18 August, 2022


Gota’s Viyathmaga To The Future

By H. L. D. Mahindapala

H. L. D. Mahindapala

Any critical assessment of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa must take into consideration the salient characteristics that make him stand out from the run-of-the-mill politicians who had occupied the peaks of power.

The first notable characteristic is that he is the first head of state to come from the Sri Lankan diaspora. Initially it was a disadvantage tangled in legalities of citizenship. Later it smoothened out and has been an invaluable asset to him. His existential experiences as an expat in America had widened his horizons and opened up new vistas in his thinking and strategizing. He has acted so far as a leader who had seen the future and is bent on taking the nation in that direction. It has all the signs of being influenced by the American efficiency in delivering goods and services. The new breed of intellectuals he had recruited to run his state indicates clearly that he is in a hurry to modernise the sluggish nation and usher it into the 21st century. His first hand knowledge of an advanced nation would hasten him to mix tradition with modernity without deracinating the nation – a critical issue in modernising Afro-Asian countries.

Second: In no other election before – not even in “1956” which is considered the Great Revolution of the Sinhala-Buddhists — had the minorities ganged up against the majority with such determined force to defeat a candidate of the majority. In 1956 Badiuddeen Mahamood and C. A. S. Marrikkar were staunch lieutenants of S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike. In that landmark year the contest was essentially between the North and the South with the rural Muslims siding with Bandaranaike. It was mainly the rich, business-oriented Colombian Muslims that voted for Sir. John Kotelawela. As opposed to this the Muslim phalanx ganged up with the Tamils to vote against Gota in 2019. Only a fragmented section of the Indian Tamils joined him. The Muslims in particular threw their lot with Ranil-Sajith combo making the opposition of the minorities a formidable front. The Muslim intellectual, Ali Sabry, was the only outstanding Muslim maverick. An exception to the rule. The “Sinhala Marikkar” of our time. And when the final result exploded the post-electoral map defined this division of minority vs. majority without leaving any grey areas of doubt.

Third: Gota’s expatriate background enables him to talk the talk of the new generation attuned to technology and meritocracy. Mark you, he was in IT industry in America and this gives him the ability to speak the language of IT visionaries shaping the new future. He appears to be a man of the Fourth Revolution who is attempting to break away from the outdated past and make the great leap forward.

For instance, he is not promising farmers any computers like the way Ranil Wickremesinghe did in his election campaigns in the past. Instead Gota is talking of centralising data bases to consolidate information into one coordinated and convenient point to eliminate bureaucratic blocks that lead to corruption and frustrate the public. He is cutting into a dysfunctional system to make state institutions a viable source for the people to use it without time-consuming bureaucratic red tape. Making the bureaucracy a servant of the people is a prime necessity in Afro-Asian countries stuck in the old colonial mode of centralising power in the hands of public servants who assume the role of demi-gods in deciding the fate of helpless citizens. When  President Ranasinghe Premadasa launched the “Gam Udawa” he used it as a force to make  the panjandrums in the bureaucracy to leave their air-conditioned offices and go down to the village level. Gota is making a bid to implement that principle in his own way through modern technology. It is a quiet revolution without much fanfare.

Fourth: Gota is less of a politician and more of a hands-on administrator seeking pragmatic solutions to the grinding, day-to-day problems faced by the people. This comes not only from his American experience but also from his time in the Army where he had to deliver goods and services to the soldiers fighting to save the nation. Soldiers march on their bellies, as the old saying goes. So do the politicians in power. Both are doomed if the prime necessities are not delivered in time to the places where help is needed most.

Besides, making the state work for the people takes the burden and the blame away from the political masters. Politicians have been paying heavily for the stupidity, lethargy, inefficiency and corruption of the bureaucracy. Example: Easter Sunday attack by the Muslim terrorists. Ranil Wickremesinghe paid dearly for the failure of his hand-picked IGP.

Fifth: His style of governance. It’s a pragmatic approach where he gets down to brass tacks not only to keep the bureaucrats on their toes but also to get to the root of the problems to find out solutions. His approach is not that of cheap populism to win votes. Or of appointing committees to avoid responsibilities and take the easy way out. His is committed to make the system work. Most leaders have failed because they could not make the system work for the people.

