as the President can refuse to appoint if he disagrees with the CC. There is no point in trying to select someone out of cesspool of rascals. Establishment of decency is the essence of good governance.

  • 1

    Murderer does not need to be proven again and again, and he needs to be eliminated along with those criminals who support him.

    Do not waste time and organize mass action to remove or eliminate this mass murderers before they strike again..
    No emancipation for people of this country until and unless people resort to action now.
    People should be on the road to stop those going to the pig house and they are the people who should be targeted first.

  • 4

    Gotabaya Is Bad, But Pardoning Duminda Silva Has Made Him Evil.


    From your name I take it you are from the Majority and this is nothing new in Sri Lanka. Not so long go the brutal killers of Mirusuvil Victims wre pardoned by another elected Presidnt and Gotha is following in his footsteps.
    There is more to come in a Lawless Country. Just listen to Colonel Rambuka he said “due process was followed in Pardoning a Killer” brushing aside the ruling of the Highest Court In the Land.

  • 4

    We have a few Tamil MPS who support the Rajapakse party because they have financial benefits, So were the six Muslim MP’s who voted with the Rajapakse party. The Singhalese voters and Buddhist monks are to blame for selecting the present Lotus bud party to power. Now it is too late to cry over the spilled milk, Maximum damage has been damaged to the country. The basic problem is an ethnic issue, From the time of independence in 1948 the economy is gradually deteriorating and corruption is increasing.It has come to the stage of selling heritage buildings.

  • 3

    “Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga was the worst political leader Ceylon produced, at least since Independence”. Seriously? Are you forgetting Maithripala Sirisena? But, then, you may consider he was NO leader. In my book, he was certainly the worst President we have had.

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