Sixth: His sound grasp of the ground realities rooted in history. The current system of political bargaining at the highest level before elections is to sell the family silver to the minorities to get their votes in return at the polls. For instance, promises will be extracted by the minorities to get (roughly) (a) five ambassadorships (b) four heads of departments (c) at least two governorships (d) government land in selected areas to strengthen their vote bank (e) funding for the money-making minority projects (f) protection and pardons to their criminals engaged in illegal and criminal activities etc., etc. Gota didn’t have to cut such deals because he was, going it alone. He was banking primarily on the downgraded historical forces to rise and save the nation. It was the forces of hidden history that rushed to crown him with the victory he scored on November 16, 2019. No doubt, the victory was pre-planned with precision long before he launched his final lap in the electoral campaign. But his strategy was based on tapping into the dynamic forces of Sinhala-Buddhist history that was awaiting a new leader. And Gota played that role strategically and delicately without over-stepping the decent boundaries of electoral politics.

Seventh: The Presidential crown was his second great victory. The first was on the banks of Nandikadal in May 2009.  The second victory consolidates the political gains of the first. It points to the fact that arrogant and dictatorial minoritarianism must adjust its unrealistic political agenda aimed at dictating terms to the majority. Gota’s victory has delivered an unmistakeable lesson to all political theorists who concluded that the minorities have the upper hand in determining politics within a divided majority community. Gota’s victory has blasted this political myth. In fact Gota’s victory has stunned the theoretical dodos that were consoling each other with their warped and convoluted psephological mathematics.

After Gota’s victory it is now clear that minoritarianism cannot avoid the realistic politics of numbers that would help them to co-exist without treading on the toes of the majority. This election is ringing loud bells declaring that there are limits to which the minorities can push the majority. In this election only a limited combination of the majority beat the minority. What would be the fate of the minorities if one fine day the two major parties gang up to corner the minorities? Or what would happen if a popular majority should adopt Modi’s legislation of excluding one particular community? Minorities might react claiming that it would lead to violent extremism. As things stand now it is only a remote possibility. But before they go down that path they must also consider what benefits had they derived from the extremism of Prabhakaranism and Zaharanism. In the case of the Tamils it is the leaders who fomented extremist minoritarianism that were eliminated by the political  children they bred. In the case of the Muslims it is their businesses, mosques and leaders who had to face the brunt of Muslim violence. Ultimately it is people at the ground level who were misled by the minority leaders that had to suffer most.

Minoritarianism, which can be as corrosive as majoritarianism, must know its limits. It has to acknowledge that numbers can play a decisive role in determining the future of peaceful co-existence – the indispensable priority in mapping the destiny of all communities.  Among other critical factors, it is the weight of numbers that won the first and second victories of Gota. For instance, when Prabhakaran put out one boat to sea Gota put out ten. No one can beat that in any war. Political calculations that fail to recognise the power of numbers are doomed to fail sooner or later.

Eighth : This is perhaps the most significant characteristic of Gota’s electoral victory. It is that November 16 will go down in history as a fine defining moment as great as his first victory on the banks of Nandikadal. No other political leader has had such indelible and illustrious victories, lined up in a row, in the post-independent era. Both victories have rescued the nation’s threatened history. Both will reinforce the historic power of received legacies from the over-determining past. Both victories go beyond meretricious triumphalism to give meaning to the future. Both victories mean that the nation has been saved from two of the deadliest forces – 1. from the North and 2.from the West — that could have easily destroyed the legacies of the historic journey traversed down the ages by our pioneering ancestors. Gota stood up for them all and assured them that they had not journeyed in vain. That is what goes to make great leaders. They make history for generations to remember.

His electoral victory came at a critical time when the nation was teetering on the brink surrendering to the minorities who were boasting that their 30 per cent combined with the Ranil Wickremesinghe’s percentage can make them kings again. Ranil had no qualms about selling the Sinhala-Buddhist heritage to the West and to the minorities to remain in power. He was appeasing both dismissing the angst of the Sinhala-Buddhist who were reeling under the alien pressures of the combined forces of NGOs, the West and the minorities. Ranil was tying ropes of pirith nools round his wrist to protect himself and not the nation

In the presidential campaign the opposition consisting of the minorities ganging up with Sajith Premadasa provoked the majority to react defensively. Their threatening political rhetoric and alliances made it clear to the majority that they had no alternative but to rally behind Gota, the only alternative. The dividing line of “them vs. us” was never so clear in other elections as in this one. It was the minority that threw the challenge to the majority driven by Ranil’s divisive and anti-Sinhala-Buddhist  politics. Example:  Mangala Samaraweera’s self-destructive statement “This not a Sinhala-Buddhist country” virtually sealed the fate of the UNP. In this background Sajith failed to convince the electorate that he was not Ranil’s puppet. The Gota-led campaign didn’t have to do much to convince the majority that behind Sajith was Ranil’s anti-Sinhala-Buddhist forces. He was still the leader of the Party who was the chief patron of Mangala Samaraweera arbitrarily launching international resolution in Geneva against the soldiers who saved democracy from the Tamil tyranny of Prabhakaran. Ranil and Mangala were a couple married to the ideology of undermining the basic interests of the majority. Besides, Ranil’s appointing Sajith as Parliamentary leader only, retaining the critical and overall policy–making decision of a leader in his manipulative hands, confirmed that he could make Sajith dance to his tune.

But the electorate, including the UNPers, was not in the mood to accept Ranil’s failed leadership. The people were looking for an alternative to Ranil. And they found that alternative in Gota. They saw Sajith merely as a ventriloquist acting as the mouthpiece for Ranil. Rightly or wrongly. the people rejected Sajith because they saw him as Ranil’s puppet. Sajith’s strategy should have been to provide a convincing and radical alternative to Ranil.

In November 2019 the people who were frustrated by the failure of the Yahapalanaya to protect their heritage were demanding their heritage back. In 2015 they voted for Ven. Madulowawe Sobitha and Maithripala Senanayake because these two were presented as credible Sinhala-Buddhist leaders. Yahahapalanaya gained credibility as the protector of the threatened Sinhala-Buddhist heritage under their combined leadership. They emerged as Buddhist leaders who would restore their lost moral kingdom. But after winning Ranil hijacked the state with his 19th Amendment and his FCID and went in the opposite direction to the West and the minorities who were out to cut down the majority. Not until the people knocked him senseless in the last election did Ranil realise that he had alienated the Sinhala-Buddhists.

Most reluctantly Ranil let Sajith contest Gota hoping that, if Sajith wins, he could manipulate him like the way he did Maithripala Sirisena.  But with the ghost of Ranil haunting Sajith he could not win. The electorate had seen how Ranil had hijacked the Yahapalanaya regime. Maithripala Sirisena was putty in his hands initially. Sajith too would have caved in with Ranil manipulating the numbers, particularly the numbers of minority MPs, together with his compliant partner in Parliamentary crimes, Karu Jayasuriya who holds the strategic position of Speaker..

In the election Sajith had to fight not Gota but Ranil ‘s rejected politics. His struggle to project a different / nationalist image did not go down well with the people. In the end, he had nothing to offer except seeni-bolas to boys and tampons to girls. None of them worked.

There is no doubt that in the last election the minority got what they deserved. They asked for it and they got it. They can’t blame anyone else. The defeated forces were deprived of even the usual tactic of crying foul because it was one of the cleanest elections. So they have resorted to the tired old game of scare-mongering. They are projecting the Rajapaksa brothers as the ogres out to destroy democracy, freedom, liberty, human rights – you name it! But the stunts they have pulled so far – the Swiss embassy farce,  Rajitha Senaratne’s bahu-bootha tele natya, and Ranjan Ramanayake’s tapes – have boomeranged on them.

Rajapaksa brothers are sailing smoothly to the biggest victory in their lives if they win comfortably in the Parliamentary elections. They are on their way to the second historic victory of a combination of brothers. The fist was in Poland. Prime Minister Jaroslaw Aleksander Kaczynski and President Lech Kaczynski are twin brothers who were the first siblings to be the President and the Prime Minister simultaneously.

Both brothers are necessary to complete the mission they began. Gota is giving a new image to the Rajapaksa rule. He is acting cautiously to wipe out the old image and build a people-oriented, trustworthy regime. He has been are acting cautiously to counter the scare-mongering used by NGO-UNP gang to discredit Gota in particular and the Sinhala-Buddhist  forces he represents in general. Gota is signalling that the Rajapaksa brothers have learnt from their mistakes of the past to move forward into the future. The opposition bowlers are making a desperate bid to force the batsman at the crease to make mistakes. Gota is bound to make mistakes. He did not score his victories in the past without making mistakes. But he has shown the capacity to bounce back from his mistakes.

One positive sign is that the coming Parliamentary election has all the signs of the people willing to give him the legislative strength he needs to lead the nation to a higher moral and material ground. Then he will have all the opportunity he needs to make good the promises he  made to the nation. He is now on his third mission to save nation. It is going to be his Third War. His primary mission is to lift the nation from the depths to  which it has fallen and lead it to the great heights expected by the people who voted for him.

The people who were promised the purity of a moral heaven by the Yahapalana-ya-kos were let down mercilessly, disgracefully. Gota can’t do that again. Gota has to stand by the people who trusted him. If he does that the people who trusted him will undoubtedly stand  by him. He has to do it because he is the last hope for the nation to come out of the moral and material mess left behind by the immoral vandals who promised a pure Yahapalana-yak.

Every bad thing must come to an end and it is Gota’s chance to do it.

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  • 7

    truly, Gota may or surely want to bring the country forward but the problem is the others, man the others do you think he can go ahead with out Mahinda _ if how ? the MPs are all from him is it not so ?so what I think is that the effort is there but the way to archive it ? many of SLs are willing or some even came with such an euphory to work for the county during last 10 years, but failed and returned back other than those who joined the politics, so much of your words are to be revised to say the will is there but how , so to speak the truth I my self is also one of a victim of good will. any way i wish him the best.

    • 28

      This ultra sinhala racist has always been proving that his hatreds guide him until he sheds his last breath.

      If I am wrong, please go to archives and get your facts right. Each time, for a comment or an article the terms ” wellala caste” was not excluded for his own reasons. I dont think lanken in general would care abou tthe caste and creed today, but this man in his early 80ties seem to have not the least background about the srilankenness.

      Developed world invest lot in the human devleopement project, but these men though live in AUSTRALIA seem to have been caught by a set of racial thinking issues. How come, … I think it is high time this man to be offered some psychological therapies so that the vicious man finally learn to respect all equal.
      What matters to us is people without the least knowledge about the common sense issues, bu tthey overestimate to allow public statements that create new divisions in the torn and damaged society further.
      The name of God Mahindapala aka Eagle Eye, please learn it that would be good for your future – as a 80 year old would you would not have much left to stay with us…. better to focus on that than anything else.

      Hatreds cant bring us forward.basta.

      • 1

        Is he Mahindapala or Mahindadasa ? All senile ages should wipe out by younger able and educated politicians.

    • 23


      Public racist tend to have selective memory. This card carrying public racist is no exception.

      He forgets that Chandrika won the presidential election in 1994 gaining 62.28% of the votes, almost 2/3 of the total votes casted. In 1977 JR another arch racist won 83.33% parliamentary seats without invoking Sinhala/Buddhism.

      Do you know what this aged racist wants for this island, race to the bottom ?

      • 1

        Nariya, the Native Vedda:

        CBK, finally could not win her Atthanagalla. JRJ is cursed by most.
        That is the the power corrupts.
        Need count negative campaign carried out by NGOs and minorities.
        The need to think, now Even Sajith wants to be part of the Gotabhaya Rajapakse. That is looking for profits out of that. If and once come, then he will be another Yahapalanaya which destroys the president.

    • 3

      Mr. sene,
      Lets hope that things will be better after 2020 general election.

      • 17

        Have you read the story of Alibaba and forty thieves. First Alibaba went and looted the wealth. Then his brother tried to loot the wealth and failed. This Alibaba story is being enacted in Sri Lanka. First Mahinda looted the wealth. Now Gota has got in and will try to loot the wealth and miserably fail.

      • 6

        S. C. Pasqual / January 26, 2020 @

        Whenever I read your comments, I feel you re no better to a woman who was raped and left behind.

        Such women would never see it right – but let them be abused further. Likewise, you would not grasp it.

        The same duo until 2015 – had all the options, if they really wanted to. Remember they had been enjoying 2/3 majority in the parliament or not ?

        Why was that the same DUO then failed not achieving the least for the nation? Instead, they both together with their highly abusive bunch looted the state to the core.

        Consequence is that the state has to pay today over 6 billions of US dollars
        And now all is becoming clear that the size of bond scam losses under MR-GR prior to 2015 are multiple times more than since 2015.

    • 5

      If Gota wants to make progress., he need to make the Mahinda’s Bayyos upgarded to Gota’s Technocrat which makes BayyTech which is going to be added to the Oxford Dictionary soon.

      Its very hard process and doomed to fail as not only MR., their entire clan and MR’s 3 sons will make it hard for Gota.

      Its more likely Gota will go with his racist ViyathMaga clowns and Ex-Military buddies after gen elections.

      For once I believe its on Gota’s plans to make RR recordings to expose that all 225 are corrupt and jerks to make him team elected in 2020.

      Exciting times ahead.

    • 2

      You people are day-dreamers boasting too- big of the tiny island you life and beg for financial and other support form other countries. First , brink good young people- into the helm and send home of all your senile cheaters such as Gota, My3, Mahinda and Ranl to rest.

    • 5

      H LD Mahindapala, aka Eagle Confused Eye,

      Thanks for your version of events. There is more to it. Of course, Ranil W is central to it, protecting the crooks, and the imbeciles, meanIQ 79 were confused. Can Gota bring up the mean IQ of 79 of the Paras, to 99 of the Americans, using CRISPR technology?

      Is Ranil is like a leach, like Mahinda, his buddy. They won’t leave.

      From the grapevines….

      Former Central Bank (CB) Governors Arjuna Mahendran and Ajith Nivard Cabraal should be arrested and tired in court as the forensic audit reveals that the bond scam had taken place from 2005 onwards and continued even after 2015, UNP MP Thushara Indunil Amarasena told a press conference held yesterday.

      “One cannot deny the revelation made in the forensic audit. We are not willing to cover up the scam that took place during our time, which is why we call for the arrest of both individuals who governed the Central Bank during the period in which the scam took place. What had transpired prior to 2015 is similar to stealing coconut from an estate by loading them into a lorry in the estate premises and what happened after 2015 is that sacks full of coconut were thrown out of the estate,” he said, while calling for the extradition of Arjuna Mahendran from Singapore.

      Meanwhile, former Western Provincial Councillor Niroshan Padukka who participated in the press conference said the EPF had been put on risk by investing its funds in companies that were not listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE). “This should also be investigated,” he said. (

  • 19

    With all respect to your article; I would say time will tell what kind of leadership is this ?
    Look considering family influence and friends want to get high profile jobs; Sri Lanka will go back into dark ages as it has been for sometime under MR?
    Can Gota give high profile jobs for qualified people at expenses of his family and friends .
    This is the first step if they want to make Sri Lanka another Singapore or otherwise Sri Lanka will become another Somalia soon.
    May God protect it from evil eyes of external and internal enemies

  • 7

    All signs are that MR is going to buckle Gota’s plans for fair play, appointing qualified people to top positions and the development. Cronies who surround him will demand their share of the pie and his family too will take the citizenship as donkeys and appoint his kins to top positions and this is raising doubts as to who is in charge. People voted for Gota and Mahinda had only a marginal influence at the last election. People have high respect now to Gota and not Mahinda who is well known for his questionable deals. Of course it all happened due to the corrupt, inefficient and arrogant Ranil who should have been sent to retirement long ago.

  • 11

    Wait till Basil Rajapakse enters the “RING”. Till then all the “Rs” can play around . Once that “Great Event” takes place, “Viyathmaga” will become “Viyapathmaga”.

    • 6


      Basil is very much behind the scene operator.
      His signature can be seen everywhere.
      He is waiting to pounce immediately after the general elections as he has invested loads of money, time and energy into rebranding his clan and needs a good return on his investment.

      Poor GL Pieris – maybe he will become another used condom.

  • 3

    A man with a different background and a different approach, far from a traditional politician. In sobriety, he has the capacity to deliver. The real issue is how would he deal with different points of view. Has anybody told us, “I told the chap that the plan put forward will not work for given weaknesses and the alternative as described is proposed and the man after thinking accepted my word.” I know of a senior Engineer, now a nonagenarian, who told, “Come what may! I told Mrs. Bandaranaike, the Prime Minister of the day, to her face that the plan put forward would not work for given reasons and my alternative is given in the documents. After one hour she told me that I was right and my plan was accepted for implementation.”. Now do we hear of that from President GR? One can say it is too early to get that type of result. Unlike the past there are a lot of sycophants now who would lead a man along the garden path. Generally they get the pride of place. Whether the current policy of placing “Viyathmaga buddies” and “persons known” will have the desired effect is yet to be seen.

  • 14

    Moda Pala

    “Any critical assessment of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa must take into consideration the salient characteristics that make him stand out from the run-of-the-mill politicians who had occupied the peaks of power.”

    True – he is responsible for the death of thousands of Tamils

    • 13

      He is on the top of the list “INDICTMENT AGAINST SRI LANKA
      The Charge is Ethnic Cleansing” https://tamilnation.org/indictment/

      • 3

        LMAO. The lot of you go asylum shopping looking for better lives in the west and we are charged with ethnic cleansing!? Very funny. What actually needs to be done is charge bogus Tamil asylum seekers for abusing the asylum institution.
        The ethnic cleansing was done by Tamils, when they violently occupied the north of the island in the last years of the 13th century. Then through sheer terror and ethnic cleansing together with the European invasion the east was also taken and Tamil immigrants were settled. Trying to spread Tamil hegemony in this island and trying to impose the Tamil language in this island is a crime against the Sinhalese. All the vicious baseless allegations and lies Tamils say about the Sinhalese amounts to crimes against humanity.
        Anyways why just keep on writing indictments, why not actually bring these charges to courts? Its over 12 years since Bruce Fein the useless no good lawyer was running in the US promising Tamils everything between heaven and earth and took a hell of lot money. What happened to the case? LMAO. The case was not filed for the simple reason that the whole thing was just a propaganda stunt. Now the Tamils Against Genocide is a defunct organisation (the website says “We’ve happened upon a bit of a problem…
        500 (Internal Server) Error …that we’re working furiously to correct. Things will be up and running again soon. Thanks for your patience.”
        LMAO) . Why? What happened to the list they were making of Tamils genocided by Sinhalese?
        Tamils will forever be shameless liars and losers.

        • 8

          What can you expect from puncHi brain?

  • 9

    Don’t hold your breath, nothing may change in Sri Lanka, with criminals and their cronies at the helm..

    Writing or reading articles like this is just a waste of time..

  • 5

    I believe, as you says, that GoRa understands the needs of the nation. Not just GoRa, just read comments to various columns on CT to find out how many similar ideas can be found! The question is not just the quality of ideas but whether those ideas are backed up realistic plans & a team experts proven credentials. I believe that GoRa’s economic plan for progress as well as the team appointed to carry it out must stand as real concerns. The biggest concern with the economic plan is the tax cut. It certainly relieves a lot of pressure from many families but, GoRa should understand that tax burden was a result of MaRa/GoRa mismanagement of the economy during pre-2015 regime.

    According to many Gvt spokesmen, Gvt intended two results from tax cuts: Reduction of prices of consumer goods (food mainly) and a jump-start investments. The first goal failed miserably and the second is also nowhere to be seen. This is b’cos this is how economics works. In other words, the so-called Viyath Maga economists have failed economics 101. That has to be expected from GoRa’s economic team: PBJ as the adviser to GoRa and Cabraal advising MaRa. They both are the same key figures who messed up the economy last time as well. I don’t think that PBJ is a corrupt man but Cabraal with MaRa who jointly caused so much loss to the Gvt? With this kind of a team, can GoRa move the country even an inch forward? I doubt.

    If GoRa is honestly looking for ways take the country forward, I think he would be better off by having a UNP parliament. If not Cabraal/MaRa tandem will destroy him. That is b’cos MaRa/Cabraal priority is to stay in power by winning elections; economy is secondary to them.

    • 0

      D.P. UNP parliament or ANDI HATHDENA”S Kenda haliya never shouldhappen. Better to dissolve the parliament again.
      IT may be difficult to implement plans with the same old dysfunctional and sometimes hostile govt machinery. Other than that it is well kniwn practice that tax cuts leaves people more in their pockets. I think, there should be a way for writing fines write away. Those who write fines should carry photographs as their evidence and those who gets fines should have the alternative of going to court. The only through courts is very time and resource wasting.
      Sri lanka doe snot need, social engineering and neo liberal economic models to develop. Until europeans ruined it sri lanka had people living good lives. Read history. Srilanka needs rice, coconut or cow’s milk (See North indians), leaves for malluam from the paddy field, grains and yams to supplement it and CLoths which the politicians ruined it and began importing Just like rice from the next govt. In our old economic system we exported rice we had a our own system. Now we need Foreign AIDS and IMF help to ruin everything.
      SAJIOTH is good in politics because he was fooled by Ranil. Other wise, not because Sajith is an intelligent politician or because he is an honest. In decent societies, Sajith or Ranil would never come up. Now the Catholic PENTHOUSE One time time attached to the Kelaniya temple is carrying a RED pottu (I think GOddess KALI) on his head.

    • 0

      I noticed several typing errors in the first para. Here is corrected version. Sorry for carelessness!

      I believe, as you say, that GoRa understand the needs of the nation. Not just GoRa; just read to various columns and you will find out how many similar ideas are there. The question is not about the quality of ideas itself but whether those ideas are backed up by realistic plans & team a of experts with proven credentials………

    • 8

      LTTE Leaders who Surrendered with White Flags were Summarily Executed! Mahinda, Basil, Gota and Kohona were Aware of Envisaged Surrender
      Rajapakse’s are responcible

  • 2

    Looking at the comment it looks EELAM WAR 5 is on. Paw da UNP.. Run of the mill politicians are from the LAW college that Suddha set up for Elite Sri Lankans’ children to be educated. Those days, there was another Kundasale Agricultural college set uo for training Plantation Suprintendant. Now a days, they like Colombo and they all go overseas. There are schools for various things set tp near the universities. They attend six months or one year courses and come back overseas educated become experts. Some in the Parliament gets their PhD via post too. They need only money and some one write a report on their life. Because of that near retirement politicians become “Aacharya”.
    I think Mahinda Rajapakse is good as ADVISOR. Other than all the best before date passed career politicians must retire. They are very forgetful and they can hardly walk without some one else’s help.
    I do not know whether I agree with what you said.
    I know PUTIN is from their KGB. So, he has good knowledge about what is going on.

  • 2

    I think the new president can run a good campaign by using the Social media. Right now, even though the president is new, the political machinery is the same old. They all propose very expensive projects as their primary focus because, they all think, they cam gang up and man handle the new president. But, I do not think it will happen to the same extent as it happened with Maithripala Sirisena. One Idiot even ran over a Motor Cyclist and he is doing well. Champika Ranawaka was not that lucky. He has only a RUSTY OLD JEEP. So, he can not be arrested via FCID or CIABOC. On the other hand, we heard Raajitha was summoned at least 18 times. He did not go. It was in the newspapers that he was angry that he got one installment from Avant guard. But some other important ones git thrice at least. Evan Ranil may have got even though it was kept not under his bed.
    Even though His Uncle side lined Ranil, he understood it. Ranil got one just similar to him as his second in command and he became one Napolean or a Hitler. He supported all the foxes both inside and outside with unwavering support.. Only batalanda JVP kids, and forces fellows always, were unfortunate go ina different way.
    So, it is not an easy task infront.

  • 1

    I remember the pioneers of the anti-MY3 campaign. So, this is not anything about Patriotism or the desperate situation that the country is in but about greed, greed and superiority complex, Narcissism at all cost, . It is the same kind of politics as of Ranil or CBK (she tried). All the career politicians are the same but some are less destructive than the others. Very Sad situation

  • 2

    The realpolitik scenario for a successful SLPP + Viyathmaga govt requires Gota’s technocratic, futuristic leadership + Mahinda’s populist, nationalist, charismatic leadership + Basil’s grassroots organisational leadership. They have combined the complementary skill sets extremely well and have succeeded so far. Can they do it again to gain their stated goal of 2/3 in parliament? The probability and the momentum are with them at this stage.

    • 2

      HELA: IS what you have written an advertisement from the govt itself ? IT is well known both the pohottuwa and UNP are just PALHORU #1 and #2. IT is now clear bond scam began in 2006 (after Tsunami) and continued until 2016. Ranil was well aware and planned it very well. so.

    • 4


      “The realpolitik scenario for a successful SLPP + Viyathmaga govt requires Gota’s technocratic, futuristic leadership + Mahinda’s populist, nationalist, charismatic leadership + Basil’s grassroots organisational leadership.”

      True, leading to a one party, one people, one leader …. dictatorship, a dystopia.
      Gota’s technocratic, futuristic leadership means …. you need to build several correctional education establishments, euphemism for officially approved torture chambers, a large fleet of white van franchise, faster ways of killing and disposing people and their corpse, may be a partial final solution, ……………. not to mention faster ways of looting the island.

      When is Gota planning to release Duminda?

  • 1

    To WHO,s future ???????

  • 3

    Nice sound bytes M–apala . Viyathmaga is just like the ones before (remember country like no other, Asia,s miracle ). “Came with the thunder and went down like a fizzle

  • 9

    PART 1

    Gota’s Viyathmaga To The Future

    *** You really are ignorant and your love for the CRIMINAL is unlimited and you have allowed love to cloud your judgment. Let me Blitz your arguments to bits.
    1) Any critical assessment of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa must take into consideration the salient characteristics that make him stand out from the run-of-the-mill politicians who had occupied the peaks of power.

    *** Yes he STANDS OUT as the only president in the World who abandoned his Country and claimed asylum in the US and still an American Citizen. Even Hitler didn’t fee to America and return during the Blitz

    2) The first notable characteristic is that he is the first head of state to come from the Sri Lankan diaspora.

    *** Frankly you don’t understand the meaning of Diaspora because diaspora evolved against the backdrop of terror that unfolded in their homeland. Tamils are the true Diaspora. Gotha was a Bloody Opportunist. Diaspora don’t return but Gotha returned to make Billions.

    3) Initially it was a disadvantage tangled in legalities of citizenship. Later it smoothened out and has been an invaluable asset to him.

    *** No he lied his way into it and Judges chose not to deliver Justice through “fear” but he not out of the woods yet. One of these days I hope that the State Department drops the Bombshell by pronouncing that without FBI clearance of War Crimes he cannot relinquish his Citizenship
    4) His existential experiences as an expat in America had widened his horizons and opened up new vistas in his thinking and strategizing.

  • 8

    PART 2

    4) His existential experiences as an expat in America had widened his horizons and opened up new vistas in his thinking and strategizing.

    *** NO you stupid it has narrowed his Horizons ( Not an Expat but being Spat at by the World) as he cannot travel anywhere not even to China .

    5) He has acted so far as a leader who had seen the future and is bent on taking the nation in that direction. It has all the signs of being influenced by the American efficiency in delivering goods and services.

    *** He has gone back on every promise he gave at the election. Finally he admitted that the missing ones are all dead.
    6) The new breed of intellectuals he had recruited to run his state indicates clearly that he is in a hurry to modernise the sluggish nation and usher it into the 21st century.

    *** I take it you are waiting for a phone call.

    7) His first hand knowledge of an advanced nation would hasten him to mix tradition with modernity without deracinating the nation – a critical issue in modernising Afro-Asian countries.
    *** Man he is a One Armed bandit only has One Hand ( No First Hand) like Abu Khatada . You know what happened to Bashir of Sudan a CRMINAL and he was discarded by the Nation and wy would they turn to another CRIMINAL.

    Wake up Man and talk sense.

  • 9

    Ali Sabri is portrayed by the author as a maverick and boon to the Sinhala Buddhists. He is the one who posted a fake US passport purportedly of Gota with a seal saying “Cancel”. great work all round..Cheers..!

  • 7

    Mahintha you Ignorant

    I am trying to make sense of what you wrote. Gotha a DIASPORA ( Large group of people who flee Terror)
    GOTHA the DIASPORA who fled Terror has come to Sort out Terror. You are a GENIUS . Hi Hitler

  • 5

    Vyath Maga today appears as “Wadak Nathi Maga”! Look at the list of Ministers, State Ministers and Deputy Ministers appointed – there are rogues, murderers, rapists, drug lords and paga kings. How did this happen? This is not the Vyath Maga that was presented to the people. Also look at the Chairmen, Board of Directors and members of various bodies – there too you find the same type of persons. For example the poverty elevation task force that has been appointed has Dr Padeniya the President of GMOA. His history proves that he does not care about the poor. Even when his own GMOA was on strike not providing medication to the poor, he was continuing his private practice at private hospitals. He went on strike with GMOA so many times affecting the same poor folks who could not get free treatment at the Govt hospitals but had to spend the few rupees they had for their food to go and get treatment from private hospitals. What a crook to be nominated to the poverty elevation task force.

    Even in the case of the recent killing of the medical student by her husband who is an army soldier. The news is out now that the army has whisked away the family of the deceased. What duty has army got to do in a murder case? Why should army get involved in taking away the family of the deceased? It clearly shows that the army is scared that the deceased’s family may say something about the murderer and his past. One thing that I noticed was the picture of the murder weapon. This is similar to the ones used by Ava Kalliya. Was Ava Kalliya an arm of the armed forces? Was this murderer (as another news item mentioned that the way the throat was cut was similar to the 11 students who were murdered) a member of the group that murdered civilians in the past?

    Is this the Vyath Maga administration or Wadak Nathi Maga route?

  • 2

    Mr Mahinda Pala is getting ahead a bit too soon I guess…

    After nearly 3 months of soul searching, UNP has come out firing on all cylinders ,although the UNP Leader and the leased Leader at the last election are in a stoush or rather a Pillow Fight to see who can now occupy Srikotha.

    But the new generation Leaders who have stepped in to help. and already started campaiging are putting out Class Acts which are fascinating to watch.on our Social Media Tubes.

    Their stirring speeches are making the UNP suckers stand on their feet, to offer thundering applause to the Field Marshal Ponseka.
    And the ex JHU leader Mr Ranawaka who is taking time out on Bail and appearing with Ponseka to cheer up the UNP suckers..

    Both flayed the big name Ministers in Dr Rani UNP Cabinet treating them like pick pockets.

    Mr Ponseka was so agitated that he called some of them” Uuu ” “Muu” , the really bad words which are not okay for evenr our ordinary punters to use on fellow mates, let alone the ex Cabinet Ministers of Dr Rani’s UNP ,whom were feted by the esteemed Political Leaders of the Big ass Capitals in the West for their Services to Humanity ,Democracy, Prevention of War Crimes and even for their commitment to legalization of same Sex marriages.

    Then there was the ex best Finance Minister of Dr Rani’s Government declaring to the Public that he is now All Clean from the FAR from the Central Bank , to even express his willingness to give Prez Nandasen ail he wants, if Nande wants to do the right thing.

    In contrast Dr Ranitha was out opening with both barrels, to tell the UNP suckers that the CB F******Audit Report has put the Rajapaksa on back foot.
    And Dr Rajitha is urging the UNP supporters to get ready to give Prez Nandasena a sucker punch at the next Election..

  • 1

    Are you so bankrupt.? On his style of governance. Parading like a clown in the RMV office or the General
    Hospital and asking some idiotic questions from the onlookers
    and the hapless minor staff shows he knows nothing and has never been to the RMV or the hospital. He must confront the Heads and tell
    exactly what is needed to
    Improve the customer service and ask the relevant heads to come out with a strategy within a reasonable deadline say 3 months and bloody implement it. Those trips were part of his “pada” show that can only appeal the die- hard racists like you. – jayathu

  • 1

    H. L. D. Mahindapala has made a comfortable living writing bigoted articles. In this article {“Gota’s Viyathmaga To The Future”} there is hardly any ‘Viyath’ in ‘GRmaga’ and HLD M knows this. Every other sentence are insults to the intelligence of his followers.

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